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Friday, August 26, 2016

Finding The Perfect Homecoming Outfit For Baby

I don't know about you, but for me, getting a special outfit, which is their very own, to come home from the hospital just makes the whole experience all the more REAL! With Collin, I really made a point to find him a cute coming home outfit. Since we were using all of Mason's hand me downs it just was something that I really wanted to do. I found this perfect little teal blue onesie and stripped pant,s from Gymboree, that were just too cute, but the hat, totally sold it for me!

For Elyse, I wanted to find something that was super special. Something that told her story. We have been waiting for this little baby girl for years. We knew we would have 2 boys and a girl shortly after we had Mason. I thought for sure that she was going to be the middle child, and when we found out that Collin was, well, a boy, I was a little upset. I started to think that maybe we weren't really meant to have a girl. But through faith and hope. We really did know that she was meant to be with us, when the timing was right. 

We knew that last year she was trying to come join our family. But then the worst thing happened. We lost her. I felt after a few weeks that she had sacrificed her time then so that we could both be healthy when it was her time to come back. I honestly didn't know if she was still going to be with our family or not, but when we found out we were pregnant, we had the peaceful feeling that this was Elyse's turn. That it was really going to be happening. So we have been waiting for YEARS for her to join our family. YEARS! So, when I found this adorable Worth The Wait onesie made by Mamabijou over at Etsy, I couldn't resit. (make sure you like her on Facebook too, so you can see all the cute new items!) Call it #TheElyseEffect but I had to have it. I also picked up the adorable leggings and bow from her too and I just can't wait to put her in this outfit, and hoping that she doesn't have a massive blowout in it on the way how so that she can wear it for a couple other important events! 


1) Make it personal to you and your story
2) Have fun with it
3) Don't forget about the siblings or pets! Get them a fun shirt to wear too!
4) Get it personalized
I also picked up a pair of fun shirts for the boys to wear when they meet baby sister for the first time (I have fallen in love with ETSY!) It is a huge change, welcoming a new family member, and often times the siblings need something to help them still feel just as special as baby. So for us, we get them a cute big brother shirt to really emphasize how important they are to the whole family! Check out these Big Brother Again and Big Brother Finally shirts for Mason and Collin made by Little Boo Kid Shirts at Etsy.
While you are planning for your new bundle of joy, take some time to really find something that is special for your family. It really makes the whole brining your baby home from the hospital so much more special! Comment below with your pictures of coming home outfits for your kiddos! 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Second Pregnancy Stitch Fix Keepers

Well, time for me to send my clothing back that I am not going to be getting. I ran a couple of polls on Facebook and Instagram asking for help because I really was torn on what to get. I knew I wasn't going to get all of them, the scarf. Just can't do it! So I had to decide. And I was so surprised with how many people loved the maxi dress. Honestly, the fit wasn't the best but the color...AMAZING! Teal is my color for sure! So...what did I decide on...Here were the choices again:
So...What did I get?

The sea foam green and grey top and the black and white stripe shirt. Both by Half Moon Maternity. I knew even before I put on the grey top that I was going to get it. It is so me. Simple, soft, but has a pop of color on it that is perfect for my hair. And the fact that it doesn't have the pregnancy ruching on the side means that I can wear it post pregnancy and not feel guilty about it! The stripe shirt, as I said yesterday, I didn't think I would like it but I LOVED IT ON ME! It was so flattering and really made me fell like I wasn't all that pregnant. That I still had my normal body under. HELLO SMALL WAIST! So I went with these two items! YAY! So excited! I am sad though as these will be my last pregnancy fix. I get them every 3 months and the next one arrives in Oct. I don't think I will be back to my normal size (or smaller) by then as I will have just had the baby. I will delay my next fix until November or December probably for this reason. I am so excited though knowing that I can actually wear the clothing from Stitch Fix now. Makes all the hard work I did before getting pregnant and even while pregnant all the more worth while!

Are you ready for your first fix? CLICK HERE to get scheduled today! 

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My First Pregnancy Stitch Fix

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? It is a service where when you sign up, a stylist chooses 5 items of clothing for you, based on your very descriptive profile that you fill out, sends it to you and you have a choice to get any of the items you were sent. From the reviews, sometimes a fix is either on point or they knock it out of the ball park! And on top of that they offer PREGNANCY CLOTHING! 

Ok backing up just a little bit. I have known about Stitch Fix for many years. I have a lot of friends that use the service. But when I first looked into it they only go up to a size 16, and a lot of it was boutique style stuff, so I assumed that the sizes actually ran small. The big word there is ASSUMED! I figured that I was too big to fit any of there stuff, and that I had to lose weight before I even tried their services. While at a party last month. I talked to some ladies and more than half of them were wearing outfits by Stitch Fix. I was like, dude, I have lost weight, and if doesn't work then I am out $20. It's just $20! I can do that. So I filled out my extensive profile, left major notes on my modesty requirements for my religion and that I really only wanted tops and maxi dresses as I already had 2 pairs of modest shorts for the summer. And low and behold. My package arrived YESTERDAY!

Lesson learned! Do not let your fears hold you back because you never know what might be waiting for you on the other side. And you might even be a little pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Have faith and believe in yourself!

So...I need your help! I have 3 days to get back to them and return any items I do not want to keep. Which items do you like best? Can you help me??? COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR TOP PICKS! 

Item A: Stripped top with blue lace on the shoulders. It is a thin material and would still work in the summertime. Plenty of room for the belly to grow! 
Item B: Love the teal color on this henley. Super thin and comfy material. However the shoulder area, is crochet and shows my undergarments that I need to cover up.
Item C: Navy blue maxi dress with a beautiful crochet back on it.
Item D: Floral crossover shirt with tons of room for the belly to go. Super thin and comfy material! 

Are you ready for your first fix? CLICK HERE to get scheduled today! 

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last Minute Gifts For Your Fitness Loving Friends

It's Christmas Eve and you are still looking for something for your fitness loving friends. Well, here are a few places that have great, low priced stuff, perfect for those stocking stuffers!


Old Navy is seriously one of my favorite places to shop for low priced active wear and they are having a massive sale on their site (just looked last night) 20% off everything, even stuff on sale. Tanks are averaging between $8 and $14. Graphic motivational tanks are a must!


Target has some great C9 Champion stuff, but they are a little pricier. Looking at about $15-20 on avg. there. Check out this cute pull over for just $30!

Another option would be to enroll your friend, spouse or loved one as a VIP member with Fabletics. Every month you can choose a new outfit for the same price. Very affordable clothing. I have gotten many workout clothing from here and love the styles. Very hip and trendy. Super convenient because they send out recommended outfits to you at the first of the month based on your style profile and you can shop at home and you have 5 days to decide if you are going to get anything or not! Super easy. And they get a new outfit every month.

With access to TONS of full workout programs (P90X Programs, Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity and many, many, more) included in your quarterly membership fees it is the gift that GIVES A TON! Plus sneak peeks to new workout programs being released and a discount to Beachbody products including Shakeology. But most importantly, you get me as your coach and motivator to help you set your goals and reach them. You will get access to all of my exclusive tools that have helped me lose weight and helped me to stay motivated and keeping on point!

If you have any questions about any of these please let me know! I hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas! 

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Celebrate The Little Victories

Celebrate the little victories which are leading you to HUGE RESULTS! This is why it is so important to take a monthly picture and measurements because the scale is a BIG FAT LIAR! The other day I went into Kohl's because I needed jeans. BADLY! I have been wearing my maternity jeans because, well, they weren't worn in the inner thigh. They still fit, but the pair I have left have been falling off my hips and hanging too low and most of my shirts weren't long enough to cover the nude colored belly elastic thingy that covers your whole belly (do you know what I'm talking about?)

Anyhew, I am going out this weekend for a girls weekend and didn't want to sport maternity jeans. I automatically went to plus sized area. And grabbed a curvy bootcut. Totally thought I picked up an 18 because there is no way I can fit in a 16. I put them on and it was tight. I ain't gonna lie. And I had muffin top from my upper belly area, above my belly button. I hate that area by the way! I sat in the dressing room freaking out, because a) I have been working my rear end off to get fit. Even Matt said my butt was literally smaller! b) I didn't want to still be pushing out of an 18. 

After a few minutes of wallowing in my sadness I looked at the tag and it said 16! WHAT! My sadness went to AMAZEMENT! I not only was able to pull up a 16 past my thighs, I was able to zip and button them without much difficulty. Just my upper bell hanging out a bit. I can not believe it! 

At some point in your journey you will have a killer awesome moment just like that, that makes all the sweat, tears and squashing those pesky excuses totally worth it! 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Disney Princess Half Marathon Registration

The Disney Princess Half Marathon registration opens to everyone TOMORROW! Have you decided yet if you are going to be doing it or not? I sadly won't be doing it in 2016, as we have a couple of family events to attend next year that we are saving up to be able to attend but man, if I had unlimited funds, I WOULD BE DOING THE RACE! No questions asked. It is really that awesome.

Yes I was 29 weeks pregnant when I ran mine. Yes it was hotter than hades on a nice balmy day, and yes, my body hated me for the rest of the day, but it was TOTALLY worth it. The experience of running in my first Disney race, which is something that I had wanted to do for years! but the experience of it all. All the women coming together. To be healthy, to try something that seems impossible to so many. We did it! I DID IT! And I will never ever forget my experience of it. All 13.1 miles. (I may have zoned out for a mile or 2 in the beginning but still!) I remember the whole experience.

Put this on your race todo list if you can't do it in 2016. You want to!

Check out my tips for the half marathon!

Half Marathon Race Recap

The 1/2 Marathon race: What to expect

The Expo

The Costumes

Race Morning

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Tips For New Runners: The Expo

Oh the EXPO! We hit the expo on Saturday afternoon last year. A TON of the Disney merchandise was already gone by then.

The Official Even Guide is up right now ( I love that they are taking this Frozen theme into it so much! I am sure that you will be seeing lots of Anna and Elsa's and Olaf's too as you run!). Take some time to look through it. Figure out speakers to go and watch. Familiarize yourself with the booths at the expo. One HUGE TIP! Know your budget before you go in there. Only allow yourself to spend $X amount of dollars so that you don't go crazy when you are in there. THERE IS A TON OF CUTE STUFF and you are going to want to get it all!

Here are my top things that I wanted, and got and other things to check out and do while at the EXPO:

1) The "I DID IT" Shirt! I had to have it. Yes I got a shirt with the race, but I love the idea of the I DID IT shirt. Because I earned that shirt and my gorgeous medal! Like I said above, most of the Disney Merch. was sold out. There were a couple of people at a table with the shirts they had left and they were handing out cards to go to a specific site AFTER the race to be able to order your shirt. BUT you had to do it right after the race, and they only had so many. So you better believe that after I got back to our hotel and before I got in the tub to soak I ordered my shirt. I got the Tech shirt and I LOVE IT! I wear it all the time. The back of it has the race route on it and it is great! It did take me about 2 months (no kidding on that) to get the shirt delivered to my house but when I got it I was doing a happy little dance and I seriously wear it all the time. ( I like the Glass Slipper Challenge merchandise so much this year!)

2) Mini Medal pin. This I ordered when I registered for the race. Yes, I have a lanyard with pins I have collected on it. They are special pins that you can only get if you have done them. Like I have one for the Disney Cruise Mexico, and for the Keys to the Kingdom tour, our Segway tour. So now I have my little princess half marathon pin on there! They had plenty left and Glass slipper pins left too so get those. Also, they make really cute Christmas Ornaments. They are small enough for the tree that you can hang your collection. (Maybe get 2 sets of pins.)

3) KT Tape. If you haven't gotten taped yet, but you have a lingering pain it might be a good idea to stop by the KT booth and get taped up professionally. As a back up though bring your own tape with you. By Saturday they were all out of tape and they said if I had my own they would tape me so, bring a roll with you but have them tape you up! I had my belly taped up for the race, prior to even leaving home so I was already covered with tape.

4) Get something specific for you that you are going to look back on for your experience. There are lots of booths with motivational items in them. I went with the shoe charms. My BFF and I got Sole Sisters. I also now want to get a 13.1 because I have done it. But there were lots of shirts that we saw that we really liked.

5) Try out the different flavors of GU. Gu will have a booth set up with samples. These are the same samples that will be available to you at mile 9. Know before you go. Technically if you haven't tried Gu before running the 1/2, like on your training run, then it might not be a good idea but you might need that pick me up, (that being said, if you haven't tried Gu or another energy picker-uper you still have to try it out before the race!) There are so many flavors from vanilla to mocha flavor to caffeine free. I went with Raspberry and Lime which were both caffeine free since I was so pregnant.

6) I wish I had a chance to listen to the speakers. My friend Elizabeth just did the Star Wars 1/2 at Disneyland last month and got to listen to Jeff Galloway and LOVED IT! She ended up getting his walk/run timer and used it to help her complete her first 1/2 marathon!

7) Take lots and lots of pictures. Even at the expo! It is ok, just do it! You will want to remember everything and the weekend is going to be a whirlwind of craziness and you will forget. So make sure you take PICTURES!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Tips for New Runners: Costumes

The RunDisney 10k & Princess Half Marathon is in less than 2 weeks! Sadly, I won't be participating in this wonderful race this year but I did it last year and thought it would be fun to share some tips and tricks I learned about the race to any new participant this year! So I am going to do a series of posts over the next few days about RunDisney and the Princess Half Marathon!
(Brave inspired costume. Tutu by Race Junkie. Nike Shirt with custom vinyl by Be Bold.) 

A must do is to DRESS UP! Wearing a running costume is all the rage at RunDisney events! You don't have to but most everyone running will be wearing a costume of some sort! And generally they are Disney themed but seriously you can wear whatever you want to wear!

Trust me it is so much fun to run in costume and to see what everyone else is wearing to run in. Need inspiration? Check out my Pinterest page for some ideas.

Angie, from a Facebook group we are part of, gave me permission to post her picture with her AWESOME costume! She got the skirt from Run Princess Run, the top was homemade. Leg warmers are from Run Alice Run and the cape is from her daughter's costume (way to repurpose Angie!)

Outfit: Styles of costumes are important to think about. Tutu's are great to run in, however the length of the tutu does matter. Last year, I ran in a tutu. It was made by RaceJunkie (I am pretty sure it is past the cutoff point to order a tutu from her at this point.) If you decide to make one, there are lots of tutorials online, between now and the race make sure the Tutu is 9-12 inches in length. RaceJunkie does them 9 inches preferred, but I will say that it barely covers my big butt. The 12 inch tutu might be too long and can get caught in between your  thighs as you run and can cause a TON or chaffing! So shorter might be better in this case. Last year I saw someone wearing an ankle length tutu. Talk about annoying and painful! Oh, and be creative. You don't have to dress up like a main character. I have seen a Chip, from Beauty and the Beast, costume from this year. There is even talk about someone dressing up as a balloon lady, balloon and all. That will get everyone around her to run a little faster!

Trial and Error: Do a Test Run in your costume! So important! You will learn if there is chaffing before you have to deal with it for 13.1 miles. You will learn if your costume can hold up to running. You will learn the annoyances of it too. I had a large pregnant belly to help keep the tutu riding low on my hips, but when I ran in a tutu at 17 weeks pregnant my tutu kept riding up a big and I just ended up pulling it up above my belly button so I wouldn't have to deal with it.
(My BFF K. tutu and shirt from RaceJunkie)

Hair& Makeup: If you put spray color in your hair to temporally change the color of your hair while running. TRY IT OUT BEFORE the race day. Go do a sweaty workout or a nice long run that gets your head all sweaty to see how much the spray dye will drip into your eyes or if it will drip down your head. Also don't forget if you run in makeup try to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Motivational Quotes: Have sayings on your shirt, front and back. It was fun to read all the motivational sayings on the shirts. Seeing what was on the back and also trying to read the front. My friend who ran with me kept telling me how many people I was passing and I was 29 weeks pregnant. And others would come up from behind and say, how amazing it was that I was running at 29 weeks pregnant. My front of my shirt was my motivation to me and the back was a reminder that a very pregnant lady was in front of them.

Shoes: New Balance released a new series of shoes and they will be for sale at the Expo. Buy a pair if you want, but DO NOT RUN 13.1 MILES IN THEM THE NEXT DAY! Huge rule of thumb is to not do something new that you have already tested out. I saw so many people on the course wearing their new beautiful New Balance Cinderella shoes, some even with the satin as the laces. I saw bloody heels and hobbling going on from some of the ladies. You have been training for the last couple of months for this in your running shoes, stick with it for race day. And wear the awesome new shoes around the parks. Don't mess with running mojo on the day of the race!

Monday, January 26, 2015

My New Shoes

Well I have them and have now tried them out, once! Today, at the gym. And all I did was walk for 30 min and use the elliptical for 15 min. I am trying to get my feet used to them before my lovely 7 mile run this weekend.

So what did I get?

I got Asics GT 2000's. Aren't they PRETTY!

I will say I am a little on the fence. They do feel different. My foot actually is supported now and I hadn't realized how little support there really was in my old shoes. And my feet are kind of humming in the shoes right now. (like after you get an adjustment from the chiropractor and your body is like, this is good, but WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO ME kind of humming.) Also the back of the shoes come up higher on my heel than my other ones did and I had some uncomfortable rubbing today.

Also the store said didn't have half sizes in stock for my Sasquatch feet, so I am in an 11 and my other shoes were an 11.5. I brought up this point with the shoe fitter guy and he said that they fit for now and how my feet are now not for how they could be in the summer with swelling and such. But since they are almost slipping now, a bigger size might not work that well!
~Here is what tread on the bottom of a shoe should look like!~

So the verdict is yet to be delivered at this point. I am going to see how tomorrows training run goes and I think I need to have my feet adjusted again at the chiropractor to make sure my talus is in the right alignment and then I might feel better overall about my new shoes. (it has been a few weeks since my last cracking session!)
~SUPER WHITE LEGS! EEK! Who needs a reflector when you are this white!~

(oh my goodness, Mason just giggled and it sounded like a pig squealing! so cute!)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today Is The Day

Today I am going to get my new running shoes! Super excited for a brand new pair and to start training in them. A little nervous to find out if my foot has changed, or my support needs have changed. Maybe my foot size has changed too. It feels like so many things have changed in my feet since I have had Collin.

We were at Dick's Sporting Goods the other day and I made my way to the shoe area and was looking at the different running shoes. I remember that I was fitted with the ACIS GT 2000 and they didn't feel as good as my Brooks. I have had Nike's in the past and have wanted to try the ACIS Kayano and have heard great things about Mizuno. We will find out in just a few hours what I am destined to have for the next year and round of training!

Off to the running store I go now though to BUY MY NEW SHOES!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Retiring My Running Shoes

Well, it looks like that time has come upon me. Time to retire my running shoes for a fresh, and spotless new pair. Over the last month I have been dealing with shin splints. I spoke with one of the captains of my training program about it and she suggested that I replace my running shoes with those that have more support. I was thinking that my shoes didn't have that much mileage on them to warrant that. I had heard that running shoes need to be replaced every 600 miles and surely I have not run that many miles.

Yesterday I picked  up my shoes to put them on to go to the gym and I noticed the underside of my left shoes was, different. There is like NO tread at the ball of the foot. I remember that it used to grip so much better. And it felt a little soft. I will say since I am back into running regularly my shin splints have gone away for the most part, as I thought they would, now to get the knot gone completely, but that still doesn't explain the pain in my left foot around the outer arch that I would get after runs.

Now I know. My shoes don't have enough support on them. They are worn out and I am now in the market to get new running shoes. And running shoes are not cheap! So time to save up the bones and head on down to my running shoes store and get fitted with a new pair. But why my shoes? Why did they wear down so quickly? Here are some thoughts I have on why mine wore down.

~I checked my mileage and I have done a total of 360 miles on these shoes with walking and running. I do not wear these shoes as my everyday shoes. I have been very good about that. I have been very diligent about logging all my runs or walks for training purposes and I am glad that I did but that number still seemed low to me. I have heard people replace their shoes at 300 miles, and some at 2,000 miles.

~I am not 120 lbs. When I run there is a lot more pounds of pressure applied to my shoes than say someone who weighs 120, or even 160 lbs. It does make a difference. So my tread literally got worn down faster because of my weight.

~Feet changes. I purchased these shoes in June 2013 just before I started training for my first 4 miler race. My old shoes weren't cutting it. Well I got pregnant with Collin in August 2014. I continued to run and train while pregnant. And during pregnancy my feet great little and the arch changed thanks in part to the hormone relaxin. Then after I had Collin and got back in my running shoes, my feet have shrunk and my arches lifted back up for the most part. So my feet have been changing during the whole time I have had these shoes.

~Stride changes. Also with being pregnant I have had to alter my stride to accommodate my changing body. Hence why the tread on my left foot is more worn down. Even now, since I still have excess fat between my legs from being pregnant (yes when pregnant you will get fat on your thighs, hips and butt, even the skinniest person will!) I have had to alter my stride again to accommodate my new body. Man, it is hard making babies!

I really have enjoyed my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13. They have served me quite well. I have trained for and completed many races in these shoes. Time to save them for a mud race or foam fest where they can get totally trashed and be ok with it! Now to look for new shoes. What are your favorite running shoes? 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year Giveaway By For Two Fitness

I am thrilled to partner with For Two Fitness for an amazing New Year giveaway. If you recall, I wore For Two Fitness apparel through my pregnancy with Collin and they quickly became my absolutely favorite maternity fitness apparel brand. For Two Fitness is running a phenomenal giveaway for the New Year. Read the details below.
Happy New Year! We are so thankful to YOU — our community, customers, and friends. To express our thanks, we are hosting a huge giveaway this week in partnership with some amazing brands and our ambassadors. The Grand Prize is valued at $1000.  We have phenomenal prizes, including the newest offering from BOB - a Revolution FLEX  jogging stroller - plus prizes from ASICS, Ergo and Maison Drake baby boutique, and For Two Fitness – all facets of your healthy mom lifestyle are in this prize pack!
The grand prize winner will win everything you see listed here.  Prizes have been furnished by our wonderful brand partners in connection with a sponsoring ambassador (Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddy and Melody from Will Run For Margaritas). Here are more details about the amazing products that have been generously donated for you to win and enjoy:
Grand Prize Giveaway items:
      The New BOB Revolution FLEX single stroller
      For Two Fitness maternity athletic outfit (top and bottom of winner’s choice)
      Ergo 360 Baby Carrier furnished by Maison Drake baby boutique
      Asics Running Shoes (1 pair of the winner’s choice)
Wow!  We are thrilled to give away these amazing prizes.  This contest runs from Monday, January 12th through midnight on Friday, January 16th.  Visit the For Two Fitness site to enter.  Be sure to follow @ForTwoFitness and our co-hosts @run4margaritas and @momslrb on Instagram in order for your entries to be valid.
Thanks for celebrating the New Year with us!  Good Luck!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday's 5: What NOT To Do For A Race!

Hey, hey everyone! Today is my first time doing a Friday 5. So here are 5 things on what NOT to do for a race! SERIOUSLY Learn from me. Now this post is for everyone. If you have never run in a race, READ IT and if you have run in a race before, go ahead and laugh at what I learned because chances are you have experienced these before! Just saying'!

1. DO NOT forget to apply BODY GLIDE to anywhere that rubs. That means under clothing seams at the waist, under the sports bra, between your thighs and your feet. Rubbing causes friction. Which will cause blisters or chaffing. It is not fun trying to finish a race with a massive blister on the verge of bursting, or has already burst or major chafing going on. IT HURTS!

2. DO NOT shave your inner thighs or higher, you know what I am talking about, the night before a race or the morning of the race! I REPEAT! DO NOT SHAVE! Just don't even shave. Make it a plan that you will shave  a couple of days before. Here is why. FRICTION plus razor burn! Worse than just chaffing. The morning of my 1/2 marathon I made this mistake. I shaved my upper thighs, not that they needed it but I thought it would be more "slippery" when I applied my body glide and be better. IT WAS WORSE And it hurt and I dealt with the chaffing for days afterwards.

3. DO NOT forget to use the bathroom just before you enter your corral for the start line. If you have a long wait ahead of you, ahem Disney races, then wait as long as you can to go before you have to go in the corral. Other wise you will be like a lady in the Disney Race that has to go within the first 80 ft and uses her friends as a shield so she can go in the bushes off the side of the road. Or like my friend K who had to use the bathroom by the 1st mile. Stay hydrated but make sure you empty your bladder as close the the beginning of the race as possible.

4. DO NOT attempt to run in a race in something you have never run in before. You do all this training before a race and you learn what clothing works and how your shoes fit and you are comfortable. Don't mess with that mojo on race day and run in a tutu for the first time without ever trying it out before or a costume you have never worn around the house, or in BRAND NEW SHOES. You already know what works so stick with it, don't change the gameplay at the last minute because you could end up with chaffing, or blisters or a broken ankle. Stick with what you know works!

5. DO NOT forget to have fun. Soak in all the sights, sounds, and excitement that the beginning of a race and the feeling of running a race can give you. It is ok to get teary eyed when you cross the finish line of your first race, first 1/2 marathon or even if it is your 20th race. YOU ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING that many people think is the impossible! It isn't and you showed that if you could do it, they can! We need to work together to end this obesity epidemic. It is out of control in our country. YOU KNOW IT IS and that is why you took this first step to sign up for a race, train for it and FINISH IT! You are amazing and so awesome! ENJOY YOUR RACE!
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