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Work With Me

Every day I work with women who are working towards getting back their health and body they have been secretly wishing for and, like me, working towards for years. I've been a yo-yo dieter most of my life. I would start a program, push myself really hard, give up foods, get frustrated at the lack of progress, give up, quit, then starting again. 
Combine that with the stress I was under trying to conceive with PCOS and using fertility treatments. Then, after having babies, can we just take a moment to think about how our bodies change when we have babies!?! Being a mom and having kids, heck just being a woman, takes a toll on our bodies. It's time to take time for us, without feeling guilty, because we are worth it because we WANT to make it work. I finally found what works. I finally have the tools to make it work and now, I share my experiences and support through my PRIVATE GROUPS because it worked for me and I know with your hard work and dedication and me as your coach and mentor it will work with you too! KEEP READING BELOW to get access to the same workouts, nutrition programs and tools I use! 

What you get:
  • 2 Nutrition programs that work in different ways, but teach you how to see and think about food in a whole new way without cutting calories, starving or depriving yourself foods and even the good yummy treats and sweets!
  • Unlimited access to over 1000 workouts
  • Access to scientifically tested exercise programs that have been rigorously tested and proven to get results
  • Daily prompts that will challenge your point of view and encourage you to adopt a whole new, empowered mindset
  • Ongoing support and accountability delivered via my client-only Facebook community, Fitness, Health, Life - Team Connect The Dots.
  • Opportunity to make, connect and form friendships with women on the exact same journey as you
  • 30-day supply of the superfood nutrition drink I use everyday to regulate my blood sugar, keep my sugar cravings at bay and get the maximum nutrition possible

What makes this time different? 

Have you tried to lose weight in the past? Maybe you did lose weight but it didn't stick, or you lost your steam after a little while, or there were just too many times that life got in the way. I have been there. Done that. I have lost 40 pounds, got pregnant, lost 40 pounds and got pregnant again. Gained weight with another pregnancy that ended in a traumatic miscarriage. And all the times I lost the weight it was never through breastfeeding! It felt like a never ending cycle, but what makes this time different is that, you've GOT ME! 
  • One on one support
  • daily motivation and accountability
  • weekly videos of motivation and encouragement
  • access to the tools that I have used to lose my weight (currently down 20 pounds)
  • Support from a community of women who are just like you and have been there and are breaking the cycle to get back their health!
You have 3 choices in your investment! Click the option button below that best fits your needs to help you reach your goals! And with each option you get listed below, you get access to me as your coach to text, message and support you when you need it. Plus access to my exclusive virtual gym community with daily accountability, motivation and support from other women just like you to stay committed! 

Option 1) If you are looking for fitness and nutrition get started right by combining our online fitness library with our nutrient dense superfood filled shake! What you get is a full year of unlimited access to the same online Fitness Streaming library that I use for my workouts and you get to try my our 5 formulas packed shake that includes-- clean protein blend, super greens with phytonutrients, super fruits with antioxidants, adaptogen blend and digestive support-- super food filled daily shake 54% off! 

Option 2) If you are someone that struggles with energy to get started and feels super sore after working out, or the day after a workout this is the option for you! You also get an entire year to our unlimited access online fitness library plus you get to try our jitters free, pre workout supplement that will not only give you energy to get started but also energy during your workout to help you finish strong 54% off! And since you just kicked butt in your workout you would expect to be sore, but not with our post workout supplement that helps reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness. I've been using these supplements for 2 years now, and I still can't believe that I'm not sore when I know how hard I pushed myself. 

Option 3) Looking for help with just nutrition? I've got you! Nutrition is truly the key for losing weight, and let's face it, we all know what we should be eating but many of us struggle with how much to eat, self sabotage, binging, which eventually leads to giving in and feeling like a failure and then giving up. I've been there. MANY TIMES! But let's change that. Join me on changing your MINDSET with food. Check out the nutrition program we offer that specifically helps you with your mindset on how you see food, overcoming fears and helping you learn to eat in a way that works for you and your body. I'm a certified mentor with the program too to help you along the way. But you also get enrolled in our monthly membership to help keep you committed and learning long term because let's face it. We all want results and we want them to last! 

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