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Monday, May 2, 2022

4 Week Gut Protocol: Round 1 Progress Check

9.3 pounds gone! Hit my GOAL for the month and this program! And making the goal to be under 240 pounds was huge for me. Because for the last 5 years I would always hit 242 and then pause there then BOUNCE right back up. But this time I finally pushed past that pleasure and blew it out of the water!

For the first time ever I don’t have that feeling of “well, I did it. Time to go eat whatever” or feel like I was deprived or missing out. For years this is how I envisioned I would eat and like it and enjoy it. For years I want it to just click and IT’S FINALLY CLICKED.

Maybe it was the game of eating 30+ different plant foods. Or meal prepping, planning. Being super intentional. But what er ever it was it finally clicked and that’s all that matters! Right?

So tomorrow is a new day. Starting the workout program again but continuing on this nutrition journey without change. Because it works!

Other amazing things about this program?! YES, the Gut Protocol is 4 weeks long- but after that, we have all the tools that you need to continue to feel amazing including…

✨Streaming access to over 70+ FULL workout programs - all programs have calendars, nutrition plans, getting started guides, and more!

 ✨Nutrition support - two amazing nutrition programs to choose from that align with and help you continue on your weight loss and healthiest self goals! They are the perfect programs to start after your Gut Protocol program is over!

 ✨Meditations and stretches

 ✨Recipes, meal plans, and grocery guides - both on our app and in my group each week! PLUS AN EXCLUSIVE 166 PAGE EBOOK WITH GUT PROTOCOL APPROVED RECIPES!

 ✨Portion control containers

 ✨Tracking log-book for those who want to write it down!

 ✨Access to our private online tracking app and group for support, giveaways, and extra resources

✨30 days of BODi free- our new interactive platform! Live workouts are so much fun and cycling is included! Autumn has some rides in 4 Weeks for Every Body as well! Plus you get extra nutrition support!

Ready to join us for this program that will change your life? Ready to stop starting over? Let’s do this- FILL OUT THIS FORM TO START YOUR ORDER PROCESS!

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