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Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Week 4 Workout Recap

~Sorry for the messy background, just keeping it real!~

I'm back with my workout recaps! YEA! Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks postpartum. I forgot to schedule my postpartum checkup with my doc so I will be doing that tomorrow to get the official "all clear" for exercise even though I know he will. That being said, I did not run 20 miles last week. Actually the only "actual" exercise I did was yesterday.

My first postpartum run/walk: I did 2 miles and I wasn't planning on running but when the leader of the running group started to jog I was quickly getting left behind so I did a slow jog. It felt funny but good. As the jog continued with various walking breaks (jog down the hills and walk up) everything started to feel better. I took a break at the base of the "big hill" that was on our route to cheer all the other ladies on. Then when the rest of the stroller group came back around we were on our way back to the track. I decided that I was going to run up the big hill. Nice and slow, pushing my stroller with Collin in it made it up at the top. My legs burned SOOOOO GOOD! It was awesome! I felt great. the remainder of the route I continued to do run/walk intervals and ended running the last .10th mile or so. I am super excited with how well it went. I felt strong and in control of my body at the end of the run. I wasn't breathing hard or over did it. I looked like I had though since I am a red head and I get pink faces super easy! But it just felt so great to get that blood pumping in my legs.

Running with a stroller: IS HARD WORK! You don't have your arms to help force the momentum of your legs. I think that is why my legs were burning in different places than usual. And I am a little sore today, which is to be expected, but I am sore in different places than usual. I had to keep reminding myself not to grip the handle of the stroller as I ran so that I was as relaxed as possible. But what a workout it is. I am thinking now of how easy running might become when I stop pushing the stroller to run.

First workout week: This week will be my first week back to working out. I won't be at the gym because I am not teaching yet and other reason so this will all be at home work outs. We shall see how it goes. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do on the different days but I know I will have a yoga day, a leg day and a core day and next Saturday is another training run. YEA! Here is to my week back!

Saturday: 2 miles

Total mileage: 2 miles
~6/21 Saturday training~

Friday, June 27, 2014

Destination Racing

A day after I had Collin I was talking to my OB/GYN doc what races he was going to do next. He is an avid running and 2 weeks prior he ran in the Tacoma City Marathon and was raving about how beautiful it was. Part of the course was running in a rain forest another part through a beautiful city. All the while staring at the beautiful mountains all around. He just said it was beautiful and wants to do it again. Anyhew, he didn't know what races to do next. I asked if he ever raced over seas. He said no and I mentioned the Dublin 1/2 coming up. I didn't know the dates that day but the next day, while still in the hospital I told him that it was in early August. He said that that fell right at the same time as his wedding anniversary and was seriously considering running in the race while they take 2 weeks and check out Ireland. He is stoked for this race now, wishing it was a full marathon but still he doesn't want to pass up on a great excuse to race and vacation at the same time. 

I have been looking in to it. Why not combine a race and a vacation. Just make sure you allow time for some recovery and then go do your sightseeing. Here are some of the the top races that someday I might try and do. (I will do the Disney ones eventually!!!)

1. Berlin Marathon-  I have always wanted to visit Germany and what a great excuse to visit Germany and to actually run through it. But this is a dream for a long time from now!

2. Disney World Marathon Weekend-  Ok so I have already done a WDW race and absolutely loved it, except for the small things like not enough potties (are there really enough when there is 20,000 people running?) But I remember when I was working at one of my jobs reading a Runner's World magazine and I saw the beloved MICKEY medal and I knew I wanted to do it! That was the ultimate race I wanted to run in. So someday I will earn my Mickey medal! And then some other day I will earn my Dopey medal with all the other medals that go along with it! I REALLY AM THAT DOPEY TO TRY IT! But not for many years!
~2104 WDW Marathon Weekend Medals~

3. Honolulu Marathon- Why are all these marathons so far??? Anyhew Yes, I would love to run in Hawaii. My BFF K ran this race a few years ago and said it was super hard, because even though it is in December it is still pretty dog gone hot!!! But I would love to go back to Hawaii and why not have a race part of it, I mean with all the spas they have there, imagine if you will all the MASSAGES you can get to help recovery! Oh and soaking in the ocean listening to the waves lap the shore, HEAVEN!

4. Dublin Rock 'n' Roll Half- Ok finally a 1/2! Yes, talking to my Doc about this race peaked my interest too, and We Run Disney Bloggers are running this race this year too, so I have been reading a lot about it and it sounds amazing! I have never been to Europe or that part of the world and would love to go and visit, and since I am part Irish being a ginger and all might as well visit and enjoy the amazing sites there!

5. runDisney's Castaway Cay 5k-  Disney Cruise? YES, PLEASE! The next time we go on a Disney Cruise and it visits Castaway Cay I will be running in the 5k on the little island. I read about it for the first time on Through Heather's Looking Glass Blog . And was kicking myself that I had NO IDEA when I was on the ship that there was actually a 5k!

6. runDisney's Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Weekend-  Yep, another Disney race but that's ok. I AM A LOVER OF DISNEY and runDisney is really what peaked my interest in running and Disneyland is closer to GMA and GPA and they have the Cars Land which Mason would LOVE! I would do the Dumbo Double Dare challenge, to get as much bling as possible and hopefully earn my coast to coast medal too! I would have to time it just right.
~2014 Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Weekend Medals~

7. Versailles la Grande ClassiqueThe 16k race begins at the Eiffel Tower and ends in Versailles. The course travels through Paris and along the river Seine, turns onto tree-lined boulevards and continues on winding paths all before a majestic finish in Versailles. Paris? WHY NOT! This sounds awesome and you end in Versailles sounds awesome!

QOTD: Have you ever wanted to run a destination race? Which ones are you thinking about???

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

For Two Fitness $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Being a For Two Fitness Ambassador I wanted to let you know about this awesome opportunity to win a $100 gift card from them! 

Giveaway runs from June 23 - June 27!!!

One lucky intsagrammer will win $100 gift card to For Two Fitness - the very best in maternity activewear. Simply post this image on your Instagram feed along with the tag #fortwofitnessgift and mention @fortwofitness. Include in your comment the item or items you love the most. A minimum of 50 repost will be required to unlock the prize, so share with all of your pregnant friends, and good luck! 

I am so sad to have to retire my For Two Fitness racer back tank for the time being. I will say that it was my absolute favorite top to wear exercising! It was long enough to cover by ever growing bump and stretch to fit me through  my entire pregnancy! I am even debating on buying the racer back tops without the "running for two" design on it so I can wear them regularly not pregnant because they are that comfy and amazing! But I we aren't done having kids yet so time to pack it away for a little while! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway! 

Are You A Runner?

Over the past year I have met some pretty amazing people who RUN! It is pretty amazing in the running world you tend to learn what motivates people to run or why they started. At least I have, or I might just be a super nosey person and they tell me their story after I tell them mine.

~I met a woman who took up running after she was diagnosed with cancer. And she runs now to celebrate her life. She can run continually without stopping AND she is bigger than me. Does she run like a speed diva? NOPE, she is a steady 15 min/mile pace which many runners or other people would consider almost walking, but she is a RUNNER!

~I have a good friend that is getting back into running. She joined the Woman's 4 miler training program and is re-learning to run. She has 5 kids, is waking up during the week at 5am to go to the track to get her mileage in. She is walking the straights and running the curves or vice versa and might be slow running, but she is a RUNNER!

~Another friend on Facebook yesterday wrote: "Ran for the first time in a long time...! Of corse I walked some too. Progress, not perfection!" SHE IS A RUNNER! A run is a run is a run!

~I started running last year and was so proud of my 15 min/mile pace, and was even more ecstatic when I was training at a 14:30 min/mile while pregnant. I run and walk and I might be slow but I AM A RUNNER!

What makes a runner and why does a runner by many have to be classified as someone who runs a 7 min mile? A runner is someone who incorporates a pace faster than their own personal walking speed. Even if it is a jog, it is still a run for that person. I bet you anything we are working just as hard to get our legs to move faster than a walk. At least I am. Running is hard work. It takes practice to get comfortable with it. Also, like my friend with cancer, she doesn't want to run faster, she is happy and content with the current speed she is doing. At least she is moving! My goal to run a 12 min mile, which is slow to some people, but that is a huge accomplishment to me to be able move my body that quickly and some day I might even do a 10 min mile but for now, or at least when I am running, just to be able to run for 5 min without stopping is a celebration in my mind! So, if you are moving your legs faster than walking and making an attempt at jogging, wogging, sashaying, or running, YOU ARE A RUNNER!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Your New Postpartum Body

~Me and Collin 1 week postpartum~

So you've just had a baby and you want to get your body back to the same exact shape it was in just 9 short months ago. Sorry to tell you this but it might just not be possible. You can get your body back to being healthy, and probably the same weight but I have talked to a bunch of moms that after having a baby their bodies changed. There is a little more squish here, stretch marks there, and the core strength is just GONE! But let's face it. We all want to have the celebrity recovery and go back to exactly how or better than we were, because we are moms! We do it all, the dishes, laundry, take care of the kid(s), feed the hubs and clean the house. So what can we do to get back to how were were before baby or as close as possible?

1. Acceptance. Accept the fact that you just had a baby. You will have "battle scars" whether seen or unseen. Embrace your new body. If you are 1 week postpartum or 10 months your body is different. You are different. You have had a baby. Your body went through a lot to make a baby and there are things that are just going to be different. Look in the mirror and look at some of the changes that you have gone through. You butt might be a little bigger, or thighs rub together more than they did. You might have your first or 50th stretch mark. Embrace them. They are the marks of being a mom! Keep rubbing the stretch mark lotion on your belly or hips to mask them, it's ok. But be ok with how you look and how you have changed. YOU ARE A MOTHER! YOU are AMAZING!
~Drew Barrymore less than 4 weeks postpartum on the red carpet!~

2. SLOW AND STEADY. Don't just rush back into exercise right after you have a baby. Allow yourself the time to heal that your body needs. Doctors generally recommend 4-6 weeks of recovery. That is ok. you don't have to be that actress that is back on set a couple weeks after she had a baby because of that important scene she is under contract to shoot. (See Star Trek: DS9 Kira's character source.(Yes, I am a little trekie))  After you get the ok from your doc or midwife test the waters with a walk, then a short run, or a small number of other exercises. Don't expect to be back to what you were doing before you got pregnant. It will take some time and hard work. And don't push too hard. Listen to your body!

3. Listen to your body. You still have relaxin in your body after you have a baby. You know, that stuff that loosened all of your joints and ligaments. For about 6 months. Try not to over stretch or over do it. My feet have been hurting in my shoes lately. Per my chiropractor, my arch has dropped a little. It did with my first and it took a few moths for it to go back or return to how it was. My core is so gone at this point too. Start small and be smart about what you do with your exercises. Try a plank but only for 10 seconds to start with. You might be able to hold it just fine and want to go a little longer, but the next day, your core might be barking back at you! Listen to your body. Respect it that it is different and needs to build strength again where it was super stretched and relaxed.

4. Have fun.With any exercise, if you enjoy it you are more likely to do it again and again. Find a fun workout routine, or a new routine to try out. But have fun. You can explore mom and baby yoga and do it together. Try to incorporate your baby in your exercise. Do a plank and have your baby under you or near you so that you can make fun faces at them and try to get them to giggle. Leg lifts with your baby on your shins is also fun. (When their necks are more stable.) Wearing your baby adds more weight to your body and can help you burn more calories. Or go for a walk with the stroller. You will burn more calories when pushing a stroller. But watch your milk supply or diet. If you just started exercising and you notice a dip in your supply, try to back off a little on the exercise. Baby needs those calories in your milk! Plus you can burn up to 500 calories a day exclusively breast feeding!

Hope these helped you get in the mindset with your new body! Get back out there and have some fun and good luck, MOMMA'S! You are amazing. We made babies. We can do anything!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy 1 Month To Collin

Collin is 1 month old today. A MONTH AGO he was born. That is crazy. It goes by so quickly, it really, really does. Just wanted to post his 1 month old pix, (the ones I will use in the photo book to show his growth every month)


Monday, June 16, 2014

4 Weeks

Guess who is 4 weeks old???? Yep, Collin! I can't believe 4 weeks ago this little guy joined the world. It has flown by and it is kind of crazy but I feel like I have know him longer than just 4 tiny little weeks (+ 9months). It is almost like he has always been part of our family. I have heard other people say that and thought they were crazy but I get it now. He just fits into our life so easily. Mason loves him, I love him and Matt loves him (when he is not crying in his arms!)
~His really pissed off face!~
~Brotherly love!~

How are things going? Pretty well! Collin is growing, getting chunkier and loves to eat and sleep. He doesn't cry. In all honesty he really doesn't. He cries mostly when someone else is holding him (i.e. Matt), when he is hungry and when he is getting his diaper changed. He sleeps like ALL. THE. TIME! Most of my pictures of him are of him sleeping, plus he is so cute when he is sleeping!

How has life changed? Not really too much. Now that I have survived 1 week with all family back home, and Matt back at work full time I have pretty much stuck with the same schedule we had before Collin (B.C., haha!) Mason was so well trained in his schedule that Collin just fits into it. Mason climbs into be with us in the morning while I nurse Collin and rest a little longer. Then Collin rests in his swing while Mace and I eat breakfast as usual. Then we go to the basement for playtime, go outback or now to the park or just together time. Then "Mommy quiet time" for Mason at 12:30ish. Collin eats then naps for a couple hours then Daddy comes home. It really has been an easy transition. And at this very moment, the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean and my main floor in my house is CLEAN! (Feeling accomplished!)
~Family TV time on Father's Day~

What about exercise for the momma (that's me!)? Well, I am not cleared to exercise yet. Haven't had my postpartum appointment yet. I did run about 100 ft last week to my car in the parking lot and things just felt funny and off in my belly. My body is not ready for it. My legs loved it though it was my belly that didn't. I wasn't planning on running quite yet anyhow but I would like to start doing some other exercises before I start running, like squats and other strength training exercises to get that back first.

Anything else??? Well, I am addicted to sugar. So my goal is to start trying to cut out how much sugar we have in the house. When family was here we had a constant array of sweets and treats in the house. Not to mention the cookies I made for Matt last week, and the cupcakes we got for Fathers's Day yesterday. Yep, lots of sweets. I have been getting headaches and I think it is from just too much sugar and not enough protein. So that is something I will be working on.
~I'm a Pink Lady with the Women's 4 Miler Training Program. Training season kicked off Sat 6/14~

Friday, June 13, 2014

Woman's 4 Miler Training Program

Alright C-ville and surrounding ladies! TOMORROW MORNING is the first day of training! Bright and early at 7AM! Here are a couple of things to know about your first day.

Be on time or early (Registration begins at 6:15am!) You are going to be super excited to be there anyhew and will more than likely be there early but there are a couple of reasons why you need to be a little early.

If you haven't already picked up your welcome packet from ACAC (you can today between 11am-1pm and 5-7pm at the Albemarle Square ACAC Location) you will need to stop by the registration table to SEE ME! (Well, not just me but I will be working at the registration table tomorrow ;)) You will stop there first to get your welcome packet and stuff! Or register for the program if you haven't already! (cash or check only it's only $20)

When you go up the stairs you will be handed a raffle ticket. HANG ON TO IT! (Another reason to be on time, to get your tickets for the raffle) Then there might be some tents set up with stuff on them. Check it out. Then make your way to the bleachers and find a seat. They will fill up quickly tomorrow! Then wait and enjoy the music and show in front of you!

BRING A TOWEL WITH YOU! The bleachers can be wet some days and after your run there is stretching on the grass, and to avoid being covered with grass blades or track pellets bring a towel to sit on.

At the beginning of each training day there are announcements and a guest speaker. Then the raffle. You do not want to miss them! Last year I wanted the Garmin running watch so badly!

Pink Pammie will explain the groups to you and how you fit in one and to find the right one. If you start in one and decide that it doesn't work, either not enough or too hard, you can change groups.

When you get into your groups. Say "hi" to at least 1 person, EVERY WEEK. This is what makes this fun. Having a friend to come back to and talk to the next week. Seriously it is so fun. I often would chat with a girl in the same pace group as me. Or we would push each other, right VAL! Run to the next light pole together then make it to the next one, together. It is awesome to see each others progress each week and to do it together!

After the running there is group stretching, YEA SARGE T! Then it is time to go home until next week. The program is seriously so much fun! The pink ladies make it fun!

Don't forget to meet us PINK LADIES! You will get to know us during the weeks. Last year they helped me so much on my runs. Gave me encouragement when I needed it and last year boy did they push me to push myself. They knew I could do it before I did! THANKS DEB!

When you get home (or today after reading this),  JOIN the W4MTP Facebook page for community support and news on the training program. And there is a TWITTER account for them too!

Have fun! Enjoy this experience. If you haven't registered, it's ok. Go to ACAC today or stop by the tables tomorrow to register. YOU DON'T HAVE TO RUN to participate in this program. The women's 4 miler is a run/walk race. Please, do this for yourself, your family, or whatever the reason to do this is. It is an amazing program run by an amazing lady with amazing volunteers for an amazing cause. Come on out and join us! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!

In vs. Out

While I was pregnant I felt I knew Collin's personality pretty well. He would always react the exact same way to certain things or not react to them. So I figured that he would be the same way when he was out of me. Boy was I wrong! This kid is completely opposite from what I was thinking. Even the color of his hair was the opposite of what I thought. I imagined him to be super dark brown hair with blue eyes. He is as blond as they come, still has blue eyes though. Here are some other things I thought I knew so well about him from before.
~Brotherly Love! Mason is holding and gives frequent hugs and kisses to his baby brother!~

Super Active Baby: 
IN: While I was pregnant especially during the last 2 months Collin was a crazy active baby. He would kick the crap out of my ribs, and bladder. Or stretch as much as he could, ALL. THE. TIME! I would often double over in surprise and slight pain from his stretching or kicking or bobbing or whatever the heck he was doing in there.

OUT: He is a super chill baby. He barely moves, though he does like to keep both hands up by his face and stretch his legs out but he just doesn't move all that much.
~Daddy snuggle time!~

Running Like Movement Needed:
IN: When I was pregnant I heard all the stories of how babies from mommy's that liked to run needed constant movement to sleep or calm down. Often when I ran Collin would move for a bit then I would feel nothing. I would forget that I am pregnant sometimes, until he moved on my bladder or something. I just assumed that he would be the typical running baby and require movement, bouncing, or something to sooth him.

OUT: You know what they say when you ASSuME. He does not need movement. Actually he is quite the opposite. He doesn't like to be moved. AT ALL! He just wants to sleep soundlessly in one position. Often on my chest or next to me on the bed. He does take naps in the swing in the mornings so I can have a normal breakfast with Mason, but he startles easily. But I made it out easy with this kid. No roaming the house in the middle of the night trying to calm him down. All I have to do to calm him down is feed him or stop changing his diaper. He is that chill!
~He doesn't mind being worn! So glad cause I have my Ergo carrier and this ring sling.~

IN: When I would play in the symphony or during piano lessons Collin would stop moving and just sleep the whole time. (opposite from Mason who would kick to the beat of the music, no joke!) I would have to poke Collin to get some kind of reaction. He would move when the oboe would play in a solo, not sure what that means!

OUT: Whenever there is loud music playing, and mainly classical, Collin will wake up and listen for quite some time and be quite alert. He is just so curious about it. Maybe I should have my friend play their oboe for him to see what kind of a reaction he will do now?!?
~Out cold, in the swing during breakfast! He sleeps with his mouth open when on his back! No snoring, yet. Super cute!~

Deep Breathing: 
IN: During yoga or when I would listen to my HypnoBirthing CD's he would squirm and act like he didn't like it at all. I just thought that it was taking up room. Squishing him more than he wanted to be squished.

OUT: If I want him to fall asleep quickly all I have to do is deep breath. If he is on my chest sleeping or next to me on the bed, he will hone in on my deep breathing and his eyes will just get heavy and  fall down and he is out. It even works with Matt. It is the weirdest thing I have found with him. HE LOVES IT! And he is out cold for 2-2.5 hours when I deep breath him asleep.

There you have it. Some of the most impressive opposites from this kid. He is totally different than I thought he would be. I even thought he would cry all the time, but he doesn't he is such a chill, even tempered baby. I am so thankful for that by the way!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Goal Setting...Again

I'm at it again. I am setting my goals for the next year on what I want to accomplish with my running, mind and body.

My main goal:
To be able to run a 12 min pace per mile. I want to run consistently with minimal walking but in general to be able to sustain a 12 min mile. I am only...ahem...32...I should be able to do that, easily, but it won't be without lots of hard work, that's for sure!

Am I going to be able to do this the first time I run in August? HECK NO! And I know that. I expect to be huffing and puffing and barely able to run 1/2 a mile. I am ok with that. I have a new(ish) body that I have to get used to, again. Yes, I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight for this pregnancy, but my body is different. It feels different. I am more squishy in places. I have to get used to that. My goal is to be able to run a comfortable 12 min mile for the 10k I am running in October.

I plan on running 3-4 times a week. Saturdays will continue to be my long runs and the other runs during the week will be my training and speed work runs.

Other goals: 
More weight training. I plan on doing core, upper body and leg workouts 2 days a week to help build overall strength in my squishy body.

Yoga. I am planning on doing 1 yoga class a week to build flexibility and overall help me "de-stress" from the week. Likely it will be a Friday class.

Barre Class. My gym is offering a Barre class now and it has peaked my interest. I know that it will help build core and leg strength. I would like to try it out and try to incorporate it into my weekly routine. If it is the right fit for me.

My personal body goal: Yes, I am at my pre-pregnancy weight for this pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that I am at my goal weight. I have about 30 lbs to lose to be at my "first tier" goal which is my pre-pregnancy weight for Mason. (last years pregnancy/miscarriage I gained too much weight and that set me at a higher start weight for this pregnancy.) So, I am hoping that I can slim down my body to a healthy weight and size and do it in a healthy style with good nutrition and exercise.

Mental goals: Using the gym as my "mommy time" to help me be a better mommy at home. Meaning a solid 5 days a week at the gym to give me that "me time" I deserve AND need!

QOTD: Have you set any goals for the rest of the year? Do you make running goals?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I'm on Pinterest now! It is a pretty interesting site that I am learning how to navigate. It is kind of fun and as a friend already warned me, very addictive! Anyhew, PLEASE check it out and don't forget to FOLLOW ME! And be sure to check out my Twitter and Facebook page too. I am jumping on this social media band wagon! Click on the following buttons or scroll down my sidebar and you will find their actual placement on my page!

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Survived!

~Collin at 18 days old!~

This past weekend was my first time alone with the boys, ALL. DAY. LONG! Matt had military training over the weekend up in DC and I stayed back at the house with the two boys. Matt even called to check in on my Saturday to make sure I was doing ok.

Surprising thing is that Mason (my almost 3 year old) was amazing! He helped so much, and didn't really throw any tantrums. When I had to nurse Collin he would just go and play with his toys without being asked or watch his tablet. He never would hassle me at all or ask for anything. He knows and understands what I am doing and it is kind of cool and freaky at the same time. I was expecting so much worse from him and I am happy to say that I am pleasantly surprised!

On top of that Collin is going through his first growth spurt which means that he is sleeping deeply and eating a ton. He is sleeping so well during the days right now in his swing or the bassinet. I don't have to constantly hold him which is really nice. To give you an idea of how lucky I was this weekend. Mace went down for "Mommy quiet time" (nap/play in his room time) on Saturday at 11:30. Collin fed and went down for a nap in the swing for the next 1.5 hours in the swing. I was free for an hour and a half. IT WAS AMAZING! Then, after I fed Collin we both took a nap until about 3:30 when Mason got up from his nap.

I feel very blessed and fortunate to have Collin and Mason be so good with this transition of adding a new family member.

Now the hard part begins. Matt is back to work full time starting today! Time to learn all about balance and not just luck!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tips And Tricks To Recovery

There are a few things that can help speed your recovery and make you feel back to normal, sooner!

View my recovery post to read about what happens just after birth. Here are some other things from the hospital and through my own research to use to help speed recovery.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. These are from my own experience and personal research. If you have any questions please ask your doctor! And as always, please wash your hands before and after you use the restroom when recovering as you are healing and to avoid any possible infections.

Hospital Will Provide: 

Dermoplast: The hospital will have this for you. It is a numbing spray. Spray after you use the warm water bottle to rinse you off. It is awesome!

Tucks Pads: Also the hospital will provide these for you. Put a line of 3 on top of the pad which is on top of the mesh undies.

You Provide: 

Depends:  Yes, I am recommending these! Use them when you get home instead of the mesh undies. But put your pad on them and then the tucks pads on the pad.

Maxi Pads I use: Kotex Overnight pads for the first 2 weeks and heavy days/nights. Then Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads for the lighter days. You will need some pads when you get home too. Make sure you have these on hand before you arrive home from the hospital. Postpartum bleeding can last as long as 6-8 weeks! You never know how long your will last for. Amazon makes it easy for reordering though!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm Spray: This was my first pregnancy recovery using this and it was awesome. I sprayed it before the dermoplast. Used this every time until 10 days or you run out /it stops working well. I took this to the hospital and started using it right away!

Earth Mama Bottom Balm: I started using this in addition to the spray after 10 days. To allow the stitches to heal first and to avoid the possibility of infection because you have to slather it on yourself. It is not hands free like the spray.

Ibuprofen: Have plenty on hand at the house because you will have good days and bad days. It is ok to take these. You don't have to be super women and suffer silently.

The biggest tip and trick to a speedy recovery is rest, rest and more rest. Seriously. If you do more in the day, you will bleed more. Allow your body time to recovery from the crazy experience it just went through. Have people at the house to help you, to take care of your other children for you, to cook for you, clean, and just help out around the house. I'm over 2 weeks out and yesterday and today are the days where I really felt more like myself! But I have been waking up/getting out of bed around 8am, taking a 2 hour nap everyday and going to bed around 9pm. And resting or sitting on the couch and just taking it easy. The days I didn't take it easy I would have a step back in my recovery the next day.

This recovery has been more difficult for me but that was an internal pain I was feeling more from the traumatic birth of Collin. But I did these other tips and tricks and they have helped the external healing speed up. Hope these help you!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day!

If there is a National doughnut day, or National pancake day, you better believe that there is a NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! TODAY! So Happy National Running Day Today!

Great things about running:

Everyone is friendly: I have made so many friends in the running community both on and off the web! I am so excited to see my friends a week from Saturday at the 4 miler training program! I can't wait to meet my friends I have made over the web!

Races are addictive: When you do one race, you are GOING to do another. Humans are competitive by nature and we want to do better each time we do something. Running is purely a progressive exercise. You can literally see how much you improve with each race through your hard work and training. It just takes hard work and training!

Exercise Makes Us Happy: People who exercise are generally more happy. (see Legally Blond the movie!) It hops us up full of endorphins. It's an antidepressant. (maybe this is why I have been a bit of a grump in the last couple of weeks cause I haven't and can't exercise)

Live Longer: Exercise helps our heart which can help us live longer. Plus keeps us more healthy and make healthier choices in our food choices.

Feel Better About Yourself: when I am exercising I feel better about myself. I feel more sexy, I feel more confident. I just feel better. Plus I am now looking at super cute running apparel! Check out Kiava. Love their sports bras and tops!

Happy National Running Day Today everyone! Hope you have a great day running. I will be running with you in spirit as I still can't run quite yet.

Much Needed Help

The past few weeks we have had help here at the house helping out with Mason and me and baby Collin when he arrived. My mom arrived on the 13th of May to help with Mason and of course after Collin arrived she was always available to help hold Collin so that I could get a nap or do some much needed things around the house or even to take a shower!
~Collin on his Blessing Day~

My dad arrived the 25th to spend some time with us as well. So thankful for their help around the house and helping to take care of us. We had a great time watching movies and hanging out together and enjoying the blessings of new life.
~GMA (Gummy) With Collin~

This past weekend my in-laws arrived along with my sister in law for a few days. We have had quite a full house over the weekend. Yesterday was Collin's big day for our religion. It was his baby blessing where he is given a name and then a blessing. So we had both sides of the family in town to be part of the big day.
~GPA (Guppy) with Collin~

But all good things come to an end. My parents left to go back to Arizona today, :( super sad am I. I love having my family here and watching them "oo" and "ah" over my children. It only took us 9 years to get Mason here. My mom loves little babies, just like anyone else does. It is so beautiful to see my mom with my children.

My in-laws are here until Friday then Matt and I are on our own. EEK! A little nervous for that but all good things must come to an end, right? But until Friday I am still enjoying the much needed help that I am receiving from my family!
Collin Blessing Day- 13 days old
Mason Blessing Day- 2 days old

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Rough Recovery

This recovery has been pretty difficult for me. Yes, I have a 2 year old that is learning what life is like with a younger brother and that he is no longer the center of attention. But I have had so much more pain this recovery than I did with Mason.

Couple of things are to blame for this. First of all is the position in which Collin came out. I keep thinking about it and no wonder I screamed at the beginning of each and every contraction. As the kid was coming out he had his hand up by his head which means that his elbow was poking out at a funny angle and it was not a nice smooth ride for him. Or me. Because of that I have had a bit more pain if you know what I mean or can imagine, on the insides.

The second thing that is to blame for my pain, about a week ago, Mason forgot that Mommy had "owies" on her tummy and decided to do a cannon ball on my lower belly. I was laying down with Collin on my chest and he likes to jump on daddy when he is laying down so Mace did the same with me. I cried out and felt like I was going to pass out from the pain I was in. It hurt so much I could barely react to Mason. I cuddled around Collin to protect him from Mason landing on him, but no I got the brunt of it. Since then my belly has been a bit more sensitive. Anytime I laugh, I want to cry because it just hurts. I didn't rip the stitches and it is much better, but man, oh man. IT HURT! Thankfully Mason has not done that again to me, but I have been more careful with how I am when he is around me. We have made it very clear that he is not to sit on my belly or land on me when rough housing. And I just guard myself a ton more when he comes barreling over.

I have felt like a wimp for the past 2 weeks because I feel like I am not handling this recovery very well, but I am. I am a ton more busy now than I was just 2 weeks ago. I have 2 kids. A 2 year old who is used to my personal attention, and a newborn who needs my personal attention. Plus my recovery. Women get through this tough time everyday. I think about my cousin who just had her 6th and I wonder how the heck she does it! I takes patience on all of our parts. It is what it is and we will all adapt to our new life together. My goal though is just to get through this recovery.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Year Ago- My Runniversary

A year ago today I participated in my very first 5k. I can't believe that it has already been a year that I started running/attempting to run. Granted, my first 5k I didn't run at all except for the last 500 ft to finish, but I did meet some pretty amazing women and one in particular who encouraged me to sign up for the women's 4 miler training program. I am and will always remember her as someone who helped me change my life for the better. We have since run in 4 races together and 1 with me as my "safety" while pregnant. I am so grateful for her in my life! Thanks J for all you have helped me accomplish!

Sad that I won't be running in the 4 The Wounded 5k again this year as it is Saturday, and just too close to my delivery date. I couldn't imagine running/walking in it right now anyhow. My body just isn't ready to handle 3 miles quite yet. But soon I will be running agin and training again! Here's to my first 5k a year ago and for changing the rest of my life!

To read about my first 5k click here!
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