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Friday, May 30, 2014

Collin's Birth Story: Part 3

Final installment of his birth story. This is Collin's recovery from his difficult transition into the world.

Where did I leave off? Oh, ok. Collin's nurse came over to me to take his standard vitals then said he wasn't breathing as well as they wanted. She worked on him a bit on my chest and then said that he needed to go to the station for extra oxygen. I asked if she could do any of the stuff on me, but she couldn't, she even tried to reach the oxygen mask over. They took Collin from my arms and I told Matt to go and touch him and hold his hand so that Collin knew we were there and loved him.

I kept asking if Collin was ok as I was just sitting there getting stitched up and my tummy pressed on. (Let me tell you, all the stories you hear about how much it hurts when the nurses push on your tummy to check the level of the uterus is no laughing matter. It hurts, and it hurts worse with a second or more pregnancy.)

I couldn't take my eyes off of Collin for very long. They were using the bulb to suction the fluid from his nose and throat. The nurse said that he still had some fluid in his lungs and that he wasn't doing the "scream" that was needed to get the fluid out of his lungs. She asked if she could do the deep suction in his lungs to help get the fluid out. Matt and I said yes, whatever they had to do to help him.

After what felt like an hour which was only about 5 minutes, mind you, the nurse came over and explained what was going on with Collin. He was receiving oxygen but not enough. They prefer their oxygen levels to be at a 92 (don't know if that is percent or what but they just said these numbers to me.) And Collin was between 85-87. She said that he needed to go to the "sick nursery" as they didn't have a NICU in my hospital but a level lower than a NICU. She said that was was going to be under a humidified oxygen hood to help his breathing for the time being. She handed Collin to me to say his goodbyes for a little bit. I told him to get better. We all saw him respond positively to my voice and my touch. He seem more alive and active. On the table he barely moved his arms and legs and when he was in my arms he grabbed at me and kicked more. He was more healthy.

The nurse put my id tag on me and him and then took him away and Matt went with him. The other nurses came over and introduced themselves to me. As I came in so quickly they didn't get a chance to tell me who they were. The doc finished up and explained more fully what happened. Explained that the chord was very tight around his next but he had a long chord and we got him out fast enough that he should be fine. Then it was just me, my postpartum nurse (who was different than my delivery nurse that told me not to give birth in the tub) and my doula.

I had to wait 30 minutes from this point before I could go to the nursery to see Collin. I was told that I could go at anytime. I had to have my vitals checked first then they would let me get all cleaned up. I told them that my uterus was going down fine, cause I could feel it going down. I sent my doula to the sick nursery to check on Collin and Matt and she said that he was doing really well under the hood. She said that the nurses were trying to get him to scream to help clear out his lungs. And he wouldn't scream, except for when they gave him his vitamin K shot. That pissed him off enough to really wail, the kind of wail they wanted him to do. But apparently he only cried for just a short time. (this is a foreshadowing of the kind of cool and calm personality he really is. He doest cry that much.)

I finally pushed the nurses to hurry up and let me go to the nursery and they finally agreed. I got dressed and walked into the nursery at about 7:30. When Matt saw me walking in, he asked what I was doing up and about. I told him I wanted to see my son. I went over and held his hand and talked to him. It was obvious he knew who I was because his oxygen levels they were monitoring spiked up when I was talking to him and holding his hand or touching him. I stayed as long as I could. Our doula said her goodbye for the evening and said that I did an amazing job!

I was getting slightly dizzy with the heat lamp over Collin and the postpartum nurse said they wanted to move us to our postpartum room. So Matt and I said goodbye for just a little while. I walked to the other side of the wing to our new room 3041 from birth room 10.

I told Matt that I wanted to go again but they wanted to do another check on me first. ARGH! I was getting mad at them denying me from seeing him. We went back at 9:00pm to check on him. Matt insisted that I already proved that I was a super woman with going all natural, with the difficult labor, then walking to the nursery an hour and a half after I pushed him out. So I took the wheel chair and loved it! We stayed in the nursery talking to the nurse, asking questions. She said that he was doing so well at this point that she could take him out for kangaroo care as long as we kept oxygen on his face the whole time. I was thrilled. I still wasn't allowed to nurse him, and they said that he wouldn't have wanted to nurse anyways because his priority was to feel comfortable breathing. So she took him out of the hood and put him in my arms for the 3rd time since he was born. I wanted to cry, how happy I was.

Again as I was holding him, singing to him, and talking to him his levels spiked and stayed up really well. She even took the oxygen away for just a little bit and he did really well, but then the monitors started to beep again saying he wasn't getting enough and back on the oxygen he went. She told us that he started at 40% oxygen and their goal was to get it down to 24% oxygen level to be weaned to what he needed to breath. At this point in just the 2 hours from birth he was already weaned down to 32%. She was very happy with his recovery and was just saying that he was having a really hard transition into the world. He was in a bit of shock.

At 10:30, we decided to let him rest, and let me rest a bit more. I was pretty tired and we figured we would be back soon to see him. They wanted to keep him in there at least overnight at this point. Matt and I went back to the room. Prayed that he would be ok and then went to bed.

At midnight, I was awoken by the nurse, asking if I wanted to nurse my baby. I said, YES! I was wheeled to the nursery and then got to nurse my baby. The nurse said that he had been weaned off the hood for 30 minutes and screaming up a storm! He was ready to be fed. He latched on like a pro! The nurse and the nursery nurse said I was a natural at nursing him. I told him it's like riding a bike and so thankful that I could remember what to do. Kid was super hunger and fed for 15 min on each side. When he was done I just held him for another 30 minutes and then let him rest and I went back to bed. They promised they would get me when he was ready again to be fed.

I was woken up at 4am for another feeding. Again he was doing so well, no more hood, just under the heat lamp to keep him warm. He fed again for 30 minutes total and I held him for another 30 minutes before going back to the room to sleep. Matt and I woke up around 7 and we joked about how we were the only parents of a newborn who actually got to get a good nights rest. I had only woken Matt up to help me in the bathroom and such, other than that he was out cold!

We just had to wait for the pediatric doctor to come in and tell us what was going on and such. I was checked again and again through the night and in the morning. Finally the doc came in and she was super happy with his progress and explained that he had what was classified as a "difficult transition" at that is all. He was completely weaned from forced oxygen by midnight and did great throughout the rest of the night. She was excited that I nursed him and was happy to hear how well he did. She said that he is currently being released from the sick nursery and released to us for our care. He didn't have to go back and he was just as good as any other baby!

15 minutes later he was wheeled into our room and he was ours. They wanted to keep a eye on him and keep him for the full 48 hours just to make sure he was ok. Which he was. He nursed like a champ, and slept like a log! Our first full night as a family in the room, he woke up at 11, 2 and 5 for a feeding. I felt so blessed. Oh and he is quiet! He doesn't really cry, at all. He only cries when he is getting his diaper changed or if I take too long to get him on the breast. He loves to be held, and I don't mind that at all, neither does GMA.

He is doing very well. We were even released from the hospital at 42 hours, not 48. He has been such a beautiful little baby boy. He is almost too quiet most of the time which is so different than his older brother who like to cry at anything. Collin sleeps well, and is truly living the life as a baby with eating, sleeping and pooping, with just the occasional cry. We are so thankful for the quick response of my OB/GYN with the chord cutting and getting him out and telling me that I could do it. For the nurses at the hospital for helping him and us. We didn't post that he was born for a day, until he knew he was ok. Only close family members knew what was going on. But things are so well now, and he is truly a little angel sent to earth! We are so happy to welcome Collin to our family!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Collin: 1 Week Old

Collin is over a week old now. (He turned a week old on Monday) With the holiday on Monday and his circumcision Tuesday I didn't get a chance to write about him and me and how everything is going. I do hope you are enjoying reading his birth story.

Collin 1 week old: 
Loves to sleep, eat and poop. He doesn't cry all that much, seriously, kid does not make a peep. He only cries when we change his diaper, even before the circ. And if I take too long to get him some food, like if I have to go to the bathroom before I feed him since he will be out cold by the time we finish.
~Seriously?!? How cute is he!!!~

He is eating like a champ. Nursing consistently (except for yesterday with the recover from his procedure) for 30-35 minutes total. He is more efficient than Mason was with nursing and can drain me very quickly! I am thankful that nursing has been so easy for us.

At his 1 week 1 day check he was back up to his birth weight of 7 lbs and 1 ounce, up from his 4 day appointment of 6 lbs 12 ounces.
~Daddy and Collin chillin' in the bed~

He is lifting his head so much more now and is less jaundice than he was last Friday at his 4 day old appointment.

He loves to be cuddled. I don't mind that at all and neither does GMA! We just cuddle him all day long. It is not spoiling it is part of the weaning process into the world. And he is just too cute not to cuddle.
~Mason actually wanted to hold Collin for the first time and not be told to~

I am getting 4-5 hour stretches of sleeping at night. I don't wake Matt up at night to help so he is practically sleeping through the night. When he does nurse around 2am he generally only does one side and is back to sleep in 15-20 minutes. It is pretty crazy cause Mason would nurse for 40 min every 2-3 hours. I know that there will be a growth spurt coming up soon and that means more nursing at night and day but that is what happens and I am ok with it.
~Yummmm! Milk coma!~

I have currently lost 22 lbs since I gave birth. I am now under my starting weight for this pregnancy 3 lbs. I did not do this well with Mason. I got stuck at 15lbs only and that was it until I made some drastic changes when he was 10 months old. With this one, the weight is just falling off. I know it will slow down in the next few days and weeks. I am waiting until 6-8 weeks postpartum to exercise and have a more strict diet. Right now it is all about milk supply and making sure we set that up as efficiently as possible.
~Matt and his boys!~
I am doing great. I am not ready for Matt to go back to work. He went back today all day and tomorrow through next week he will be doing half days. I am a little nervous as this morning was a little stressful on me. Thankfully GMA and GPA are still in town to help. And Saturday we will have my in-laws for a week and my sis in law will be here for a few days. Thankful for all the help we are receiving.
~Collin and Me: 1 week postpartum~

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Collin's Birth Story: Part 2

Here comes the fun part of the birth story.

We just got in the car, a stick shift, to make our way to the hospital. About 4:50 or so. I pulled the seat to a flat position and I was laying on my side. Matt held on to my thigh so I wouldn't roll off the seat or anything during my contractions or on turns. Matt was following our doula to the hospital because he was concerned about how to get there. I was telling him where to go though the whole time between contractions still. Ever the side seat driver I am.

I was definitely having regular contractions, which I was still thinking were my "GI cramps," but could possibly be labor. They did slow down just a little bit though in the car and I felt like I could rest more in-between them. I told Matt that I didn't want to have the baby in the car, at all, if it really was labor! (My doc had just told me a couple of stories lately about women not making it to the hospital and having the baby on the side of the road, in rush hour traffic.) As we were driving, after what seemed like a long time, I remember looking out the front window and telling Matt, WE ARE ONLY JUST OUSIDE OF FOREST LAKES?!? (about 2 miles from the house) HURRY!!! I was so upset because it was taking forever to get there and I was not having fun!

The car ride was interesting because Matt decided to keep me entertained. He was cracking jokes making me laugh, or saying things to me which he got smacked for, (talking about my blindingly white legs or bum, as I was wearing my tank dress and showing a lot of leg and it rode up a little bit!) But during contractions Matt got the worst of it. I grabbed his bicep and just squeezed as tight as I could. A few times I accidentally grabbed and pulled his arm pit hair through his shirt. To which he would make funny sounds, that would make me laugh during contractions which only made them feel worse. I often was laughing between contractions though which helped me relax a little more, but I was still concerned about making it to the hospital fast enough. I also texted my friend on the way saying, "YOU PUT ME IN LABOR!" She just responded, "NO WAY! ;)"

Our doula took a back way to the hospital which quickly turned into a one lane road with stop and go traffic. IN A STICK SHIFT. With contractions 3 min apart! It was not the best of car rides I have ever had in my life. The car ride continued like this for the remainder of the time. Me, laughing between contractions, smacking Matt in the arm, having contractions gripping Matt's arm with a vice like grip, which he did get bruises from and me yelling at the on lookers asking if they were enjoying the show. Yep there was one car that was staring at me during a contraction and I yelled back at them. A woman in labor is apparently funny looking.

We arrived at the hospital and our doula told Matt to park far from the door to make me walk and get the baby to engage completely. Matt happen to pick one of the the farthest parking spots from the door and I yelled at him for doing so. As we walked from the parking lot to the front door, I was having regular contractions. I had to stop and squat a little and I kept begging for a toilet. I really had to go, and I was having rectal pressure (which is a sign that baby was coming!) My doula asked me if I wanted to go in the grass, and NO I was not going to do that. I had 4-5 contractions from the car to the front door. When we got in the hospital Matt asked if I wanted a wheelchair. I said no I could walk and didn't want to sit. My doula said I could use the bathroom in the birthing room instead of the bathroom right by the front door just in case. I then suggested that we run to the L&D wing which happens to be at the VERY BACK WING in the hospital. I seriously tried 2 steps in a small run, and had to keel over and stop and squat as I felt the baby drop into my pelvis. I told them, HURRY, we have to hurry!

We hobbled down the long hallway that appeared get longer with every glance and finally made it to the L&D window with the big double doors. They asked my name and then I said, "I NEED A BATHROOM!" The nurses opened the door and it was just a quick walk to my room and I went straight to the bathroom toilet. Just a few minutes later my doc popped his head in and said he wanted to check me. I told him I wanted the tub. He then said he had to check me first then the tub.

He checked me and I was 6 cm. Only a 6 with the crazy contractions I was having. I was a little sad. He broke my water and I had 2 contractions while we waited for the tub to fill up and get the ok from the doc that I could go in. The doc said, "You are just going to be getting wet in the tub and that's it before you have to get out." He felt my cervix open as he broke my water so he knew that it was happening very quickly. Which he predicted that when I went, I would go fast! The nurse in the room looked me straight in the eye and slowly but very seriously told me, "You will not give birth to this baby in the tub. You will get out when you feel pushing. Do you understand me." Yes ma'am! She kind of freaked me out a little bit.

I waited till the second contraction was done and basically leapt out of the bed and ran to the tub. I got in but it wasn't helping as much. I felt sharp, sharp pain at the beginning of each contraction which I would let out a ear shattering scream, then I would be able to focus on my deep breathing. I had about 4 contractions and on the 5th I felt the urge to push. I called out and said, I am pushing! I just pushed. The nurse said, "ok after the next one get out!" I called out for Matt so that the nurse didn't have to help lift me out of the tub. I got out of the tub at 6:00 pm. I had my next contraction, screamed then went to my deep breathing and crying. It ended and I got up as fast as I could and stepped out of the tub and walked as quickly as I could to the bed. The nurse was drying me off with the towel and saying please don't slip. Oh gosh don't slip. I didn't care I was soaking wet I was not going to have another contraction unless I was in the bed.

On the way to the bed I told my doc, "I am not giving birth on my back!" My doc said he didn't care what position I was in just to hurry up. So I went on my knees and gripped the back of the bed in a kneeled squat position. I asked Matt for my hypnobirthing CD to play and he kept trying to put my ear phones in my ear attached to my nano. I yelled at him and told him to get my phone! Poor guy! Being on my knees didn't quite feel right and I asked for the bed to be lowered so I could be on hands and knees. This was my preferred position for this labor and will later find out why. It is a position which is great for opening up the pelvis another 2 cm or so greater than any other position. After 1 contraction on my hands and knees my doc said that I had to turn around to a squatting position! I couldn't comprehend how to turn around and told the doc I didn't know how. He said, "TURN AROUND NOW!" and I turned around. He then proceeded to poke around down there causing a super sharp pain which let out another high pitched scream and made me not want to push but to retreat from him. He said I had to push really, really hard where he was pressing. Between the 2nd and 3rd contraction I saw the Doc and the Nurse whisper something. I started wondering why this labor felt so much more difficult to push him out. It was taking EVERYTHING I had to get him out. After 3 pushes his head was out and the doc said "Don't push! The chord is wrapped around his neck, twice, very tightly." I looked down and could see Collin's head which was blue. The doc cut the chord and said, "we have to get him out NOW!" I gave one final push and out came Collin! He was born at 6:08.

I got to hold Collin and look at his beautiful face for a little bit. I was mesmerized by his blond hair and kept telling Matt he was a blond. The doc said that I had to get 2 little stitches just like last time, a minor 1st degree tear. Then, he explained why. He said that Collin was in a compound position or a nuchal hand. Collin's head was birthed with his hand up by his ear. The sharp pain I was feeling at the beginning of each contraction was basically Collin's hand, arm and elbow making me stretch a bit more than the regular 10 cm. (OUCH!)   Which has made my recovery a little bit more difficult this time around.

Collin's nurse came over and was checking him out and then said he wasn't breathing as well as they wanted. She worked on him a bit on my chest and then said that he needed to go to the station for extra oxygen.

Next, came my worry and panic as I worried over his health. I am going to add a 3rd part, sorry, but this is so long already on his very difficult transition into the world! I didn't even think about getting any pictures of him right after he came out because of the scare we had. Next post will have pictures!

To sum things up:

I started contractions around 2:30pm
Matt came home at 3:30
I got in the tub at my house around 3:45.
Called the doula at 4:15
Called the doc at 4:30
Got in the car around 4:50
Got in the labor and delivery room at 5:30
Water broken at 5:35
Got in the tub around 5:45
Got out of the tub at 6:00
Baby born at 6:08

No epidural, or pain meds for the birth. No time to even think about getting drugs if I had wanted it. But I wanted a natural labor and I got it. A Painful one but I still did it.

Total labor: 3 hours 38 minutes

PART 3: Complications and the scare of my life of Collin's Birth story: CLICK HERE.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Collin's Birth Story: Part 1

It's Friday morning and I finally get to put these thoughts and words down. I have been thinking about my birthing experience for the past few days, retelling the story to friends and family but actually writing it down is kinda absolute and finalizing that yes, I actually just did that! So here we go, Part 1.

I had been having contractions for a few days but they would pitter off into nothingness. Saturday, 5/17, we walked 5 miles during the day, I had contractions but they died out. Sunday I contracted throughout the day and in the evening I started having more contractions than normal and they weren't going away, and stronger. I started timing them earlier in the day and they were 12 min apart. I was convinced that Sunday was the day. I talked with my doula and she suggested that we get out of the house for awhile and just do something else to get my mind off of laboring. So we went and walked around target for about an hour and a half just getting a few things and looking at other areas and such. It is actually pretty easy to get swallowed up in Target for a long period of time.

We came back to the house, I made a ton of cookies, and my contractions picked up later that evening to about 8 min apart. I didn't want to have hard labor at home and I didn't feel all that comfortable with laboring here at the house, since we live about 35 min from the hospital. Talked to the doula and the doctor and I went in to the hospital that evening to get checked out and see what was going on. I was only 3 cm but I was 90% effaced at that point. Doc sent me home and told me specific instructions on when to come back. Contractions 3 min apart and such. (Before he had said the 5-1-1 rule, contractions 5 min apart, lasting for 1 min, for an hour) We got home around 1:30am.

The next morning after talking with my doula she suggested that I just not think about laboring at all and I made a goal to just ignore anything that felt like a contraction, and just go about my day. My doula also suggested that I take a small amount of castor oil to help unclog the plumbing because I had said I felt very blocked, and I was. So down the hatch the castor oil milkshake went. (doesn't matter how you mix castor oil it is gross!) I went about my day and ignored any contractions. Which I was having, but yeah. I vacuumed the house and did laundry. Cleaned up the rooms and kitchen.

I talked with my friend around 1:30 and we talked about my fears of laboring at home and worked through them. Before we ended the call around 2:30 I felt a stronger contraction that I couldn't actually ignore like the others. I remember I told my friend that I had to get more comfortable and change position. She was like, "okay?" I told her I was still have GI cramps from the darn castor oil that did clean me out, violently, in about 2 hours.  I got off the phone and went into the bathroom and kept having the "GI cramps". Matt came home around 3:30 and I was still in there. He peaked his head in asked what was going on and if I was ok. (He had heard me moan a little as he entered our room.) I told him I was still having GI problems. I left the toilet area and as I walked over to him, like 10 feet I doubled over in pain. He looked at me and said, "GI problems, huh?" I told him I took castor oil and had been dealing with that all day. I doubled over again and said, get the tub read. I will just go in the tub to help me deal with the cramping.

I got in the tub and Matt noticed that I was reacting to my "cramps" closely together. He asked how close they were. I had no idea. I kept calling for him to put pressure on my low back and every time he did I would just purr at how amazing it felt! He did a good job taking care of me!

After a little time I  said, "call the doula." We called her and she asked Matt to time the contractions. She was listening to me over the phone. In between my "cramps" she was asking me questions. I kept telling her that I wasn't in labor and it was GI cramps from the castor oil. She said she was on her way to our house but that we should really think about getting ready to leave for the hospital. I told her I didn't want to get sent home again and that it was from the castor oil. Matt got a few contractions in a row and was able to determine that they were 3 min apart on average. (some were only 2 min apart)

Our doula told us to call the docs office and see if we could come in and get checked out before the end of the day. We called the office at 4:30 and the office just closed. We had to call the answering service and wait for the doc to call us back. He called back and asked Matt the basic questions and could here me over the phone. Between a contraction Matt held the phone up to my ear for me to talk to him. I told the doc that I was having cramps from the castor oil I took. He asked how much and told him 2 oz. He said since I took it so early in the morning that I was actually in labor and it was not castor oil. I was going to have the baby today! I started bawling saying that I didn't want to get sent home again. He said I wasn't going to be sent home, and at that second I started another contraction. He told Matt to get me in to the hospital, NOW!

Matt got me out of the tub and I got dressed. Still having more contractions in which I had to kneel down to deal with. I rushed down the stairs so I didn't fall down in the middle of the contraction and at the base of the stairs kneeled down and had another contraction. Matt seemed to take forever to get the car ready and unlocked for me. Right as I was walking to the car our doula pulled up out front. Matt told her that the Doc said to go NOW! I got in the car and pulled the seat down to be on my side in the car. It was time to go to the hospital with my "cramps" from the castor oil, in rush hour traffic. It was about 4:45 at this point.

2 things happened in the day that I didn't want to do. I labored in my house, which I was very scared about doing, and now I was going to be having hard contractions in my car, which is a stick shift, in rush hour traffic.

CLICK HERE FOR PART 2, the actual fun part of labor and how quickly it went!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Totally In Love

I am totally in love with my new little cuddle buddy, Collin! I know I haven't written much since he has been born, but I just haven't posted it, yet. I plan on having part 1 to Collin's birth story up tomorrow for you and then part 2 a few days later. We currently have family in town and more to come in another week.

I'm spending my days recovering, nursing and spending time with Mason and lots and lots of cuddle time with baby Collin. I will get back to it soon, I promise. Oh and the 4 miler training program begins soon so I am so excited to write more about that and my experience with it!
~Our 1st family photo!~
 ~Me and my boys!~

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome Baby Collin!!!

Collin Edward Allen
7 lbs 1 oz
20 inches long

We are so happy to welcome Collin Edward Allen to this world! He made his very, very swift appearance Monday evening at 6:08pm after only 3.5 hours of labor. All natural, there wasn't even any time for the drugs. I will post his birth story in a couple of days after I get some time to gather my words correctly.

As far as the castor oil being the instigator to his birth, who knows. I did not take the "induction" amount of 4-6 ounces. I took 2 oz purely to unclog my plumbing which had been backed up for nearly 3 days. It might have cleared up the blockage enough to allow my body to go naturally though but I guess we will never officially know for sure. Stay tuned for the birth stories!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Those Old Wives' LIED!

Seriously old women, what's up with that! Why have you lied to me when you are supposed to be so old and WISE! I have tried the following to help encourage to this kid out:

Spicy Food
Lemon Drop Cupcake
Evening Primrose Oil
Relaxing Baths
Acupressure massage
Bumpy Car Ride, thanks to Matt and him slamming on the breaks a couple times.

Yet here I sit, typing away, still pregnant. LIARS! I'm calling it out on the old women! LIARS!

I did take castor oil this morning to help "unclog" the plumbing. So I took it, a small amount but I have taken it. It is awful! I wanna puke!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Week 2 Workout Recap

I am thinking that this is my last week in writing these as exercise is nonexistent at this point. And that I will be busy with baby and recovery. If not then it will be a pre-written post, like at least Thursday before as I am scheduled to be induced on Friday, May 23. But One can hope that I go before then, right?!?

Pregnancy changes: My belly is just bigger and I am less coordinated. My brain isn't working too well either. This kid has been sucking all smart brain cells from my head for his development. I often don't speak as clearly as I intend to or I have major "pregnancy brain." I put a box of cereal in the fridge and the milk in the pantry. (luckily, as I placed the milk on the shelf I realized it looked wrong and my mistake clicked. but boy did I feel silly.) Per my hubs I am more annoying right now.

I am a NAG! If I want things done I apparently want them done right away and I won't stop nagging him to do it until he does it. I am chalking it up to pregnancy hormones.

I am getting more OCD with my cleaning. I vacuumed the other day and I was literally getting down to clean up little spots on my kitchen floor so that it is "perfect" in my mind. Nesting is a crazy, weird thing! Glad that I got my house clean last Monday because then I would be more insane than I already am.

I have been working in the garden too making sure that our berries are coming in. Sadly the birds are noticing the yummy strawberries that have come in and are attacking them already. Time for a bird net.
~Blueberries, I have 4 plants. Mason's fav summer fruit~

Prepping for Baby: I finally caved and bought a pack of newborn diapers. We didn't have any. We have a ton of size 1 diapers but NB not a 1. Now we have like 24. So we are good.

Babies room is all ready and set up and we have a hamper in there for the baby. I am ready. Scary to admit but I am ready.

I also gave in to the local folklore and got the Lemon Drop cupcake that is said to induce labor. Seriously ask any local in C-ville and they will say, "Trying to get that baby out? Go to Cappellino's for the lemon cupcake. They said that if I go within 48 hours to call them and let them know and I will be on the board with the other 219 women who have had the baby within 2 days after eating their cupcakes.

I also made the nurses gift for the hospital L&D staff. Just a little thank you never hurts anyone. Last time with Mace because it was a scheduled induction we brought doughnuts in the morning. I swear we got better and happier nurses because of it.

Matt and I went out on our final date prior to baby arriving. We went to our fav Afghan restaurant. It is amazing and so yummy and a little spicy. (trying to get this kid out and so far it isn't working too well.)
~Butternut squash turnover with a garlic yogurt dip! SO YUMMY~
~Ground beef kabob, rice, nan and sweet potato side~

Prepping Mason for Baby:   Mason points out that baby will be Sitting next to him in the van and always says, Baby, when we get in the van. He likes to play in the crib and play with the stuffed animal we got for Baby from Mason. Still just talking to Mason about his brother and how much fun it will be. Can't really do anything else till the baby actually comes home.

Right now I am just enjoying my time with him as my single child. Lots of snuggle time and play time and lots of pix!

Workout Recap:
No workouts for me. I spent 2 days prepping for GAM to arrive and finish up making freezer meals. Then it rained a couple of days. and I am just so tired. I am trying to rest before the big D day! We did go on a family walk on Saturday. The weather was just so amazing.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

40 Weeks 3 Days

What does it feel like being over 40 weeks pregnant for those of you lucky ones that hatch prior to 40 weeks? (ahem, Katie, Jen, and Lisa!) It kind of feels like being 37, 38, 39 weeks pregnant just more tired and a bigger belly. Here are some things I am learning about how tricky it can be.

~Everyday I wake up wondering if today is the day I will have the baby. It doesn't really feel different than previous weeks but just the anticipation of, WHEN, is what is killing me now!

~I keep opening the doors and hitting my belly in the process. OUCH!

~I forget that I can't really bend over without killing my back or over stretching my round ligaments in the front of my belly. So Mason or Matt are picking up the things on the floor for me most days.

~Oh, and I feel like I am starving all the time the sad thing is, I can't eat very much because the size of the uterus is cramping up the room of my stomach. So small meals for me or I feel like I am gonna puke!

~Getting up from a sitting or laying position is also pretty tricky now a days. It takes a lot of concentration and effort to get up.

~I hate stairs. Truly hate the stairs in my house.

~I feel like I am going to burst at any point. Doc said when my water breaks I will know for sure as there is space between the babies head and the cervix. Doc said I will have a huge gush and then the head will slip down and stop up the hole but it will be a big mess when it happens. Oh joy! Loading the car with trash bags and towels now, just in case.

I had my doc appointment this past Thursday and doc again was surprised by my progress in a week. We scheduled my induction date, just in case, for Friday the 23rd. (With the weekend and the holiday if we wait till after holiday I will be 42 weeks and my doc does not like letting women go to 42 weeks. He prefers 41.5 as the max before induction. We we will be just shy of 41.5 weeks.) But he thinks that I will "BLOW" before that point. I am guessing today or tomorrow.

I am super spoiled though. I had an AMAZING deep pressure massage on Thursday and I was in some much of a state of bliss that I called Matt for no reason while he was at work just to tell him that I was so Haaaaappppyy! I was majorly hopped up on endorphins from that massage! I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday of this coming week incase I don't go. I am so spoiled, and thanks to my insurance I am so thankful for them covering the massages. One cool thing my massage therapist lets me listen to my HypnoBirthing CD during the massage and I get to practice and just utterly relax. It is AMAZING!

Well, lets see how much longer I take to have this baby. I am really praying and hoping that I go naturally before the induction!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

40 Weeks Today!

YEA! I have made it. I am 40 weeks as of today! Granted it is an "estimated" 40 weeks pregnant but I have definitely made it to a full term baby! He is ready to go. If I had a turkey timer (belly button pop out) it would have totally popped by now, but my innie is still very much an innie!

I have a few things going for me that might help me go into labor:

~Mom arrived last night. YEA! So that means we won't have to find extra help with Mason if/when I go. And she wanted to be here when baby arrives so she is here, time to come out baby!

~Tonight is a full moon. Yes, it is an old wives tale. No, I will not be going out naked under the moon doing a belly dance to get this baby out. But I might go sit on my front porch for a little bit under the moon.

~Had actual timeable contractions Sunday afternoon for a few hours. They were about 8 min apart and it lasted for about 2.5 hours. But they were not Braxton Hicks. They were wrapping from the back to the front and kind of had to make me think about them for a little bit.

~Having urges to squat or open up my hips more. I can tell the baby has dropped even more and is lower in my pelvis. (pelvic pressure and having to pee a ton more). So that is a good sign.

If I make it to my Thursday checkup I am going to ask the doctor to strip my membranes and hopefully get the show on the road to go this weekend! I might not be posting as much soon but I will let you know when I do hatch this baby and there will as always be tons of pictures for you to adore!
~Baby's Going home outfit! LOVE IT!~

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Then and Now

So I was just going through my photos and here I am at 3 weeks at the Women's 4 Miler Race and at 39 weeks! CRAZY how much the body changes in just 9 months!

Monday, May 12, 2014

May Week 1 Workout Recap

Happy Mother's Day yesterday! First week of May is done and over with and I'm seriously just ticking down the time till this baby arrives. I guess I am ready and have been for a few days. I have finally decided that it's ok if I don't make all the food I was planning. Or if my house isn't perfect. I feel content with how things are and how they are going. And am getting excited for baby to join us!

GMA arrives on tomorrow evening. We are excited to see her. I have Molly maids coming to my house today to do the big deep clean before baby arrives. Thanks to my hubs for his amazing Mother's Day gift!

Pregnancy Changes:  I'm huge. I feel huge. I'm tired a lot, except for when I get a kick to get something done. Then I just magically have the energy to do what I want to accomplish. Then I'm tired again. I don't have heartburn anymore as the baby has dropped. Still getting kicked in the ribs but now I just have to pee all the time! I also often forget about the size of my belly and often open the door and I am not standing back far enough and end up hitting my belly with the door or whatever.

Baby is ready to come out. Well, at least we think he is. He can survive just fine now out in the world whenever he decides to come. Doc says that he is perfectly average and at my appointment last Thursday he said he is a healthy 7 lbs based on size and such. He also said that I am just a ticking time bomb and I can go at any time. I was 1 cm dilated (not very much but he said based on my last labor I dilate easily since I relax so well during labor.) I am also 70% effaced/thinned out. And baby is finally locked and loaded in my pelvis at a -2 station. The effacement and pelvis station all changed in the last week and he was surprised by how much I had changed in the last week with that. That is why he thinks I am just going to go at any time. I could very well have had baby by the time this posts. (I'm writing this a little early, one less thing to do next week)

Prepping for Baby:  I have made a ton of food. As you have seen from my previous posts and Facebook. This past weekend I made 2 batches of bread (that's 4 loaves) putting my total to 7 frozen loaves of bread now. I still have to make a spaghetti casserole (Matt's family recipe). And put together the chili. (I will just cook 4 lbs of ground beef together and take out a pound for the chili and then assemble it and put it in the freezer bags and then in the freezer. It's a crock pot meal.) And I think that will be it with the freezer prep for me. That will mean I made all but 3 meals. Not bad!

Matt and I had "the talk". No, not that talk, silly! The talk of what if I don't make it or there is an emergency. Or something happens. He needs to know what I want and all that. We were both crying talking about my final preparations. I know we had the talk just before Mason too. My friend thinks it is totally morbid to talk about it but childbirth is still a dangerous thing that we women go through. My friend's SIL had her new baby and a couple days later died due to a complication from labor. She died 2 days before Christmas. She was a very healthy woman and mother of 2. I just think it is important for Matt to know what I want in the end and all.

Bags are packed. List is made of final things to be grabbed in a hurry. Mason's bag is packed incase I go early and he has to have a sleep over at a friends house. And Archer's food is organized. We are baby ready!

Prepping Mason For Baby: We just keep taking about baby joining our family. About how fun it will be when he arrives. Mason has seen me hold another baby more than once this past week and he didn't freak out at all. He was very good. He sat next to me and cuddled up next to me. It was very cute, but this was a baby that could go home and wasn't stuck here for days and days. He is acting like a big brother to kids that are younger. Trying to guide them and correct them. But he also is still learning his strength and learning good and bad things to do as he pushed his friends off the coffee table.

Workout Recap:
Sunday: rest

Monday: 2 mile walk

Tuesday: cleaning house

Wednesday: rest (food prep and play date)

Thursday: 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga. (last class)

Friday: 2 mile walk

Saturday: 1 mile walk

Total Mileage: 5 miles
39 weeks pregnant

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

This day has been one of the hardest, most special and now a little bittersweet for me. The first 8 years of our marriage I really hated this day. It was a reminder that I couldn't get pregnant. All my friends were and their families grew and expanded over the years and our was stagnant. Not matter what we did I couldn't get pregnant. I hated receiving the Pity Flower at church. (Here you go sister Allen here's a flower that is supposed to be for moms but you aren't a mom yet and we will give you one anyways because that is what we were told to do.) I know that that is not the real intent of the flower but that is how I felt at church every year. It got to the point that I stopped going to church on Mother's Day because I just couldn't take it anymore.

Then I finally got pregnant. It was amazing. I relished the day. I loved it. I earned that flower for the first time, but wait, baby wasn't here yet and something could still happen and I could end up not being a mom because something could happen. But that year I went to church and I collected my flower and was proud of it! Got an amazing Mother's Day gift from Matt that year too. He knows my feelings on that day and normally doesn't get me anything but that year, 2011, he got me a massage, facial and just a pamper day at an amazing spa! It was amazing!

Last year is when this day has become bittersweet to me. I miscarried the day before Mother's Day. (which happens to be Mother's day this year.) I was 12 weeks pregnant and knew it was coming. Matt wasn't home yet from being away at military and wasn't going to get here until the 12th. I went through the miscarriage all on my own. I was alone. Crying my eyes out, and didn't have anyone here to help me or anything. It was awful. Thankfully that day Mason was amazing and was asleep a ton on that Saturday afternoon after a playdate from that morning. I didn't go to church the next day. I just wasn't feeling well and hello I just had a miscarriage. I was thankful for Mason and the blessing he is in my life. I knew that this day would be a little harder for me from now on.

But what a miracle things have become. I get pregnant without expecting it and when is my due date, right around the time of my last miscarriage. CRAZY HUH! I am so thankful that I will have a happy memory to help shadow my sad loss of last year. And whenever baby decides to come we will be so happy to finally welcome him in our family. We are truly blessed by the graciousness of God in our lives who has blessed up with this little miracle!

Please don't feel sad for me on this post. It is a post of growth and learning and it is apart of me. Here is a little picture roundup on how my life is with Mason.
~Allen Family Est. 2002. Best Day Ever!~

~Next Best Day of my life just over 8 years later~

~There's always lots of snuggle time in this house. Just too cute a kid not to snuggle with!~

~Cute little boy!~

~There's plenty of play and fun in our house everyday!~

~There's also a lot of this in our house. He is a little bit of a drama King!~

 ~But at the end of the day, he's my little man and we will always love each other!~

 ~Love my squeezes!

 Thank you Mason for making me a Mommy and loving it everyday! I love you son!

~I am so excited to be a mommy of 2 sons! See you real soon Baby!~

Friday, May 9, 2014

39 Weeks 2 Days

This is the furthest pregnant I have ever been. I was induced at 39.1 weeks with Mason since Daddy was leaving for Iraq just 3 days after he was born. At 39 weeks exactly with Mason I remember going to church that day and being miserable. I could not get comfy. I was huge. My feet hurt. My back hurt. It was stifling hot in the building. Sitting in church for 3 hours was so hard. Plus I was super excited to meet this little man that was kicking at me so much.
~39 weeks with Baby #2~
~39.1 Weeks Pregnant with Mason (day of induction)~
(my hair is about the same length, funny! I love my hair when pregnant because it is actually thick instead of super fine and thin!)

At 39 weeks this time, (Wednesday) I had way too much energy. Made a batch of bread (2 loaves), taco soup for freezer meal, lemon squares. Had a play date at my house and went out with friends for dinner. I did take a little nap when Mason napped so that is how I guess I keep up good energy during the day but man what a difference this pregnancy has been compared to Mason. I will end this pregnancy at the same weight I did with Mason but less baggage on me. I feel like my butt hasn't gotten as big this time around or my thighs for that matter considering I could still fit in my black performance pants at the end of this pregnancy. My face isn't as fat or swollen as it was with Mason. And my belly just seems more compact this time around. I just feel so much better. Thanks to all all the exercise I did while pregnant is what I am chalking it up to at this point. Yea for a fit pregnancy!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Walk, Walk, Walk

Here I am in my final week(s) of pregnancy. One of the best ways to get a kid out is to WALK! So I am walking about 2 miles almost everyday. It has been so beautiful outside that we can't help but get out and have fun.

But also, I have had an amazing kick in energy lately. (Finally got that nesting feeling.) I haven't been wearing my pedometer around the house but I can tell you I am doing a lot of walking up and down my stairs, bending, and squating getting things ready for baby to arrive. By the end of the day I feel spent, my back hurts and I just pass out almost immediately when my head hits the pillow (even thought I still read a little before falling asleep and often get wacked in the face by my Paperwhite or Matt takes the Kindle away because I am out for the count.)

Whether I walk outside for my 2 miles or do stuff around the house, I feel like I am getting the same amount of walking done or at least the same amount of effort goes into either. So lesson learned. Cleaning your house is super good for you if you can't get out and go on a walk. Just clean your house, or keep it clean in my case because I don't want to have to do a massive pickup clean before Monday (that's when the big clean gets done by MOLLY MAIDS!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Exactly 1 Week Till My Due Date

Well here I am. 7 days away from my "estimated due date" for this baby. Sunday I started to get that, I feel awful feeling that many momma's get at the end of their pregnancy. (maybe I was excited about the prospect of yummy Mexican food) But Monday I felt like I had a good kick of energy for most of the day. I got a lot more organized and cleaned up in my house which feels amazing to get things progressing to cleaning up the clutter. I even organized the garage a little better. (don't really want to fall down from all the clutter in the garage when carrying baby.) Here are some things that I have done to get ready for baby:

Food prep:
I have been cooking like a mad woman building up our stock pile of frozen meals so that I won't have to "cook" after baby for awhile. It's a lot of food and I am basically making one meal a day at this point.

In the last week I have made: 
16 breakfast burritos (1 batch makes 10 burritos)
4 pans of chicken enchiladas (one batch makes 4 8x8 pans)
2 pans of chicken tetrazzini (one batch makes 2 8x8 pans)
Large pot of taco soup (makes about 12 servings).
1 frozen loaf of bread (we ate the other loaf for last week) I just need to stock pile them now

I still have to make:
Red sauce enchiladas (2 8x8 pans)
pasta fagoli soup (12 servings)
spaghetti casserole (4 8x8 pans)
quiche (2 pie pans)
chicken pot pie (2 pie pans)
Pot of chili soup (12 servings)
6 loaves of bread

All this food is for some while guests are here and we are hoping to have some even after the family leaves so that I still don't have to cook while I am adjusting to being a mom of 2. That is the plan let's see if it actually works.


I am cleaning and organizing all the rooms of the house it feels like. I believe this is called nesting. I have some boxes that have to be moved down to the basement to get them out of the main part of the house or hidden in closets. It just feels good to finally get things moving and cleaned up even more so.

Also I am scheduled to have Molly maids come out Monday to put the spick and span touch on my house for me. I just don't have the energy to vacuum and mop all in one day the whole house, plus they will deep clean the bathrooms and dust the whole house and just make my house sparkle before our guests arrive. My goal is though to clean the carpet in the main level living room since that has the most stains thanks to Mason and not wanting to keep his food in the kitchen area.

Still need to finish up with the baby clothing too. All of this has to be done by Saturday the 10! I refuse to clean on mother's day and the cleaning ladies will be here early Monday.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Being from AZ this is a yummy day for us. Every year Matt and I go to our fav Mexican Restaurant and enjoy our (I mean Matt's) family traditions. Matt's mom grew up in Mexico and Matt spent many summers in Mexico. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Cinco De Mayo today.

Also, thought I might have a Cinco De Mayo baby last night but nope it is just the fun times of having early labor during the night every night! Plus my doc is out of town until late tonight, so no baby today. 5/5/14 has a nice ring to it though!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Week 5 Workout Recap

Only a few more of these left where I am actually working out, at least until July-ish. This past week I had my first "flocking" for the Women's 4 Miler Training Program as a pink lady. I am so excited to work with and meet all the other Pinks this summer! Hoping that there are enough mommas with strollers that I can lead a group this year. However, I won't be doing hard walking until July, to give my body the 6 weeks it needs to really heal. But still I am so excited to help in any way I can.

Time is getting short as a mommy of only one son. I am really enjoying my cuddle time with Mason this week and over the next week or however long it takes baby to join our family. It is still a guessing game at this point.

Pregnancy Changes- Had my checkup on Thursday with my OB and he told me I am not to have this baby this weekend because he is running the Tacoma Washington marathon on Sunday. He really wants to deliver my baby because he knows I will go all natural (no pain meds) and we talked about me doing Hypnobirthing and he is super stoked about that. Baby is still super high up but I am dilated. He just didn't determine how much because he didn't want to aggravate my cervix and make it start opening more. My guess is either a 1-2 at most 3 cm. (I was at 3cm with Mason at 37 until the induction at 39.1 weeks).

Not as much heartburn this week. (Thank goodness) Baby has dropped a tiny amount. But he is engaged in my right hip bone. (wrong place baby to be engaged) But I know he will move to the right place when he is ready to. still says baby is as big as a watermelon. My weight gain is up to 14lbs. My doc is super excited with how well I have done this pregnancy. He says that my belly is measuring right at 38 weeks and that I have a very average sized baby in there. (roughly about 6.5 lbs right now)

Prepping For Baby- Bags are all packed. Had the itch all week. I am keeping all my black and pj bottoms near the bag for easy packing when we have to leave. Plus I am living out of my medicine bag in the bathroom for easy pack when we need to.

Archer's food is all separated out. Mason's stuff isn't really put together though so he isn't ready. Also I still have to clean all the clothing off the floor of the nursery and get that put away. But I am feeling relatively ready for baby.

Prepping Mason For Baby- Mason and I have been talking a lot about him becoming a big brother. His responsibilities, and how he is going to have a new best friend. He has been kissing my belly more and saying hi to baby more. He has been such a great friend this week in helping his younger friends stay safe, (a 1 year old was here and when he left the area his momma and I were sitting Mason would go grab him and steer him back into the room saying, "No no, go Mama.") (Another friend who is 2, Mason would encourage him to stay sitting at the dinner table when they were eating together. And was taking turns and sharing.) He has also been escorting me to my car door and helping me in the car and shutting the door for me. (Matt has been there to put him in his car seat and strap him in.) It is super cute. He likes to walk me to the bathroom and close the door for me when I say I have to go. (So efficient) It is kind of sad with how much he is growing up so soon.

He is also talking a ton more. Everyday he has new words he is saying, surprising me and Matt. And he is starting to put words in sentences or copy how we say phrases. This will make it so much easier for when Baby arrives. I will know what Mace wants and be able to help him as best as I can.

Workout Recap:

Sunday: rest (had my concert)

Monday: 2 mile walk (with 1/2 mile slow jog) 18 min/mile. 30 min stationary bike

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: last day at gym. 2 mile walk. Super slow just having fun

Thursday: gardening day

Friday: 2 mile walk outside in the beautiful weather we are having!

Saturday: 2 mile family walk (studio spring piano recital and last day of teaching before extended summer break!)

Total Mileage: 8 miles
38 weeks pregnant
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