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Friday, March 28, 2014

Prepping For Labor- Packing for Siblings

2 weeks ago I wrote about Mommy's Packing list, and last week was Daddy's Packing list so here is the last one! Packing for your kids, even if you have family coming in town to help take care of your other children, blood or the 4 legged kind, (THANKS MOM!) I still suggest that you pack up some things to help out whomever is helping you out! It will make it so much easier on them so they are not searching your house for your son's favorite blanket because all the other blankets aren't good enough! Or for the 4 legged kid make it easier on your pet and the sitter. I would have your kids bag packed about 2 weeks before with a reminder note on what to add to the bag. (toy and blanket, toothbrush and toothpaste.)

Packing for the Pet: 
Have their food in pre-packaged portions. I put Archer's food in ziploc snack size bags labeled with dates in an easy to find area. Plus time and directions. (AM/PM feedings, soak in water, add meds and such.) Also write up a schedule of when your pet likes to be fed and taken out. Yes this is OCD, and that is how I roll but I know it will help my mom out a ton when she is here and I am in the hospital. Place the leash near the food too so the sitter knows where to find it to take the dog out.

Packing for the Sibling at home or away: 
If your other child or children are staying at home or going away while you have a baby either way. Pack up their favorites so it is easy for the sitter.

~Toothbrush, and toothpaste

~Pack 2-4 outfits, depending on how messy your kid is or activities they might be doing. (going to the spray park don't forget swimsuit too) If they go to the park they might want/need a change of clothes.

~2 nights worth of pajamas.

~Have a package of whips and diapers set out in an easy to find place for your sitter to find. Or in a place that they would prefer. (Mom is not going to want to climb the stairs every time she has to change a diaper so we will have diapers stashed around the house on each level for her.)

~Favorite toy or 2 and blanket for child so the sitter knows which it is out of the 1,000 you already have.

~Pack chords for your child's tablet, if they have one.

~Pack snacks up too so that there is not question about what to give your kid when you are away. It makes it easier too.

~Have a schedule written down of when your child normally eats and sleeps so that they can try to stick to the schedule as best as possible.

UPDATE* There is an update on Mommy's Packing list so check it out!

So there we have it. Packing for the whole family! I will have another post next week on Leaving The Hospital. Daddy's Backpack is going to be fully loaded with stuff! Come back and check it out!
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