Connect the Dots Ginger | Becky Allen: February 2023

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February Accountability Group

You’re invited to the Self-Love Club! Where we’ll choose to eat like we love ourselves, move like we love ourselves, and share the positive energy we build inside ourselves with others. Through this 4 week challenge, we will check in daily with our workout, log our superfood supplements and engage with this incredible community to build self-love, one day at a time!

Here are the daily check-ins and assignments I’m planning!

❤️ Self-Love Intentions + Reflections - weekly self-love journal prompts

❤️ Love Your Movement - ideas to get more movement into your days

❤️ Sweet Tooth Recipes - simple, sweet desserts to eat more desserts

❤️ Love Your Body - tips to choose fitness today and for life

❤️ A Mindful Moment - a mental health moment 

❤️ Product of the Month - all about Collagen ingredients, uses, and recipes

❤️ Eat Like You Love Yourself - nutrition tips that promote self-love, inside and out

Does this sound like exactly what you need this month? MESSAGE me on INSTAGRAM RIGHT NOW that you want in on this group! Or Fill out this form and I'll send you your custom checkout link to get enrolled right away!

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