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Thursday, October 24, 2019

PCOS and Hormone Imbalance Post Babies | Kick PCOS In The Face!

You guys, I'm struggling. I've been struggling for months. I'm exercising 5-6 days a week. I'm eating the best I have ever eaten in my life and I haven't lost a single pound in a year. I finally said, enough is enough. I went to my doctor and asked that I have blood tests done to confirm my suspicions that my PCOS was back. Let me tell you, there is not a ton of info about PCOS after babes. Because it directly affects having babies, but what about when you are done having babies. PCOS DOES NOT MAGICALLY GO AWAY! It's still there.

I had a feeling that the #1 thing my doc was going to recommend to me was to go on the pill to help my symptoms, but again, I'm not having anymore babies, and I don't want to be on a medication that's intended for one thing but for another reason. It didn't sit right and I honestly think the pill is what messed my hormones up worse in the first place...And I was right. My doc, bless him and just trying to help me but, the first thing he offered to help with symptoms was...THE PILL! After doing research I was right. I've been listening to Podcasts --- like the Model Health Show- (and he has a NEW BOOK coming out next April!!!! , and found this amazing book Beyond The Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten to help me along the way.


What I’m currently listening to and let’s be real, to get books in I listen to them through the day so this is from my audible! #momlife and work life doesn’t let me sit down and curl up with a book these days! Back to the post- I First heard @drjolenebrighten on the @shawnmodel Model Health Show, episode 338, talking about hormonal Birth Control and how to go beyond it. I knew my doc was going to recommend the pill when I went and talked to him about what I suspected was my hormone issues and PCOS flaring up but I don’t want to be on the pill. And I was right. It was the first thing he said, “we could put you on the pill to regulate your cycle and it helps with hormones...” Guys...I’m NOT getting pregnant anytime soon since the husband got that taken care of and honestly It’s the very last option on the table at this point because I want to try to fix or at least learn how to balance my hormones Naturally. After listening to the show and now listening to this book I’m even more resolves to listen to my gut and try to help myself naturally. Because my problem is more than just irregular periods. It’s straight up miscommunication of hormones and a lack of them even working in my body and that is a serious thing. I have more knowledge to take with me when taking the endo my ob is referring me to. Educate yourself. Do your research. Know all the facts because I didn’t. Now I’m learning and will continue to learn what I can do to help my body starting with my gut! Check out this book your guys if you struggle like I do! Get answers and #beyourownhealthadvocate #nextstep #myhealth #womansintuition #personaldevelopment #knowledge #educateyourself #actionispower
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There is so much information out there. And I'm not saying go to Google to diagnose yourself but educate yourself on signs, symptoms, and how you can help your body and how to talk to your doctor to help yourself the best. Remember the docs, want to help you and sometimes it's through the fastest and easiest way. It's okay to go the hard way.

Know that you are you own health advocate. You get to call the shots on what tests are done and what medication you go on. Before you go on any medication, LEARN ABOUT IT. Ask the hard questions. The pill, would be like a bandaid. It wouldn't help to fix or regulate my hormones. It would turn them off completely. And that's not what I want. I want to live my healthiest life and optimal health. And the pill, was truly my last resort.

After getting my results back and learning that my hormones were way worse than we thought, I'm peri menopausal because my hormones were in the TANK. And my thyroid came back as "abnormal" so I'm being referred to a specialist to get it checked out further.

In the meantime, I'm working hard to heal my body, by cutting out the processed foods, eating a ton of veggies to help "detox" and heal my gut and I'll also be placed on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (which is a man made hormone similar to the one the body naturally produces) to help assist my hormones during this transition.

I'll be chronicling my journey along this because there isn't much info about how to deal with pcos after having babies. So be sure to bookmark and check back for updates!

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Healthy Holiday Habits Challenge

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