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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting Back To Normal Life…NOT

It is so hard returning from a vacation. You get out of the habits of everyday life. And with a very regular 2 year old. It has been a trying one for me here at the house. Poor kid had his toys taken away because he refused to clean them back up. A whole week we spent without toys and the responsibility of him having to clean up after himself and he forgets, or just doesn't want to. (I am not a mean mom, but the rule in this house is to clean up the toys before he comes up from the basement. If he doesn't then toys go bye-bye for a day.) Usually after taking 1 or 2 toys away he cleans but the other day, nope. Half of his toys were locked in the storage room.

At least his sleeping and napping schedule isn't too far off. Now we are adjusting to to my hub's new work schedule he was assigned yesterday. Let's just say, these are going to be long, long, long days with the kid and I before I get relieved of my duties!

Positive note, started going through some pictures from the trip, not race related. These are definitely my fav! It was Mason's first meet and greet. He patiently waited, in his stroller for his turn, to meet his favorite character, Captain America! There were lots of Awe's from everyone watching as Mason gave him a hug, and CPT seemed to really enjoy it and was very good with Mason. Probably going to print these off and hang them in Mason's room!

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