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Monday, September 28, 2020

MBF and MBFA Program Results

I told you this program was going to be HUGE and it is! Not only was the launch the biggest in Beachbody's history but it also delivers AMAZING RESULTS! I've done it! I've completed 2 rounds of the new Beachbody Program Muscle Burns Fat (#MBF) and Muscle Burns Fat Advanced (#MBFA) And I CAN NOT believe my results. Guys, it's not like I wasn't working out daily or eating right but this program has just DONE IT for me! Check it out! I took a picture after my Sunday workout each week to track my progress. 

I started this leg of my journey June 22 when I hit my highest weight, which I didn't even record because I'm so embarrassed by it. 260.9. I hit 260 again! It freaked me the eff out! So this chart below from my Fittrack Dara Scale is as close as I could get it. I started with my nutrition first and really dove deep into our Mindset focused Nutrition program 2B Mindset. But you guys. This is more than just weight loss with this program. Not only did I reduce my weight with pure fat loss but also BMI, Body Fat %, butI also improved my water %, my bone mass, and even gained leaner muscle. It's about the bigger picture. Plus I've lost over 12 inches and am down 1 pant size and sitting comfortably in a size 16 when before, I was pushing out of an 18. Now my nutrition is on point. I've learned more about what foods really help me in losing weight and when the best time for me to eat but also, I'm not cutting out anything. I still have ice cream. I've still had sweets and treats. I still went out of town twice, indulged and still lost weight over the time period.

The key is to commit. Go all in on a program, and commit to following the program as it is written. Don't skip workouts, don't double up. Do the program as it says. Also go all in on your nutrition program. I tried for too many years, and wasted so much time trying to combine a bunch of nutrition philosophies together even our 2 Beachbody nutrition programs. But you can't fit a square peg into a round hole. It took me deciding I was going to do the program and just see what happened to now, living the program and the weight just coming right off. 

Plus my hormones aren't all screwed up as much as they were a year ago. I 'm actually in "the normal ranges" for all hormones. Which I don't understand how but I am. Sometimes it just takes some humbling and listening and doing. So after 3 years now, I'm finally seeing the progress I've been hoping for! But I'm not done yet. I'm already planning my next round. A 42 Day Challenging. Doing MBF and MBFA back to back like they were intended to see what results I can get from that! I can't wait. If you're ready to do this program JOIN ME and LET'S WORK TOGETHER! CLICK HERE to get your steal of a deal on our bundle kit which will give you the EARLY ACCESS to MBF and MBFA, and the entire fitness library for the next year, plus access to both our nutrition programs including the same one I'm doing 2B Mindset. You'll get the BODropes which are required in this program. You'll also get your first month supply of our daily superfood shake, the pre and post workouts drinks and more goodies plus me as your coach and access to my exclusive Virtual Gym and Nutrition Help Center. Guys, this is your sign. DO THIS PROGRAM! It will not disappoint!

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Upcoming Prep and Test Group | #mbf At Home Workout Program

Ready to tackle the summer? I get it, the past few months have been crazy. And honestly I'm going a little stir crazy in my house, and one thing that brings a sense of normality is planning out my workout schedule. My new schedule includes starting the newest Beachbody Programs to be released called #MBF and #MBFA. Created by Super Trainer Megan Davies, these programs are each 3 weeks long and designed to go back to back giving you 6 weeks of burning fat while you build lean muscle! Don't worry these workouts are designed to get you lean and toned!

#MBF Details: 

  • Program length: 3 weeks
  • Workouts per week: 7 workouts
  • Workout length: 25-35 minutes
  • Fitness level: Beginner

#MBFA Details: 

  • Program length: 3 weeks
  • Workouts per week: 7 workouts
  • Workout lengths: 25-40 minutes
  • Fitness level: Intermediate 

What to expect in the workouts: 

  • Monday, Wednesday and Fridays: Asymmetrical moves using one weight.
  • Tuesday and Thursdays: Cardio workouts.
  • Saturday: EMOMs (Every Minute On The Minute) that will push you to give it all that you have! 
  • Sunday: Recover workouts to stretch and revitalize your muscles. NECESSARY AND NEEDED! 

Equipment Needed: 

  • Light, medium and heavy dumbbells
  • BOD Rope (available July!) It's a cordless indoor jump rope.

To prep for this program, and as an interim for completing the Barre Blend program, I'm hosting a PREP and TEST GROUP for #MBF! Starting June 22 we will take it back to the basics with our most popular program 21 Day Fix in REAL TIME! And beginning June 27, we begin DAY 1 of #MBF and then go straight into #MBFA!

What you need to do to JOIN MY Prep and Test Group is 1st: Get your membership to Beachbody On Demand so you can start 21 Day Fix with me and the other gals committed to doing the program. And when #MBF become available I'll send you the link to get your Early Access Registration. If you would like to go all in with pre and post workout drinks to help give you energy to get started and reduce soreness after your workout so you can do it again the next day, we have a pack for that! I HIGHLY recommend getting THIS BUNDLE KIT (<-- click that link) that includes your membership for a whole year, and the pre and post workout drinks I enjoy daily and when #MBF is released it's easy to sign up for Early Access to include the program.

Why start now? Start getting your results BEFORE you start MBF, plus in my groups we talk about motivation, tips, info and all about nutrition learning how to dial in your nutrition  while you still live the life you want, GUILT FREE! There's so much mindset that goes into a weight loss journey, and really learning to be mindful and make those small changes mentally to allow for life long healthy changes.

In my groups we focus on the daily workouts through accountability and tracking helping to develop a daily discipline. I host live calls for motivation, tips provide support when you need it more with direct access to me as your coach and mentor on your journey! My goal, is to help you reach your goals. Period. That's what I want each and every one of my customers to accomplish! So if you're ready to step up and join me, let's do this! Click on the link above, get your membership or bundle kit, or EMAIL ME RIGHT NOW and let's chat first.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

"Netflix" of Fitness All Time Record For At Home Workouts | BOD Fitness Library

The CEO of the company I'm a coach with, Beachbody, made an exciting announcement the other day!

Over 700,000 workouts were streamed in a single day on our online fitness platform, Beachbody On Demand, with the best of the best workouts for working out at home, or anywhere! No problems with bandwidth either. The platform was running perfectly! If you are looking for workouts to do in your house, this is the way to do it! Check it out here! Our 3 month membership starts at $39 with no monthly fees. And the year membership is $99. Pay once and you are set for the whole year! Plus this month we are adding BOD GROUPS! An all in one access to me as your coach and the support of my groups together! 

If you are looking for workouts to do while at home during this quarantine, USE THIS LINK TO GET THE HOOKUP! Our membership includes not just access 800+ workouts, but also, trainer tips, extra bonus enhancement workouts for many of the programs, nutrition guides, meal plans, recipes, including our healthy cooking show, FIXATE, with all the comfort food, health-ified. Plus you get me as your coach and mentor to help support you along the way. If you want to upgrade with one of our 2 complete nutrition programs or add on any of our amazing supplements (the very same ones I use) USE THIS LINK TO CHAT WITH ME VIA EMAIL TODAY! 

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

FREE Fitness Activities and Workouts For Kids During Quarantine

Are you looking for workouts to do with your kids during PE time or just to get some balled up energy out of their system while stuck at home from the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic? 

Beachbody has got your back offering FREE ACCESS to our WORKOUTS FOR THE KIDS!!! Beachbody is such an amazing company to work with!! Click the link below to get access, and keep me posted which ones were your favorites!

“During this unprecedented time, we want to continue helping families stay healthy and sane by offering some fun ways to expend energy together. With schools out and no formal recess or P.E., we have decided to make a selection of Beachbody Kids Workouts, from Beachbody celebrity trainers Tony Horton, Shaun T and Leandro Carvalho, free for all to access with no Beachbody On Demand registration required. We hope you’ll use these workouts to make family fitness fun and a part of your daily routine.”--Carl Daikeler

CLICK HERE to access the workouts!!! 

🌟 🌟 HEY MOM's! Don't forget about you! If you need at home workouts, CLICK THIS LINK to get your membership to our online health and fitness Online Library with over 800 workouts to help you take some time for yourself, working out at home so you can feel your best too! Our 3 month membership also gives you 2 Weeks Free before you card is even charged!!! BONUS! 

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Basic Food Storage Tips To Get You Started

Ready to stock up for multiple days at home to help flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. It's time to head to the store and stock up wisely on the essentials you really need.

🌟Biggest tip, think about every thing you truly need --not want---for the next 2-3 weeks.

🌟 Frozen fruits and veggies are a must. They help you stay on track with your fruits and veggies. You can also blend them in a blender for an easy yummy green smoothie. Our kids love the Daily Sunshine that also has a serving of fruits and veggies in every cup. That way my kids are still getting the vitamins and minerals their bodies need.

🌟 There are some fresh veggies that last up to a month in your fridge or counter. Spaghetti squash can sit on your counter. Turnips and whole heads of cabbage will last for a month in your fridge.

🌟 Stock up on chicken, and beef, fish or tempeh. Whatever normal proteins you eat, freeze them to use for later. Also quinoa is also a great source of plant based protein. Shakeology is my easiest and fastest source for protein, vitamins and minerals to keep me on track health wise.

🌟 Shelf stable dairy is a great alternative to fresh milk. Buy cartons and keep them on the shelf until you open them up. I'm personally hoping my kids don't notice a difference. Also cheese freezes really well! Evaporated milk can also be an alternative to milk. You will need to add water to it as it's concentrated. 50:50 ratio of water to evaporated milk.

🌟 Basic essentials are a must as well. Yes, toilet paper is an essential but, you also need: toothpaste, hand soap, cleaning supplies like counter cleaner, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, over the counter medicine, feminine hygiene products and shampoo and conditioner. My tips, buy 2 of everything.

🌟 Alternative fuel sources. Keep eating at home fun and exciting with different ways to cook. We love grilling and with spring here, we can get out and grill more. Make sure you have a couple bags of charcoal. A couple cans of propane and plenty of wood to make this happen. Again, buy 2 of everything.

🌟 Last tip, make sure your cars have gas in them. Invest in a couple gas cans and fill those up just in case. You never know. But at least you will have it on hand.

BONUS: Make a plan before you head to the store so that you have a clear idea of what you are getting and have enough room to store these items.

BONUS:  Meal plan if you can and plan to make large freezable meals. I make large freezer meals but store them in my freezer in 8x8 foil pans. I only take the single 8x8 pan I need, have less leftovers and can alternate when we have the other servings so that we don't get tired of having the same thing for multiple days in a row. This allows us to have more variety without variety.

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Monday, March 2, 2020

March Madness For Health And Fitness | Support And Accountability Group

It's March, and while everyone else is filling out their brackets for their teams, I thought we would change things up and do a Health and Fitness Bracket! Really, it's more to work towards a big goal to accomplish this month using our online fitness library, nutrition programs and support and accountability you get in my group! Plus PRIZES are up for grabs again this month!

What I recommend, our BRAND NEW LOW IMPACTS Barre Workout Program you can do at HOME! Barre Blend by Beachbody with Super Trainer Elise Joan. With already well over 1 million views on our streaming service this program is ON FIRE! And there's still time to join us in the group!

What you get: 
🌟 Early access to the BRAND NEW PROGRAM BARRE BLEND--> Includes: 4 getting started videos, 2 prep workouts, 40 workout program videos, 3 bonus recovery vides, and 5 enhancements videos. No barre needed,  just need a sturdy chair or counter to get started. Optional tools: 1-2 pound weights, resistance loops.
🌟 Full access FOR A WHOLE YEAR to the entire fitness library, with over 800 workouts, recipes, trainer tips, meal plans and exclusive workouts.
🌟 30 day supply of our daily superfood, nutrient dense shake for a fast, easy and yummy shake to help start to get your nutrition on track
🌟🌟 FREE GIFT (while supplies last)--> 1 FREE BOX of our LIMITED FLAVOR Pumpkin Spiced Latte Superfood nutrient dense shake in addition to your 30 day bag.
🌟 Private chat group with access to me and the other ladies starting Barre Blend this month for the support you need to get started right.
🌟 Access to my Exclusive virtual gym and online tracker app for accountability and motivation.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Staying On Track With Health and Fitness Goals While Traveling | Simplified Packing Tips

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I'm on an impromptu 10 day mommy-cation right now and it's been amazing. It originally was intended to help my parents, post an intense surgery for my dad, but surgery got bumped and my flight could not so, now I'm helping out with pre surgery stuff. But, regardless of what I was going to be doing, I was determined to stay on track with my health and fitness goals, and how I packed all my stuff in just 1 medium suitcase.

1) Plan to do laundry. Pack half of what you need and plan to do laundry midway through. I packed 5 days of clothing, and 5 days of workout clothing. It's laundry day for me today, right on schedule.
2) Keep to your routine as much as you can. Pack your supplements, pre workout and post workout drink mixes just like you would use at home. You can pre portion out what you have, or to avoid getting a pat down in the airport if you carry them on with you so they don't open in your luggage, stock up on the pre-packaged versions that are sealed. I didn't have enough time to plan ahead and order our single serve packs so, I got to know the TSA agent really well. Oh and new for me, flying is dehydrating and since I'm already "dehydrated" per my FitTrack Dara Smart Scale at 36% I'm trying to stay on top of it by adding Liquid IV to my water post flight.
3) Be in charge of your health by packing healthier snacks and going to the grocery store when you arrive. You can travel with veggies. I carried on apples, mini bell peppers, carrots and my take and go trail mix (1T pumpkin seeds, 1T cranberries, 12 almonds and 1T chocolate chips (totally optional but I love me some chocolate). When you arrive GO TO THE STORE, multiple times if you have to. If you have a mini fridge just get smaller items, and plan to go to the store every couple days. I even only got the basics and plan to go to the store 1 more time to keep me stocked with a salad kit for easy lunches, snack-able veggies and fruits. My favorite snackable fruits and veggies, mini bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, southwestern salad kit from Trader Joes, apples, strawberries and I also bought a pack of spinach to eat with my breakfast and add to the salad kit to make it go further.
4) Only bring what you truly need. It's so easy as women to pack your entire bathroom but there just isn't room for that. I'm sticking with the basics of what I need to look and feel like me even when out of town. I packed a medium curing iron, my flat iron, cause my hair can get all sorts of crazy, and just the essential in make up. My small pallet from Bobby Brown Makeup, my eyebrow color and brush, mascara, and of course something to remove all your make up like the new Neutrogena Naturals Purifying MakeupRemover Wipes. Plus my leave in moisturizer by Cibu that I use after a shower and in between showers, and my cariPRO electric toothbrush. Toothbrushes have come a long way to carry long lasting charges and this one will hold a 30 day charge when fully charged and won't lose any of its speed or power when not charged frequently. (GIVEAWAY TO WIN A FREE $120 VALUE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH CLOSING SOON CLICK HERE TO ENTER!)

5) Pre-Plan out your workouts just as you would at home. Benefit of my online streaming fitness library is that it goes everywhere with me, plus I can pre-download workouts incase I don't have access to good Wifi or cell service. That means I don't have to miss a beat in my workout program and neither do you! Use the gym at your hotel, make space in your room move the furniture around, take your workout outside, get a day pass at the local gym just make it an effort to just get it done!

In the end, it takes a little extra effort to stay on track while out of town. But it isn't impossible. You are worth the effort. You are worth your goals to stay on track. And if anything, by sticking with your health and fitness, most of the time while away, and you still indulge on dinners or have an extra dessert or 2, you won't come home in a bigger hole but at least right where you were when you left of progress!

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Post Super Bowl Hangover | 5 Tips to Recover FASTER

Who else enjoyed that amazing game last night?!? Some of us probably more than others, I'm sure. Even me, guys I went in to yesterday knowing it was not going to be a weight loss day and I'm okay with that. Because we had all the fixin's for the game, pizza, ice cream, candy, Doritos, and more! I didn't eat all of what we had, I stuck with pizza and ice cream but those 2 things together, my body didn't like. And I was right, this morning, I was up in my weight from where I was yesterday.

And I'm not beating myself up about it either! That is the first tip!

1) GUILT FREE ZONE! Turn off the guilt because holding onto guilt is the last thing that your mindset needs to deal with. No matter what happened last night, it happened. Time to just move past it. Because it's a new day today. You can't change what happened you can only change what you do from here on out.

2) GET BACK ON TRACK! Get your ass up and get your workout done! NOW! By the end of TODAY! Just do it. Don't think about it or how you are feeling sluggish or blah. Just go get it done and do the best that you can do. Because a little work is better than no work. And it's Monday! #nevermissamonday

3) DITCH THE LEFTOVERS! Do you have leftovers in your house from last night, just toss them. Get back to eating on track with the foods you know you should be eating, or check out my favorite list of foods that I choose from HERE. I know it's boring but opt for a salad today for lunch and pile on the extra veggies on your plate at dinner. The best thing your body needs right now is vitamins and minerals.

4) HYDRATE! Drink plenty of water today to help flush out the foods you ate yesterday. Extra points if you add a slice of lemon to help your body detoxify.

5) GET TO BED EARLY TONIGHT! Make it a point to go to sleep earlier than normal and catch up on some sleep. Granted the game didn't last too long last night but still, if you were like me I struggled getting to sleep at a good time. My plan, in my room around 8:30, curl up with my Outlander book (cause i'm in major "Drylander" mode right now hurry up season 5 premiere!) And aiming to be asleep by 9:30 tonight.

Need more support and accountability to stay more on track? Join me and my virtual gym gals in our accountability and support group. Gain access by getting access to our online Fitness Library with access to over 1000 workouts, meal plans, cooking show and resources to help you stay on track! Get started with a 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP for $39 plus you get 2 weeks free before your card is charged! CLICK HERE to get started!

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

February Fit Club In Our Virtual Gym | Weight Loss Support and Accountability

It's all things focused on being our most fit in February! From tracking foods to completing our workouts that are pre planned and scheduled for the week. Because it's that kind of focus and support that's needed for change to happen. It's all about taking things to the next level! LEVEL UP!

So if you have been struggling staying on track with your New Year Resolution for weight loss and better health, it's time to join my ladies who have all Leveled UP their commitment because they are ready for bigger changes in this new decade! And when you decide to work with me you also get access to my exclusive virtual gym community with daily accountability, motivation and support from other women just like you to stay committed! 

Get my ultimate pick bundle kit! This kit includes AN ENTIRE YEAR access to our online fitness library (It's like the Netflix of fitness!) plus my favorite pre workout drink to give you energy to get started (JITTERS FREE- y'all I took this while pregnant and nursing!) and endurance during your workout, and then a post workout drink to keep you from feeling sore so you can do it again the next day. PLUS, access to the nutrition program I'm doing right now that focuses on mindset with your nutrition! And best news yet, you save over $115 with this kit!

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Struggling To Stay On Track With Your Weight loss? Track Your Progress Regularly

It's the beginning of the month and in our Virtual Gym that means, IT'S TIME TO TRACK OUR PROGRESS! Most people fall off track because they see a lack of progress but, most people track from day to day or week to week, but let's say, you track monthly, over the course of 6 months, that's how you can see more progress.

First of all, mindset. You have to remember that this journey is a marathon not a sprint. For most of us, this journey is going to take way longer than 2 weeks. Most of us expect to see progress in just 2 weeks. But ladies, it can take up to 4 weeks for your body to realize you are making changes and start to change. It can take up to 8 weeks for you to start seeing change and 12 weeks for other's around you to see change. But why is it then, that most people stop or get hung up within the first 21 days of the journey? Just think on that for a moment. What has gotten in your way in the past? What can you do to change that from happening. YOUR MINDSET! Allow yourself to allow things to take time to change.

What to track:
Progress pictures of your front, side and back
Body Fat %
Commit to tracking monthly for the next 6 months

Tips for pictures: Pick a spot where you can see your entire body. Use the timer function on your camera or phone if taking the pictures by yourself or have a friend do them. Set the height to be straight on and not pointing up or down as that can alter the look of your pictures. I use a tripod for my camera, set the timer and run into position!

Tripod I use! 

I personally have been using the Fittrack Dara Smart Scale which tracks more than just you weight. You can set it for athletic mode and track your BMI, Body Fat %, body water%, Muscle Mass, Lean mass, and more! Get yours below!

In the end, Change will happen, with time! But first you have to start tracking. Most people don't want to take that first progress picture, but I promise you, DO IT! Not for now but for later so you can compare!

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Oral Health For Improved Overall Heath | GIVEAWAY

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This past year I've been working hard on my overall health. It wasn't until August after realizing my hormones were out of balance and doing hours of research that I decided to take a more proactive move to stabilizing my gut heath. Yes, the gut. When your gut is out of balance, it can mess with your hormone health, digestive health and even moods. It all starts with what we put in our bodies but also, the whole process starts in our mouth. Not only from what we put in it for fuel for our bodies but also keeping it nice and clean! Oral Health!

Having good oral health allows your gut to have the healthier bacteria in it. Now, I know we all know to brush our teeth twice a day, but, let's talk about the kind of brushes to use. Our family switched to the electric toothbrushes after multiple cavities were infecting my kids teeth because they just weren't brushing their teeth well enough. And honestly the fighting and screaming from us having to do it for them, was enough. So I'm always on the lookout for the best of the best products out there.

That's why I was so excited to be sent the Caripro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush by Smile Brilliant! It came with its charger and 2 super soft brush heads in the box, the brush also has a built in tongue cleaner on the back of the brush head! Guys, this brush has 5 separate settings on it with varying speeds and ability from Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care, and Sensitivity. Plus it's smart with a 2 minute total run that pulses every 30 seconds to remind you to switch to a different quadrant of the mouth to brush.
The first thing I noticed using the brush was the pitch difference. I'm a musician and I can hear the difference in the pitches which relates to frequency. I compared it to my current brush and it's a 2nd and 4th higher in pitch (depending on setting) meaning it is brushing at a faster frequency, so it's moving at a faster speed than my current electric brush.

I also love the different settings options. You can truly customize your brushing to your needs! My favorite settings were sensitive and white. I had a gum graft a few years ago on my lower front teeth and I'm still super scared that I'm going to mess my gums up again because I do not want to go through that surgery again, so I've been using the sensitivity setting at least 1 time a day. I've also noticed that my teeth looked like they were brighter and freshly polished by the dentist after every use. And I'm right at that 6 month check up point with my dentist, so having that super clean look was so nice!

So if you are ready to get an electric ultrasonic toothbrush, I highly recommend the Caripro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush by Smily Brilliant! Want 20% off your new brush? Use code: connectthedotsginger20 at checkout! And be sure to enter using the next link for a chance to win a GIVEAWAY:

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Friday, January 3, 2020

All About Beachbody's 6 Weeks Of The Work AND 4 Weeks Of The Prep

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AHEM, do I have your attention now??? HEY! Down here! Keep reading! I know the picture is amazing but you are here to learn about the program. Read this then scroll back to the top and check out the picture again!

Now this program is my jam! Hard hitting, heavy lifting intense workouts. That is what is being delivered in our new program with brand new Super Trainer Amoila Cesar! Amoila is a NASM and NCCPT certified personal trainer with clients ranging from pro athletes to celebrities to regular, everyday people. He received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in psychology from the University of Central Florida. This is his first collaboration with Beachbody. He was handpicked to create 6 Weeks of THE WORK because of his intense training regimens, the results he’s achieved with his clients, and his motivating, tough-love workout style

What is 6 Weeks of The Work? 
6 Weeks of THE WORK is cutting-edge functional training designed to help you build real-world strength that translates beyond the gym.

In six weeks, you won’t just be leaner, but you’ll also be stronger, more agile and mobile, and see improvements in your performance in everyday life—all while strengthening your mental game.

--> 6 Weeks of THE WORK is an advanced program designed by a trainer whose job is to make sure his professional athletes and celebrity clients are in peak physical condition.

There are 36 workouts packed with challenging compound lifts, agility drills, cardio exercises, and mobility moves—all designed to help you get in incredible shape in record time. It’s going to be one of the toughest programs you’ll ever take on. And Amoila is keeping it real for ya but having 2 different versions of the program. The original EXPLICIT language version and a clean version with the swearing cut out.

Also in the program materials, you'll find the nutrition guide and also how to incorporate this program with our 2 nutrition programs available as an upgrade option.

Want to try a sample of the 6 Weeks of The Work program? CLICK HERE TO TRY THE SAMPLE WORKOUT FOR 6 WEEKS OF THE WORK

But to do 6 weeks  of the work you gotta pass the Fit Test first to make sure you’re up for the challenge. But, it’ll all be worth it, because in six weeks you’ll see results you never thought possible.

If you're not ready for 6 weeks of the Work, Amoila also created a 4 Weeks Of The Prep to get you ready, physically, for 6 weeks of the work.

It's a toned down version of 6 weeks of the prep. You do have to repeat workouts tho because there are only 11. But that's okay it's only for 4 weeks!

Want to try the sample 4 Weeks Of The Prep workout program? CLICK HERE TO TRY THE SAMPLE WORKOUT! 



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Thursday, January 2, 2020

All About Beachbody's NEW Barre Blend Program

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I am so excited to share about our soon newest program. And to be completely honest, I really wasn't all that excited about it when it was announced last summer. I've done a barre class and it was good, but it wasn't my kind of workout. I like the heavy hitting intense workouts. And guys, I've done a couple of workouts now and my mind has changed. Is it a heavy hitting workout? No but honestly it is just as intense. A different kind of intense. My arms, legs and booty were on fire from the beginning of the workout until the very end. And the energy that that trainer, Elise, gives is HIGH and infectious. And I actually want to be more graceful. Cause I'm not but she says be graceful and dang it I was trying! 

People have been asking Beachbody for a Barre workout for a long time. They have delivered and this program is going to be life changing for many people!
Barre workouts are one of the hottest fitness trends and have been for years. There's lifers that praise the way the programs sculpt and tone with low impact while improving flexibility and posture. So, available January 3rd Beachbody's first Barre workout will be available as Early VIP Access only and will be released across the online fitness library June 1.

What is Barre Blend? 

  • Low impact, high intensity, high energy workout from our very own barre expert and professional dancer, 3 week Yoga Retreat co-creator Elise Joan.
  • Dance inspired moves that are fun and challenging. (no dance experience required!)
  • Fusion program incorporating, ballet barre, pilates and cardio interval training
  • 30-40 minute workouts 5 days a week for 60 days

Wanna try the sample workout? CLICK HERE TO TRY THE SAMPLE WORKOUT!

Interested in getting early access NOW? CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT NOW And get immediate access to the complete program and workouts, including meal plans and daily affirmation cards to be sent to you in the mail plus a full year access to our online fitness library, plus my favorite pre and post workout drinks. You're going to need them. Get energy to get started and then the post workout drink to keep you from getting too sore so you can push play the next day!

Want more info or want to be notified when it's released in the main library? email me or message me!

Need something a little more hard hitting, heavy lifting and intense? Check out our new 6 Weeks of the work with included 4 weeks of the Prep program by or newest super trainer Amoila Cesar!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Lack of Consistency or Progress? What Makes You Stop Your Weight Loss Journey?

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HAPPY NEW YEAR FIT FAMILY! Can you believe it is already 2020??? So weird yet so exciting at all the possibilities ahead of us in the new year and decade. Also I'm kind of wondering of flapper dresses will make a comeback!? I kind of dig that idea! 

Let's do a little review of my 2019. I've suffered from my depression coming back. Irregular periods which led me to get checked out with my OB and after blood work, it was confirmed that my hormones have decided to quit on me, so I started hormone therapy for my peri menopause status (at just shy of 38 years old, so sad.) We are working on not only turning my hormones back on but also regulating them. Plus I started taking supplements to help with my adrenals from suspicions that they are not where they should be from my cortisol levels. But...

Hi, I'm Becky the CONSISTENCY QUEEN! I started 2019 at the exact same weight that I ended 2019. Yet, I've been exercising 5x a week on average for the entire year. I've made progress, I've lost some inches, lost some body fat, gained muscle (boy did I gain muscle) I've toned up parts of my body, my clothing fit better, I have more energy, I'm eating completely different than I was even just a couple years ago. I feel pretty good. But...I didn't get the progress I had hoped I would have at this point. 
So let me ask you, with all the negative stuff stacked against you would would you continue to be consistent or do you throw in the towel? To be honest, years ago I would have worked hard for a few weeks, and if I didn't see that scale go down, I would have downed a pint or 2 of Ben and Jerry's and said "I knew it wasn't going to work," or "who cares." When I really had hoped and believed that it would work for me. That this was going to be the time that it actually worked. 

But...guys, for this year it didn't work. I didn't lose weight. But...I had so many positives. STOP LETTING THE LACK OF SOMETHING derail you. HONESTLY isn't it better to have a consistent healthy habit and over time for the progress to come later. See below. This is my change from 2 years and 3 months compared to today. That's progress. Over 2 years! And I didn't gain weight this year, so that's a win. the end. It doesn't freaking matter if your progress is slow. It doesn't matter if it takes you 5 years to lose 20 pounds but "it took Felicia 2 months". BYE FELICIA! Your progress is only dictated by the effort you put into what you do and your consistency. Don't stop your consistency because the scale isn't doing what you want it to. Keep on the consistent behaviors because those will help you in the long run health wise. And isn't that what you want? A healthier life? 

To help you feel better when there is no progress, track your Non Scale Victories. #NSV

Just a few Non scale victories are: clothing feeling looser, you have more energy, your skin looks better, you decided to not to eat the extra large cupcake in the window, you can climb the stairs without feeling winded, you can get up or down to the ground easier, you ran your first 5k, you ran your first 1/2 marathon, you made it through a move in your workout without stopping (oh girl, I celebrated big time when I was able to do the full minute of burpees in 21 Day Fix Cardio, when I could barely do 1 when I started. THAT'S A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!) You made it through an entire workout without stopping or pausing, you did your first pushup on your toes, you did 5 pushups on your toes. You did 20. These are all NSV's and hundreds more! Celebrate these. Give yourself $1 each time you notice a new NSV and girl, you will have extra $$ in no time. 

Let this be the year that you create the healthy consistent habit of daily exercise and eating better. Even if the scale doesn't move. Stay consistent. Let this be the year that you change your life and your daily habits. Progress will come. That's where I come in. 

πŸ’₯ Maybe you're looking to save $$ on a gym membership? Or would you rather just start working out at home? Maybe you need to change up your workout routine at the gym? I got you. I can get you hooked up with the same online fitness library I use that you can use from anywhere on your phone (using the web or our app), laptop, smart tv, even on Roku, or Amazon Fire. Get unlimited access to 1000+ workouts plus my favorite cooking show with all the comfort foods health-ified. 

πŸ’₯ Maybe you need to stop dieting and start living and eating all the foods. I got you here too! We have 2 nutrition programs that don't require counting calories, points, cutting food groups or skipping any meals. If anything you will be eating more food than you have before, but it's the foods your body needs to feel and function better. View the 2B Mindset Program here. View the Ultimate Portion Fix Program here.

πŸ’₯ Maybe you just need support to motivate you and keep you accountable on your journey! I HAVE YOU HERE TOO GIRL! When you get our online fitness library membership, or the nutrition programs, or just the daily superfood filled shake, you get access to my EXCLUSIVE Virtual Gym and me as your 1:1 coach when you need it. We have daily accountability polls, a tracker app group, motivation, challenges, live meal planning calls, community support with the other ladies, and you always get the 411 first with me from new products released. 

Create a consistent habit and progress will come. I promise you! And stopping is a guaranteed one way ticket that you will never make progress. It's a "would you rather..." kind of situation. So would you rather be consistent or make progress if you had to choose? Drop a comment below or send me an email and we can discuss! 

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