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Monday, March 31, 2014

R.I.P. Macbook

My Macbook is 5 years old. Sadly last Friday it lost its head. The screen has detached from the base of the computer. Not sure what caused this to happen. I went to close it and heard a snap and then I had to prop up the screen to use the computer. Since then I have gotten my new laptop. A MacBook Air. Super small and light and I am so afraid to break it or have Mason anywhere near it.

The main reason for a new laptop so quickly is because of my business. I wanted to put off buying a new computer as long as I could but, I need my computer to input all my studio stuff and we have the recital coming up soon and need all the docs associated with that so new computer it had to be. Thankfully everything transferred over from my old computer to my new one without a hitch! I was super worried about that. But here I am, on my new laptop.

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