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Monday, March 31, 2014

R.I.P. Macbook

My Macbook is 5 years old. Sadly last Friday it lost its head. The screen has detached from the base of the computer. Not sure what caused this to happen. I went to close it and heard a snap and then I had to prop up the screen to use the computer. Since then I have gotten my new laptop. A MacBook Air. Super small and light and I am so afraid to break it or have Mason anywhere near it.

The main reason for a new laptop so quickly is because of my business. I wanted to put off buying a new computer as long as I could but, I need my computer to input all my studio stuff and we have the recital coming up soon and need all the docs associated with that so new computer it had to be. Thankfully everything transferred over from my old computer to my new one without a hitch! I was super worried about that. But here I am, on my new laptop.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Week 4 Workout Recap

Another week done, another week closer to my due date. It is so weird knowing in just a few weeks another baby will be here with us. This week has been full of lots of mommy and Mason time as the hubs has been out of town for military duty. We had a snow day, and play dates and of course my much needed gym time! And today, poor Mace is throwing up. We have been up since 4:30am so today is going to either be a really long day or a really bad day. Hoping he naps more today to get over sickness. Oh, and my Macbook was decapitated the other day. The screen literally detached from the base of the computer. One minute it was fine the next the screen was hanging on by the wires. So this post is brought to you by my new laptop. YEA!

Pregnancy Changes: Per What to Expect Baby is the size of a honeydew and he weighs about 4.5 lbs. I am now up 7-8 lbs but feel like an Elephant on the treadmill as I pointed out yesterday. My belly is getting tons bigger. I have officially hit the, "EVERYTHING IS HARD" stage. It is hard to bend over to pick up toys on the ground, the basement has not been looking good lately cause I just don't have the energy or the ability to pick up the toys as easily. Mason will help, sometimes, but not most times. Hard to shave my legs, hard to go up and down the stairs without huffing and puffing. Hard to stand for long periods of time. Even yoga is feeing hard. I feel like I can't hold some of the positions, not enough arm strength or just it's hard. All pregnant women hit this stage, but varies when it happens. This is the point where we just want the baby out to get our bodies back, but I don't want the baby out. I will take this hard stage because I know that when the baby is out, it will be harder! So keep cooking baby!

Prepping For Baby: I hung the baby quilt my mom made for us back up on the nursery wall last night. That's really it, I haven't really done anything. Oh my new Aden and Anais swaddling blankets came in the mail yesterday. LOVE THEM! His has dinosaurs on them and they match his going home outfit! But really haven't done anything this week in this dept.

Prepping Mason For Baby: We just keep talking about baby joining the family. Trying to have Mason help me around the house so that when the baby arrives he will be more ok with helping me out. Also right now Mason is kicking me a ton when changing his diaper and I always tell him to stop kicking his brother. Still point out babies when we see them so Mason is getting used to the idea of babies.

Workout Recap:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: snow day (yep we got snow after spring "officially" started.

Wednesday: rest (play date with friends)

Thursday: 1.5 mile walk; 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga class

Friday: 3 mile walk

Saturday: 3.5 mile walk

Total Mileage: 8 miles
33 weeks pregnant

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Running While Pregnant

This pregnancy is coming to an end pretty soon. I have about 6.5 weeks left before my due date. I have stopped running at this point. My body is fighting me every step of the way and I just feel like a huge elephant trying to move my feet a little faster. I have started gaining weight, I am up 7 lbs now. Yes a whole whopping 7 pounds but I am heavier in general than I usually am and it is just a lot of weight for my body to have bouncing around. It hurts. My feet hurt. My hips hurt. It just isn't so fun right now. So I am walking instead. Walking is still great exercise and I am proud to do it. I know it is good for me and I know baby likes it too cause he just goes to sleep and doesn't move at all!

One thing I am hearing a lot of is that because I have been running for most of the pregnancy that I am more than likely going to deliver early. As great as it would be, it scares me to death. I am at the point that every Braxton Hicks is going to put me in labor and I am going to have a premie. I have obligations I sill have to do and I will be heavily pregnant when fulfilling those obligations. I think this is the reason why I am being so paranoid about delivering early because I have things that have to be done. A symphony concert at 37.5 weeks and my studio's music recital at 38.5 weeks.

Yesterday I met a lady in my yoga class who stopped running 2 weeks ago. At 39 weeks. She is currently 41.2 days pregnant now. She is getting induced on Monday if she doesn't have the baby before then. This lady looked amazing! She is super fit and you could tell she is an avid runner. She has been running throughout her entire pregnancy and is still overdue. Yes she is a first time mom and they usually go over about 10 days but still she ran, and ran a lot. She also did yoga and has tried every wives tale in the book (except for Castor oil) to induce labor and it hasn't worked. She even tried a local wives tale of eating these nasty lemon cupcakes that have put many a women in labor in our area. But she is still pregnant. And she is ready to be done, but the baby is super happy.

So now I am hoping with this evidence before me that running while pregnant does not make an early baby! Here's to calming down and not being so paranoid!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Prepping For Labor- Packing for Siblings

2 weeks ago I wrote about Mommy's Packing list, and last week was Daddy's Packing list so here is the last one! Packing for your kids, even if you have family coming in town to help take care of your other children, blood or the 4 legged kind, (THANKS MOM!) I still suggest that you pack up some things to help out whomever is helping you out! It will make it so much easier on them so they are not searching your house for your son's favorite blanket because all the other blankets aren't good enough! Or for the 4 legged kid make it easier on your pet and the sitter. I would have your kids bag packed about 2 weeks before with a reminder note on what to add to the bag. (toy and blanket, toothbrush and toothpaste.)

Packing for the Pet: 
Have their food in pre-packaged portions. I put Archer's food in ziploc snack size bags labeled with dates in an easy to find area. Plus time and directions. (AM/PM feedings, soak in water, add meds and such.) Also write up a schedule of when your pet likes to be fed and taken out. Yes this is OCD, and that is how I roll but I know it will help my mom out a ton when she is here and I am in the hospital. Place the leash near the food too so the sitter knows where to find it to take the dog out.

Packing for the Sibling at home or away: 
If your other child or children are staying at home or going away while you have a baby either way. Pack up their favorites so it is easy for the sitter.

~Toothbrush, and toothpaste

~Pack 2-4 outfits, depending on how messy your kid is or activities they might be doing. (going to the spray park don't forget swimsuit too) If they go to the park they might want/need a change of clothes.

~2 nights worth of pajamas.

~Have a package of whips and diapers set out in an easy to find place for your sitter to find. Or in a place that they would prefer. (Mom is not going to want to climb the stairs every time she has to change a diaper so we will have diapers stashed around the house on each level for her.)

~Favorite toy or 2 and blanket for child so the sitter knows which it is out of the 1,000 you already have.

~Pack chords for your child's tablet, if they have one.

~Pack snacks up too so that there is not question about what to give your kid when you are away. It makes it easier too.

~Have a schedule written down of when your child normally eats and sleeps so that they can try to stick to the schedule as best as possible.

UPDATE* There is an update on Mommy's Packing list so check it out!

So there we have it. Packing for the whole family! I will have another post next week on Leaving The Hospital. Daddy's Backpack is going to be fully loaded with stuff! Come back and check it out!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

To Pink or Not To Pink

C-ville, VA- June 14-7am

How soon is too soon? I'm already starting to think about things postpartum. You all know that I am a little OCD and I like to be really, really organized and such. Just starting to think about things coming up in the next few months. And I knew that February and March were going to fly by because HELLO! IT IS ALMOST APRIL! Scary!

Anyhew. So how soon is too soon to get back to it after baby? I don't know. I didn't have this running hobby of mine when I had Mason. I wasn't able to go to the gym or exercise outside of the house regularly. But in June is the 4 miler training program again. I really want to be a volunteer this year. Last year I was encouraged to sign up by a couple of friends, so I did. But I'm thinking about making it official and really doing it. But I will be no less than about 2 weeks postpartum if we have the baby at the absolute latest we can have him (May 28). And what can I really do when I know I won't be running? And he will be with me on the Saturdays that I am there to help out.

Am I allowed to walk a mile or two post baby that soon after? Will I want to?

I have encouraged a few friends to make the commitment and to sign up and participate in the program and I would love to be a Pink Lady to help encourage them along their summer journey.

But this is what I am on the fence about right now. Should I sign up and go to help out as often as I can? Make the commitment now and just do it? What do you think? HELP!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Single Mommy

I really admire women who are single momma's all the time because I don't know how they do it, ALL THE TIME! They are so strong and amazing to be able to be the mom and dad and just get it all done.

I am going to be a single mommy for the next couple of weeks as the hubs is doing his 2 weeks a year for the military. Right after Mason was born, 3 days, the hubs was deployed for 11 months. I was a single mommy for the first 11 months of Mason's life. I was on survival mode the whole time. I feel like I am going back in that mode right now, but at least I know now how to control it and take advantage of my time and to actually leave the house and do fun things. But it is tough. Being the 24/7 only me for everything. Matt gave me some time to myself before he left and will give me some me time when he gets back too to just help me recover. Again, single mom's you are amazing!

I am so thankful for his military job though. So proud of my husband for serving our Country and fighting for our freedom. I can handle 2 weeks. Another year, not so sure. So wish me luck!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Week 3 Workout Recap

Wow! March is almost over. I knew that this month was going to fly and April is going to fly by too. These next two week are going to be a tough for me though. Matt is going on his AT training for military so it is just me, the kid and the dog for 2 weeks. No break. No sanity! Single mother life. With that being said, the 2.5 hours of daycare at the gym are going to be pretty tempting. So my goal is to be spending some quality time with the treadmill and stationary bike during this time most days. That's the plan! Wish me luck! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER TODAY!

Pregnancy Changes: Starting to get low back pain all the time. Getting heartburn at night, almost every night. I am having to sleep propped up now. My hips and shoulders don't like me sleeping on my sides so I am constantly turning from one side to the next. Baby likes it when I am on my right side. I guess cause the placenta is taking up so much room on the left. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions a ton over this last week. Any time I go up and down the stairs, which are a lot since we have 3 levels in my house, stand up from sitting, or going #2 I get BH contractions. They are pretty strong too which surprised me. I talked to my doc and he said that it is perfectly normal for them to start earlier and be more intense with subsequent pregnancies. (I wonder how bad Michelle Duggar's are after 19 babies!). I also had my 32 week check up, from now on I will be going about every 2 weeks for the next month. Baby is doing great. Doc is still pleased with my lack of weight gain. Up only 5 lbs total from pre-pregnancy weight.

Prepping For Baby: With the base being in the van Mason says "Bruder". Then he will say, "No Bruder". He isn't quite sure about this new baby thing. It is just kind of surreal to have things set up and ready to go. Exciting and very scary that in 2 months a new baby will be here.

Prepping Mason For Baby: He learned to say brother as you saw above. That is new for him. He is finally going to bed in his bed without pitching a fit after a puke attack a week and a half ago. We are telling him about Collin trying to prep him for that. I point to small babies that we see and tell him that Collin will be like that. Mace just says cute and walks away. Mace has been under the weather for most of the week. Either a cold or the start of allergies but he has been more cuddly too, so I am soaking up all the cuddles with my big boy.

Workout Recap: 

Monday: Snow day, stuck inside again!

Tuesday: Still too much snow for me to drive in so stayed home and rested.

Wednesday: Mace was sick with a runny nose. Not sure if allergies or a cold. Stayed home

Thursday: 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga class.

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.1 mile walk outside. It was just too beautiful to stay indoors today! (possible snow storm on Tuesday so trying to enjoy being outside.)

3.1 total miles
32 Weeks Pregnant

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Springtime = Races, Races, Races!

With the welcoming of spring comes the new season of Races! Spring is the start time for most races in central VA. As it is finally starting to warm up a bit and the chance of snow is way less, however this coming Tuesday is saying that we are supposed to expect to see more snow! (I am ok with this snow because it is delaying the nasty humid summer from beginning too early and the blooming of the spring flowers and trees when my allergies go NUTS!)

Where To Find Races: There are so many races coming up near where I live and I am sure there are where you live too. (AZ and FL races tend to happen early in the year as it is just getting too warm to safely run races now.) You can go to to find races near you. I put in my info and within 100 miles from my house there are 306 races between today, 3/22 and 4/22. They even list healthy kid runs too! There also could be local races that aren't registered with runners world so check your local newspaper or running shop to find out when and where!

How To Pick Races: Go through your list and figure out what distance you want to do. And determine how far you would like to travel in that day. A ton of races are up in DC for us and going to DC a ton just doesn't do it for us. That place is a parking disaster so I would. I know that next year I will run in the C-ville 10 miler, (been wanting to do that 2 years in a row but too far pregnant this year.) But I would also love to run in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC. (there is a 5k there too) So pick wisely.

Listen To Your Body: Don't overdo it. I know it is such an amazing feeling to finally run outside comfortably after such a long and cold winter, but don't schedule a race every weekend unless you are used to doing so. For me, (if I weren't pregnant) that would still be insane. My body would be so mad at me. It likes its recovery time. We need it. (that is another problem with the spring race circuit.) Every race is jammed packed in there every weekend. The C-ville 10miler is on March 29. The C-ville marathon, 1/2 and 10k is on April 5. The Cherry Blossom 10 miler and 5k are on April 6. Know your body and what it can handle.

HAVE FUN! Whatever you do decide to do, have fun! This is a race but the only person you are trying to beat is yourself. I try to PR every time I run because that is what this is all about. We train to better ourselves and every time we race/run we will get better. If you don't PR, that is ok too. You finish that race as best as you can. Make mental notes and still have fun. You are running in a race instead of sitting on your butt eating bon-bons! You are taking care of your body and trying to help yourself live longer! YOU ARE AMAZING!

(These races listed are the 3 I would pick to be in for the spring, doing a 5k for the Cherry Blossom race. Sadly they are every weekend. Not sure if my body could handle that but something to train for, for next year!)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Prepping For Labor- Daddy's Packing List

Here we go again momma's! Last week I wrote about Mommy's Packing list. Here's one for Daddy. Did you know that you should pack a bag for Daddy too? Well, the cool thing about Daddy's bag is that he is going to be carrying all the other stuff you couldn't fit in your bag. So your bag was all the stuff you need to get you through about 2 days of staying in the hospital. Daddy, especially if you have other children or pets will be making at least one stop at home. So he doesn't need as much stuff. Matt takes all his stuff in a backpack and that is about the size that we need. That way he can carry his bag and yours and be able to put yours down easily in case you are in the middle of a contraction and he needs to help hold you up! ;)

Couple of things to do first. If you are a first time mom, (FTM) take a hospital tour. Most hospitals have a snack room for mommy's in labor. This is the man's vending machine basically and your snack place for after you have baby or just before all the fun begins when you still want/need to eat. But check to see if your hospital has complimentary snacks available. My hospital has basic snacks and juice stocked in their snack area. Knowing this will change what you pack.

Ok Packing List For Daddy:

~Toiletries. (Don't forget the D.O.) In case you are in labor for a long time. Or have baby over night.
~Change of clothing (just one)
~pajamas for one night (prob long pants as the hospital will feel colder to him. You will be working either having a baby or nursing which I felt hot when I was nursing at first.)
~power chords to all electronics
~some reading material just in case labor stalls
~His fav snacks, have a couple just in case he feels like something different from the snack room. And pop, or soda whatever you call it. I picked up 2 6 packs of Mt. Dew for my friends hubs just after she had baby #3. He was in dire need of some Dew.

Not too bad, right!?!? Pretty easy. So after baby is born daddy will go home for a few hours and come back smelling good. Use the time when he is gone to not have any visitors, except for close family and try to get some sleep. Baby will be sleeping a lot and you need it too. You will want it. Sleep when the baby sleeps!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Make It Important!

The other week in church the teacher used this quote to emphasize her lessons. This quote has stuck with me that whole time. It has applied to many different situations in my life lately. This is true. It something in your life is important to you, you will do everything in your power to do it. If it isn't or not top in your life than you will make an excuse. Every time.

Case in point: I wanted to run the Princess half and it was important to me. I ran a ton, even though it was hard, it sucked and it hurt often. Now that the 1/2 is done I have not run or even walked as much as I should have. Because it is hard, it sucks and it hurts. I am still exercising  but not as much as I had planned on at this point. I am a work in progress. I can still change that and every week I have a goal and if I meet it, great if not then that is ok too.

No matter what it is in life, exercise, personal hobbies, or just anything. If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Week 2 Workout Recap

This week sure went by quickly! Before I knew it, it was Saturday. EEK! But staying busy with other things though.

Pregnancy changes: I AM STARVING ALL THE TIME! I feel so hungry. I am starting to graze for food, which I got out of that habit because I overate. So no I am just trying to have healthier foods around the house to graze on. Yummy yogurt. Need to be better though. Things are starting to get more difficult for me. Bending down, picking things up off the floor and getting up from laying down are hard. My belly is just starting to get big and in the way now. Tying my gym shoes is interesting too. Can't wait for warmer weather and flip flops!

Prepping for Baby: Set up the pack and play in our bedroom, found out missing a part of it now trying to search the house for it. Also painted the nursery with the help of friends. YEA! Daddy also cleaned out the van and set the base in the van. Things are happening. My hospital bag is partially packed. Moved baby toys from the nursery to the basement.

Prepping Mason for baby: Getting things set up around the house for baby and explaining that the crib, pack n play and toys are for Collin is helping to get Mace used to the idea of another little one in the house. He says baby and points to objects that will be for the baby. Oh and he started saying that he has a baby in his tummy too. Cute guy!

Workout Recap: 
Monday: Rest. I had a mommy helper come over and help clean my house. A girl from my church is trying to raise money for summer camp and offered her services during her spring break. Jumped on that band wagon, yes I did! She was all day, and she watched Mace for me when I had to go to a doc appointment so I didn't make it to the gym.

Tuesday: Rest. My doula came and I started noticing that Mace wasn't doing too well. He didn't want to eat breakfast and his voice was raspy, plus he slept in until 9:40ish, even with the time change that is late for him.

Wednesday: Rest. Mason was up the night prior throwing up so no gym for us.

Thursday: 1 mile walk; 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga class

Friday: 3.5 mile walk/run

Saturday: Rest. Painted the nursery

Mileage 4.5 miles
31 weeks pregnant

Friday, March 14, 2014

Prepping For Labor- Mommy's Packing List

It's getting to be that time where I need to have a bag packed and in a place easy to grab just in case we have to leave in a hurry. I am going to do this in 3 parts. One for Mommy, Daddy and one if you already have children even if they aren't leaving the house. So stay tuned for the next 2 over the next couple of weeks!

Remember Father of the Bride 2, where Annie goes into labor and George, (Steve Martin) is running around with his head cut off. Has to look for the keys to the car, then runs back in to grab the bags which are right next to the door, then has to run back in because he forgot his son, Matty. Keep in mind most cases of labor will not be like this. You might feel like this, the stress of, Oh my goodness baby is going to fall out if right now if I am not in the hospital at this very second! But often labor takes hours, or even days, or weeks. Yes weeks! As Annie shows in the next scene it was a false labor and they return to the house exhausted. (I still have no idea how long mine will take since Mace was induced. So this is the part even I am a little nervous about. How will I know when it is real?)

Father of the Bride 2 had things going for them. They had the bags packed. I wanted to share my list of things that you want to think about packing in your bag and keep you bag in a place where your hubs and family members who are with you know about so when you do go, it is easy to remember. Or have it tucked away in your room and as your due date approaches move it closer to the garage or front door.

What to pack for Mommy: Starting from bottom of bag up.
~Going home outfit for you and for new baby and going home blanket for baby (I have a special one, don't forget baby socks too!)
- bring your comfy sweat pants. No jeans here cause you won't want to pull them on. And bring a pregnancy top too as you will have a bump still. (see Kate Middleton pix of Prince George meeting the world)

~Washed blankets from home for baby to get used to smell of home while in the hospital.

~clothing to wear for your hospital stay. 2 tops 2 bottoms (sweat pants again or capris or loose fitting non tight stuff). PJ's would be great, I just choose black bottoms or dark bottoms because of the after birth bleeding that happens, unless you want to wear the hospital gown.

~Nursing bras (2, just in case) and pads, along with nipple cream or coconut oil in a small container

~Cheap flip flops for the showers

~toiletries- toothbrush, hair brush, hair tie, face wash, shampoo and conditioner, glasses case, contacts and solution and makeup if you so choose.

~Birthing gown (I choose not to use the open butt gowns the hospital has and I bring a night dress that goes down to my knees and has thin straps. (Nursing gown from Old nearly 3 years old.) More comfy. Check with doc and hospital to see if allowed.)
UPDATE* Don't forget to bring a robe with you so you can walk around the hospital if you have to during labor.

~Birthing sports bra or nursing bra- I have a black one that I will use again to give birth in. Keep in mind this one will get messy from when you meet your baby as they will place the baby on your chest or belly when they are born. That is why black. My cousin did hot pink though.

~Chapstick and hair tie easily accessible for use while laboring. You will need it.

~Charger for phone, tablet and all electric things you are bringing. (make sure your camera if bringing one that is not your phone, has a fully charged battery prior to being packed.)

~Ipod or MP3 player and headphones (or have these close to where your bag is so that you don't forget.)

~Insurance card, birth plan, pre-registered hospital card, picture ID and list of what you packed to make sure you bring it all home in a file folder so that you can check into the hospital and also add the hospital paperwork to before you leave the hospital too.

I am hoping to do most of my laboring at home prior to the hospital. And when I get to the hospital I want to be all work no play basically. But if getting induced, bring a good book or crossword puzzle or a game with you and make sure you rest because inductions can take some time and it can get boring just sitting there watching the clock, which you will do even if you bring a book, game or rest. I also bring essential oils with me to help calm me or help me through the labor. My doula and hubs will administer them to me during labor.

Other women bring their Boppy pillow with them or a pillow from home. I don't, because that is just more stuff to take home when your hands are going to be full of stuff, including your new baby!

But these are my essentials. If I think of anything else to add between now and DD I will update this post!

QOTD: What do you think is the most essential thing to pack to the hospital?

Want to know what to pack for your hubs? CLICK HERE

Want to know what to pack for your kids and pets? CLICK HERE

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's Your Mantra?

I am just wondering what mantras are used out there to help you through a tough run, bad day or just a way to get your butt to the gym.

Why are mantras important? Repetition is the key! Most people learn by repetition. And if we tell ourselves something so many times we might start to believe it.

There are different types of mantras. Positive ones get us motivated. But be weary of the negative ones as they will beat you down and might not help your situation, (unless you are a person that pushes back against negative comments.)

My mantra for the 1/2 marathon up until mile 10.5, look at everyone I am passing! I am strong! K liked to point out to me that a 29 week pregnant chick was passing and staying in front of a ton of people. So that became the phrase of the day for me. After mile 10.5 I had a different tune in my head, I just wanna be done. That is what I kept saying and I told K I won't stop. Just keep going! 

You can turn these motivational mantras into daily positive affirmations too to help lift your spirits and guide you on to having a better day. I am amazing. I am strong. Repeated every morning will block out the negative thoughts we can often get during the day.

Let me know what gets you through your workout or a bad day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Proper Running Shoes

Hey fellow readers! I know I have been kind of MIA but I have actually been doing research on a couple of upcoming blog posts. And well, just haven't written them yet, but they are coming!
~My current shoes, Brooks Adrenaline- GTS 13~

I learned a lot on my 1/2 marathon. Not just about me but about other runners too. When I run, I tend to watch the person in front of me and try to pace them or just think about their shirt, often I will call someone by their shirt, (a lady in my training program last summer was wearing a Cinderella the Musical shirt and I called her Cinderella for 3 miles as I was pacing her) or just anything that will keep my mind off of what I am actually doing. Running is hard and we need to focus on other things to keep going.

Well, I watched a ton of women's feet for their pacing and tried to match my pace to theirs on the 1/2. I often look down since I am pregnant just to make sure I don't trip or anything. One thing that I noticed were the improper running shoes some ladies were wearing. I broke my heart seeing them in some shoes that we not made for running knowing that they had a grueling 13.1 miles in front of them.

These are the 3 that really stuck in my mind:
Mile 2 I was behind a lady when she stepped she was actually stepping on the side of the shoe and not the actual base of the shoe. And she had to pull her shoe back into place about every 10 steps because it was sliding off her feet. AT MILE 2!

Other ladies, many ladies, were wearing their BRAND NEW New Balance Cinderella shoes, with the ribbons. Yes they were brand new because they were spotless on the sole of the shoe.

Another lady around mile 11 or so I passed had bloodied bandaids on both heels of her feet and the back of her shoes were just covered in blood. I felt so bad for her.

Please, please, please! GET PROPER RUNNING SHOES when doing 3 miles, or 6 miles especially 13.1 miles. These are shoes that you can find at a local running store or shoe store where they check your running stride, and foot fall and ones that you have been TRAINING IN! Break in your shoes by using them on training runs. Every time you run so that you know where rubbing happens or where you need to tape up your feet to avoid sores or bloodied heels. (I felt so bad for that lady) You will know how you feet feel after pounding the pavement at 3 miles, 6 miles and 10 miles. You will know if you need more support and have time to get it before the race.

Using brand new shoes is a no, no too because again you don't know how your feet are going to feel after such a long distance. And the shoes are so stiff and not broken in. Yes New Balance did make a brand of running shoes with the Disney theme in mind. They are cute and they have fun ribbon laces that will be totally trashed or damaged by the end of the race but again, knowing how the shoe and your foot work together is so important. Here is a Runner's World article on common shoe questions.

Running is a sport. Injuries happen. Toe nails are lost, and bleeding will incur. Runners may not have the best looking feet but we know that our feet can carry us many, many miles! But I felt so bad and my heel just ached after seeing the lady's heel. I know someday it might happen to me, but I have finally learned taping up certain parts of my foot is ok to add extra protection. If you start to get a blister on a test run, or a shorter distance run you know what your tendencies are for longer runs now. (E, I'm talking to you!) I taped around the ball of both feet to protect the bunion area and the callus on the bottom of my feet during my runs. They helped but, I taped too high (like 2 cm) on my left foot and got 3 tiny little blisters from the irritation caused by my shoes. I will chalk it up to being super excited and nervous oh and sleep deprived for my misplacement of my tape.
So there we have it! Running shoes, properly fitted, and worn by you, running shoes really are a necessity. I hope these 3 ladies and all the others that participated in the race had a happy and safe race and they were able to accomplish what they set out to do. Take care of your feet because they will take you place if you show them a little love! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Week 1 Workout Recap

We are already 1 week into March. Anyone else think this year is FLYING by? And it has been a week since I was in WDW. So sad. I love Disney and the "magic" they have there.

This week has been an insane week for us. Matt got a new schedule that seriously affects our family time and it has seemed like I am a single mom again. Kind of crazy and scary but Mace and I are making due. Mason asks for Daddy all the time and when Matt is home, and Mason isn't already in bed, Daddy and Mace have a ton of fun playing together. It is really sweet to see them play. Matt promised Mace to take him to a park after he gets off his military duty today and Mason is already excited.

One thing that is helping me through the week is my gym. After a year of Matt being deployed when Mason was just born I never went out. I stayed in and never left Mason once. I came to later realize that I need a break. Yes I get mommy quiet time but I need a break to focus on me and take care of me. So the gym this week became my sanctuary. It will be again next week and for as long as this new schedule lasts. Also I am letting my pace slow down. No longer training for the race, I am now doing this to stay healthy for me and my baby. I am still integrating running in my walks and will continue to do short spurts of running as long as I can.
~First post race run/walk~
Pregnancy changes: I am starting to gain weight. I am now up 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight for this pregnancy. I gained 2 over the trip so I am gaining about a pound a week at this point. I was hoping it would be 2 lbs a month instead of the 4 but with the over eating I did on our trip of all things yumminess I am not surprised that I gained 2 lbs. Now I just continue to exercise and eat what my body needs not necessarily what it wants, like sweets every single day. (I am craving oranges and pineapple right now so I have given into that craving. Fruit is so yummy!)
 ~Where are my feet???~
Prepping for Baby: Haven't done anything this week. I know, shocker, huh! It has been more of surviving this week, finding a babysitter to watch Mason when I have had to work and trying to just not feel so pregnant icky!

Prepping Mason for Baby: A friend watched Mason yesterday while I taught piano and she recently had a baby. Mason was so good with the baby. I think it was his first time interacting with a baby younger than 2 months old. I even got to hold little A and Mason came over and patted his shoulder nicely, gave him a hug, and was super sweet with him. When I handed A back to his mommy Mason wanted to sit on my lap and be cuddled just like A was so, now I know. Mason is going to have a hard time when Collin arrives and all the attention that Collin will get instead of Mason. But now I know.

Monday: rest (real rest, not sitting in a car all day, kind of rest)
Tuesday: 3 miles walk/run 16:40 pace; 15 min on bike
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 1.25 mile 16:00 pace; 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga
Friday: rest
Saturday: 4 miles walk 16:45 pace

Total Mileage: 8.25 miles total walk/run; 2 miles on bike
30 weeks pregnant

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting Back To Normal Life…NOT

It is so hard returning from a vacation. You get out of the habits of everyday life. And with a very regular 2 year old. It has been a trying one for me here at the house. Poor kid had his toys taken away because he refused to clean them back up. A whole week we spent without toys and the responsibility of him having to clean up after himself and he forgets, or just doesn't want to. (I am not a mean mom, but the rule in this house is to clean up the toys before he comes up from the basement. If he doesn't then toys go bye-bye for a day.) Usually after taking 1 or 2 toys away he cleans but the other day, nope. Half of his toys were locked in the storage room.

At least his sleeping and napping schedule isn't too far off. Now we are adjusting to to my hub's new work schedule he was assigned yesterday. Let's just say, these are going to be long, long, long days with the kid and I before I get relieved of my duties!

Positive note, started going through some pictures from the trip, not race related. These are definitely my fav! It was Mason's first meet and greet. He patiently waited, in his stroller for his turn, to meet his favorite character, Captain America! There were lots of Awe's from everyone watching as Mason gave him a hug, and CPT seemed to really enjoy it and was very good with Mason. Probably going to print these off and hang them in Mason's room!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

Here I go! So excited to recap my first Disney race, hopefully of many. It's kind of long. Hope you enjoy! (And not everything is positive. Sorry Disney, but there is always room for improvement.)
Feel free to read the full recap, but you can also check out all of my tips to enjoy your Disney Princess Race Weekend:

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Princess Half Marathon: 1/2 Marathon

~My sole sister Kat. This picture was retweeted by Run Disney on my account!~

It all starts with a super early wake up call! Disney likes to have a nice early morning race before the parks open so that not too much traffic is affected. My friend Kat and I stayed in an on resort hotel, Shades of Green (the military hotel), which offered transportation to the race entry point. Not corrals, it seriously is a super long walk from the bus drop off to the corrals. We, meaning Kat set the alarm for 2:30 am so we wouldn't be late. Her wake up song happened to be Eye of the tiger which made me laugh!
~My shirt front~
~Back, adding pregnant to it post race. Didn't make it here in time~

We left our room by 3:15 and boarded our bus with a ton of other prince and princesses. Many took notice of my shirt and were impressed that I was attempting to do a 1/2 while pregnant. That was the main comment I received during the morning.

We arrived at the Epcot and started the walk to the waiting area where we used the bathrooms, port-a-potties, where a DJ was playing and interacting with all the racers. The atmosphere was pretty energetic. Everyone was super excited to get the race started. Once they opened the gate it was the walk to the corrals we go. Where I used the bathroom again before getting in our corrals.

My corral, M, was schedule to start at 6:15. We arrived in our corral at 5am. It was a longish cold hour ahead of us. The morning was super humid and foggy but had a bit of a chill to it. Hoped it lasted as long as possible as my doc was super concerned about me overheating. As we waited and waited we saw others jumping the corrals to the bathrooms to go one last time. Kat debated on it but decided against it. I got a comment from another racer, asking what was wrong with me for running while pregnant. She said it quite nasty too and I just shrugged it off and said, "I'm being healthy for me and my baby." She then regaled me with experiences of her pregnancy.

We finally were set to go and were off. Poor Kat had to go to the bathroom so badly at this point. (We heard that one lady just went off the side of the road within the first 80 feet of the start and had her friends blocking her go. We also saw men run to the shrubs under the monorail and just go there.) It was a long wait where we downed water. It was chill so our bodies wanted to get rid of the water and not sweat it out. So a ton of people had to go.
~As we passed this mile marker a cop on a motorcycle used his speaker and said, keep running it is just a picture with a number on it!~ 

I started out at a slow warm-up pace. I told Kat that at about 1.5 miles I will pick up but wanted a good solid warm up. Kat jumped in line at the potties at about 1 mile in and I kept going for her to catch up with me. She had to pretty much sprint to catch up because I had made it a good solid 3/4 miles without her. Just doing my intervals. I felt super strong, and the tape on my belly was helping as was my new support belt helping so that I didn't have round ligament pain as I ran. She caught up with me just after the kites flying overhead at our first overpass. I felt so empowered because I was passing so many people and keeping a good solid pace. But it wasn't as fast as what Kat thought and she tried to hold my hand to pull me. I said, "I will not be pulled." I had to use the bathroom and had already made the plan to stop every 3 miles if needed. I wanted to wait till Magic Kingdom for my first bathroom break but I couldn't. I was keeping a solid 14:38 pace up until mile 3 where I made my first potty break.

The lines were awful. 14 potties and 7 lines. As I was staining in line I noticed a couple of other obvious pregnant ladies, who I would see at every potty line from here on out. Some racers started yelling at the potties, "Hurry up! This is a race." It was at least a 5 min potty stop and at this point, I knew that I was in trouble. If all stops were 5 min and I was planning on doing 4 and I am doing a solid 15 min mile pace then I would be over the time by 5 minutes. Disney advised on their site to train for a 15 min pace. This might include 2-3 potty breaks but it would not include us to take any pictures on the course. At all. I knew going into the race that all the lines for the characters would be long and that I wasn't going to take any, unless I saw the alligator from Princess and the Frog. (I love alligators) But still that takes away some of the fun of the race, not being able to take any pictures because the lines are so long and if you did stop, then you would be stressed about taking a faster pace and burn out before the end of the race. Plus being in the back the concern is all about the Blue Balloon Carrying Sweepers!
I ran back to Kat and adjusted my tutu back down and in place and we took off. Before I knew it we were running under the fogged out Magic Kingdom sign. As we were entering the transpiration area to MK another lady was already saying that she couldn't do this. AT ALL. We told her, she could and she was doing great. Just wait for Main street and the crowd and cheers and she will get the buzz in energy she needs to finish! I also at this point passed the lady who made the comment to me earlier of what was wrong with me. I ended up staying in front of her for the remainder of the race. (made me feel pretty good knowing that I was passing people) We went under the overpass with the guy dancing with the HUGE Mickey hands having fun. There were so many people crammed in this area. The course narrows quite a bit and it felt like quite a squeeze to get through. We were going down though and I told Kat, go! And we just ran down avoiding people as best as possible. As we were backstage I knew where we were from the Keys to the Kingdom and I started to get teary eyed because I was about to do the one area I was looking forward to the most. Running through the Magic Kingdom. I had seen so many pictures from other bloggers about the crowd cheering you on, space and being able to run through the castle.

Before we entered the MK we had quite a few bottleneck have to walk areas because there was such a large crowd. As we started to round the corner onto Main Street, we came to a halt! WHAT! It was so tight and packed with people that it was walking speed only down Main Street. Kat and I jumped up to the sidewalk so that I could run through Main Street. We stopped for a second to take our pictures in front of the castle. Then continued. We stopped in tomorrow land to use the bathroom which this stop was the fastest of all. The mens restroom was being used by women but there aren't as many stalls so their line was slower. We joined the mostly walking pack and made our way to Fantasyland where we rounded the turn and came to a halt again. My dream of running through the castle crushed. There were so many people that we were cramped and slowing waddling our way to and through the castle. The trumpeters welcomed us to the castle with their fanfares. I remember thinking, I hope they don't empty their spit valve on us as we pass under. (Ah the things a musician thinks of) And we slowly made our way through the castle. SADLY walking. As we exited, Kat and I knew we had to go, so we tried to run as best as possible down the ramp and out tomorrow land.
~Tons of Prince and Princesses!~

We made our way past Splash Mountain where my feet were starting to feel loose in my shoes. At the corner getting onto the 6 mile stretch of highway I stopped to tighten my shoes. BAD IDEA! I tightened them too much and the tops of my feet hurt so much for the remained for the race. We passed mile 7 with the anthem of Let It Go by Frozen which totally didn't fit the race at all. It's a good song but it doesn't fit the idea of running. I wish that I were freezing. At this point the sun was burning away the fog and it was starting to heat up and get more humid. Kat had me drink water and power aid at every stop. It also felt like they had more water stops along the way, I felt like I was always drinking. Two days before the race, Disney advised of the heat, so maybe Disney set up more water stops for that reason.

About mile 8 I started to notice people on the sides like flies. More and more were stopping for various reason. My feet were hurting, between my legs were chaffing but darn it I wasn't going to stop. I passed by all the medic tents watching other ladies getting the x mark of death, in my mind, not wanting to get singled out or stopped since my face gets so red when I run and just kept going. Mile 9 I stopped again for a potty break. The lines were still long. The bathrooms stunk and with my super sensitive pregnancy nose I gagged the whole time, about to puke in the restroom from the smell. (no offense to Disney when you gotta go you gotta go, I get that)
~Where we walked and walked through the castle.~

Mile 9 we passed a med tent where we noticed a girl wrapped in a blanket laying on a lawn chair and others stopping on the side of the road. My body was starting to check out at this point. I got my cliff shot and took my time eating it. Easier to eat than my energy jelly beans. And I hadn't used any of my gu that I brought. Next came the c curve to the overpass and then the 2 overpasses onto Epcot. We were at the hill area. My feet hurt so badly at this point. I was hot, sweaty, and just felt done. As we were on the overpass, looking at all the people we were in front of, yea me, Kat said, "Look there are the sweepers." I never saw them. I think that I was just not able to focus that far at this point. My body hurt. I just wanted to be done. Kat grabbed my hand and we walked hand and hand from here until the end of the race with her pulling me to stay ahead of the sweepers. (remember I had said I won't be pulled, well I was ok with being pulled.)
~The view coming out of the castle looking down Main Street. Super foggy.~

I did not want to be pulled from the course. Medics were on bikes passing us. Again anytime they passed me I threw a smile on my face and acted that everything was fine. I just could not stop. That was my mantra, DON'T STOP! I told Kat that I hurt, and I had to keep going and I couldn't go any fast at this point. She said I had to and kept pulling me. I looked at my clock. I should have been done by this point keeping my 15 min mile pace. I was bummed. I wanted to be done, finished with the race, I was going to finish it though. We entered the parking lot area and I started to lose it. I could not stop crying. I was so excited that I had done this. I knew I was going to make it. I hurt everywhere. I was having Braxton Hicks contractions and had to slow my pace down. We were passing potties again and I had to go. Mile 12 and I had to go. I was almost done but I stopped. No lines though which was nice, but my body was so sweaty and my clothing was so stuck to me it took forever to get the shorts on and off.
~I didn't get a picture with the alligator but I got one of him.~
~Now at mile 12. Finally~

Got back in the pack and one lady said the sweepers were right behind us. I knew I was a good mile in front of them and didn't really believe her but I pushed and did little sprints in with my walks. We passed through the crowded Epcot with lots of cheers and made the turn just in front of the lake. One of the pregnant ladies that I saw at every potty break was running next to us and then she passed me. GO HER!
~So close!~

We passed by the choir, I didn't really hear them though because I just wanted to be done, I was almost done. Then we made the next turn and there it was. The finish line. I was a mess inside. I was almost done. I was balling. I can't believe that I actually did this. I did this! I ran right past Mickey, I had planned on stopping to get a hug but I wanted to be done! I totally dissed Mickey though. Bad Becky. Finally we crossed the finish line hand in hand. I was upright and balling my eyes out! I finally could slow down my walk and the Braxton Hicks finally went away, thank you. They handed us this cool cloth that Kat put on my neck. I wanted to see my family. We made our way back to the family reunion area, but first I got my medal. (Never got a post race pix of me all sweaty and my medal.) I saw Matt and ran into his arms crying my eyes out so thankful to see him and know that I survived. I did it. He didn't know if I was doing a good or a bad cry. He was so confused but so happy and proud of me. Mace was kind of asleep but then woke up and wanted to give me a hug too. I picked him up and carried him for a little bit. Kat and I couldn't celebrate much longer because we had to get checked out of our room cause check out was 11 and it was like 10:30 already. The busses were thankfully parked very close to where the reunion area was. I WAS SO THANKFUL! We got back to our hotel and changed and showered and the boys met us to pick us up. I kind of rested for a little bit and took off my shoes. My feet hurt so bad. No blisters that I could see.
~The only post race pix I have of me. Wish Kat told me she was taking the pix I would have attempted a smile!~

Later that day was kind of a blur. I took a bath to soak my legs in, fell asleep in there. Went to my bed and slept as Matt and Kat checked in on me every now and then to see how I was doing. Kat and her hubs brought me a burger and I didn't realize how hungry I was until I took my first bite of fries and I in-hailed the burger. Then slept for pretty much the rest of the day. No parks for me.

My observations for the day:

~DO NOT SHAVE YOUR INNER THIGHS the morning of the race. I not only had chaffing but it turned into a razor burn chaffing. I used vaseline and body glide there too but the razor burn with the chaffing, not good! I also had a little chaffing from my support belt but that was ok.

~I did have 3 little blisters on my feet just where the tape line ended. Maybe 2 layers of tape a little thicker on my feet would have been better.

~Disney needs more port-a-potties. Either more at every stop or along the way. There were too many of us and the lines were far too long which affected my official completion time. I was actually upset for the first few days after because I feel like I failed. But in all honesty I was keeping a solid under 15 min mile pace up until mile 10.5. Then I slowed because my body couldn't go faster.

~Do not tighten your shoes mid race. Unless they untie themselves don't touch your shoes! My feet hurt because I over tightened them.

~For those of us in the back of the race we need more space on the course. There were so many bottle neck areas that we had to come to a standstill and just slowly walk through areas. That affects time. But this gives me more incentive to get my running better to make it into a faster corral next time to avoid the overcrowding.

I had a great experience with my first 1/2 marathon and at Disney. It was great! During the race I was miserable and hot and I hurt. But that's not Disney's fault. I was 29 weeks pregnant. I was pushing myself physically and mentally. The last 3 miles of the race is all mental!

Will I run a 1/2 again. Yes, but never while pregnant, ever! Right now I am thinking about the Wine and Dine in 2015. I actually have wanted to run that race for awhile! And eventual I would like to train for the Goofy challenge. That is my overall goal but not for awhile. I have a long way to go before that point!

WHEW! Did you make it to the end! I told you it was long!
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