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Friday, March 21, 2014

Prepping For Labor- Daddy's Packing List

Here we go again momma's! Last week I wrote about Mommy's Packing list. Here's one for Daddy. Did you know that you should pack a bag for Daddy too? Well, the cool thing about Daddy's bag is that he is going to be carrying all the other stuff you couldn't fit in your bag. So your bag was all the stuff you need to get you through about 2 days of staying in the hospital. Daddy, especially if you have other children or pets will be making at least one stop at home. So he doesn't need as much stuff. Matt takes all his stuff in a backpack and that is about the size that we need. That way he can carry his bag and yours and be able to put yours down easily in case you are in the middle of a contraction and he needs to help hold you up! ;)

Couple of things to do first. If you are a first time mom, (FTM) take a hospital tour. Most hospitals have a snack room for mommy's in labor. This is the man's vending machine basically and your snack place for after you have baby or just before all the fun begins when you still want/need to eat. But check to see if your hospital has complimentary snacks available. My hospital has basic snacks and juice stocked in their snack area. Knowing this will change what you pack.

Ok Packing List For Daddy:

~Toiletries. (Don't forget the D.O.) In case you are in labor for a long time. Or have baby over night.
~Change of clothing (just one)
~pajamas for one night (prob long pants as the hospital will feel colder to him. You will be working either having a baby or nursing which I felt hot when I was nursing at first.)
~power chords to all electronics
~some reading material just in case labor stalls
~His fav snacks, have a couple just in case he feels like something different from the snack room. And pop, or soda whatever you call it. I picked up 2 6 packs of Mt. Dew for my friends hubs just after she had baby #3. He was in dire need of some Dew.

Not too bad, right!?!? Pretty easy. So after baby is born daddy will go home for a few hours and come back smelling good. Use the time when he is gone to not have any visitors, except for close family and try to get some sleep. Baby will be sleeping a lot and you need it too. You will want it. Sleep when the baby sleeps!
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