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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Running While Pregnant

This pregnancy is coming to an end pretty soon. I have about 6.5 weeks left before my due date. I have stopped running at this point. My body is fighting me every step of the way and I just feel like a huge elephant trying to move my feet a little faster. I have started gaining weight, I am up 7 lbs now. Yes a whole whopping 7 pounds but I am heavier in general than I usually am and it is just a lot of weight for my body to have bouncing around. It hurts. My feet hurt. My hips hurt. It just isn't so fun right now. So I am walking instead. Walking is still great exercise and I am proud to do it. I know it is good for me and I know baby likes it too cause he just goes to sleep and doesn't move at all!

One thing I am hearing a lot of is that because I have been running for most of the pregnancy that I am more than likely going to deliver early. As great as it would be, it scares me to death. I am at the point that every Braxton Hicks is going to put me in labor and I am going to have a premie. I have obligations I sill have to do and I will be heavily pregnant when fulfilling those obligations. I think this is the reason why I am being so paranoid about delivering early because I have things that have to be done. A symphony concert at 37.5 weeks and my studio's music recital at 38.5 weeks.

Yesterday I met a lady in my yoga class who stopped running 2 weeks ago. At 39 weeks. She is currently 41.2 days pregnant now. She is getting induced on Monday if she doesn't have the baby before then. This lady looked amazing! She is super fit and you could tell she is an avid runner. She has been running throughout her entire pregnancy and is still overdue. Yes she is a first time mom and they usually go over about 10 days but still she ran, and ran a lot. She also did yoga and has tried every wives tale in the book (except for Castor oil) to induce labor and it hasn't worked. She even tried a local wives tale of eating these nasty lemon cupcakes that have put many a women in labor in our area. But she is still pregnant. And she is ready to be done, but the baby is super happy.

So now I am hoping with this evidence before me that running while pregnant does not make an early baby! Here's to calming down and not being so paranoid!
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