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Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Week 3 Workout Recap

Wow! March is almost over. I knew that this month was going to fly and April is going to fly by too. These next two week are going to be a tough for me though. Matt is going on his AT training for military so it is just me, the kid and the dog for 2 weeks. No break. No sanity! Single mother life. With that being said, the 2.5 hours of daycare at the gym are going to be pretty tempting. So my goal is to be spending some quality time with the treadmill and stationary bike during this time most days. That's the plan! Wish me luck! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER TODAY!

Pregnancy Changes: Starting to get low back pain all the time. Getting heartburn at night, almost every night. I am having to sleep propped up now. My hips and shoulders don't like me sleeping on my sides so I am constantly turning from one side to the next. Baby likes it when I am on my right side. I guess cause the placenta is taking up so much room on the left. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions a ton over this last week. Any time I go up and down the stairs, which are a lot since we have 3 levels in my house, stand up from sitting, or going #2 I get BH contractions. They are pretty strong too which surprised me. I talked to my doc and he said that it is perfectly normal for them to start earlier and be more intense with subsequent pregnancies. (I wonder how bad Michelle Duggar's are after 19 babies!). I also had my 32 week check up, from now on I will be going about every 2 weeks for the next month. Baby is doing great. Doc is still pleased with my lack of weight gain. Up only 5 lbs total from pre-pregnancy weight.

Prepping For Baby: With the base being in the van Mason says "Bruder". Then he will say, "No Bruder". He isn't quite sure about this new baby thing. It is just kind of surreal to have things set up and ready to go. Exciting and very scary that in 2 months a new baby will be here.

Prepping Mason For Baby: He learned to say brother as you saw above. That is new for him. He is finally going to bed in his bed without pitching a fit after a puke attack a week and a half ago. We are telling him about Collin trying to prep him for that. I point to small babies that we see and tell him that Collin will be like that. Mace just says cute and walks away. Mace has been under the weather for most of the week. Either a cold or the start of allergies but he has been more cuddly too, so I am soaking up all the cuddles with my big boy.

Workout Recap: 

Monday: Snow day, stuck inside again!

Tuesday: Still too much snow for me to drive in so stayed home and rested.

Wednesday: Mace was sick with a runny nose. Not sure if allergies or a cold. Stayed home

Thursday: 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga class.

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.1 mile walk outside. It was just too beautiful to stay indoors today! (possible snow storm on Tuesday so trying to enjoy being outside.)

3.1 total miles
32 Weeks Pregnant
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