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Monday, March 3, 2014

February Week 4 Workout Recap

Last week was amazing! I completed my first half marathon, while pregnant! Got to spend the week on vacation with my family. Eat some yummy food. And hang with my best girlfriend, my sole sister, and her hubs! Needless to say, I didn't run after the race. But I did a ton of walking, and a lot of eating of good food. (per the scale) I am up 2 lbs from before we left but my belly/baby did grow some on the trip. I remember looking down on Wednesday thinking WOW my belly is so much rounder!

Prepping for baby: Now that we are home and I am in the home stretch, 10 weeks left, we will be getting things set up and ready for Collin. Matt and I have to get used to having the baby stuff all over the house again, like the pack n play in our room, which is usually a baby/kid free zone. Matt also wants to get the base of the car seat set up in the van to "get used to it being there"

Prepping Mason: He gives hugs and kisses to my belly and says HI baby! We got a gift for Mason to give Collin and a gift for Collin to give Mason. We found a really great bubble blower at Disney. I am trying to get some things to keep entertained this summer but I have a feeling that we will be spending a ton of time at the park!

Sunday: 13.1 miles Disney Princes Half Marathon (14:48 pace but with the potty breaks and choke points my official time was 3:50:07 a 17:34 min/mile)
Monday: Walked Universal Parks
Tuesday: Walked Epcot and Hollywood Studio Parks
Wednesday: Walked Animal Kingdom Park
Thursday: Walked Magic Kingdom Park
Friday: Walked Animal Kingdom and Epcot Park
Saturday: rest, drive home

Total mileage: 13.1 (add an extra 10-15 miles if you include the estimated 2-3 miles a day at the parks)

I wish I had a Fitbit for this week to see how many miles I actually walked everyday at the parks. We were estimating about 3 miles a day. My feet were so tired on Monday and Tuesday from the race and the chaffing, ouch! But we made it work. I felt more normal on Wednesday. I am actually really proud of my recovery time. I thought it would take a little longer.
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