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Thursday, April 9, 2020

"Netflix" of Fitness All Time Record For At Home Workouts | BOD Fitness Library

The CEO of the company I'm a coach with, Beachbody, made an exciting announcement the other day!

Over 700,000 workouts were streamed in a single day on our online fitness platform, Beachbody On Demand, with the best of the best workouts for working out at home, or anywhere! No problems with bandwidth either. The platform was running perfectly! If you are looking for workouts to do in your house, this is the way to do it! Check it out here! Our 3 month membership starts at $39 with no monthly fees. And the year membership is $99. Pay once and you are set for the whole year! Plus this month we are adding BOD GROUPS! An all in one access to me as your coach and the support of my groups together! 

If you are looking for workouts to do while at home during this quarantine, USE THIS LINK TO GET THE HOOKUP! Our membership includes not just access 800+ workouts, but also, trainer tips, extra bonus enhancement workouts for many of the programs, nutrition guides, meal plans, recipes, including our healthy cooking show, FIXATE, with all the comfort food, health-ified. Plus you get me as your coach and mentor to help support you along the way. If you want to upgrade with one of our 2 complete nutrition programs or add on any of our amazing supplements (the very same ones I use) USE THIS LINK TO CHAT WITH ME VIA EMAIL TODAY! 

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