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Friday, March 14, 2014

Prepping For Labor- Mommy's Packing List

It's getting to be that time where I need to have a bag packed and in a place easy to grab just in case we have to leave in a hurry. I am going to do this in 3 parts. One for Mommy, Daddy and one if you already have children even if they aren't leaving the house. So stay tuned for the next 2 over the next couple of weeks!

Remember Father of the Bride 2, where Annie goes into labor and George, (Steve Martin) is running around with his head cut off. Has to look for the keys to the car, then runs back in to grab the bags which are right next to the door, then has to run back in because he forgot his son, Matty. Keep in mind most cases of labor will not be like this. You might feel like this, the stress of, Oh my goodness baby is going to fall out if right now if I am not in the hospital at this very second! But often labor takes hours, or even days, or weeks. Yes weeks! As Annie shows in the next scene it was a false labor and they return to the house exhausted. (I still have no idea how long mine will take since Mace was induced. So this is the part even I am a little nervous about. How will I know when it is real?)

Father of the Bride 2 had things going for them. They had the bags packed. I wanted to share my list of things that you want to think about packing in your bag and keep you bag in a place where your hubs and family members who are with you know about so when you do go, it is easy to remember. Or have it tucked away in your room and as your due date approaches move it closer to the garage or front door.

What to pack for Mommy: Starting from bottom of bag up.
~Going home outfit for you and for new baby and going home blanket for baby (I have a special one, don't forget baby socks too!)
- bring your comfy sweat pants. No jeans here cause you won't want to pull them on. And bring a pregnancy top too as you will have a bump still. (see Kate Middleton pix of Prince George meeting the world)

~Washed blankets from home for baby to get used to smell of home while in the hospital.

~clothing to wear for your hospital stay. 2 tops 2 bottoms (sweat pants again or capris or loose fitting non tight stuff). PJ's would be great, I just choose black bottoms or dark bottoms because of the after birth bleeding that happens, unless you want to wear the hospital gown.

~Nursing bras (2, just in case) and pads, along with nipple cream or coconut oil in a small container

~Cheap flip flops for the showers

~toiletries- toothbrush, hair brush, hair tie, face wash, shampoo and conditioner, glasses case, contacts and solution and makeup if you so choose.

~Birthing gown (I choose not to use the open butt gowns the hospital has and I bring a night dress that goes down to my knees and has thin straps. (Nursing gown from Old nearly 3 years old.) More comfy. Check with doc and hospital to see if allowed.)
UPDATE* Don't forget to bring a robe with you so you can walk around the hospital if you have to during labor.

~Birthing sports bra or nursing bra- I have a black one that I will use again to give birth in. Keep in mind this one will get messy from when you meet your baby as they will place the baby on your chest or belly when they are born. That is why black. My cousin did hot pink though.

~Chapstick and hair tie easily accessible for use while laboring. You will need it.

~Charger for phone, tablet and all electric things you are bringing. (make sure your camera if bringing one that is not your phone, has a fully charged battery prior to being packed.)

~Ipod or MP3 player and headphones (or have these close to where your bag is so that you don't forget.)

~Insurance card, birth plan, pre-registered hospital card, picture ID and list of what you packed to make sure you bring it all home in a file folder so that you can check into the hospital and also add the hospital paperwork to before you leave the hospital too.

I am hoping to do most of my laboring at home prior to the hospital. And when I get to the hospital I want to be all work no play basically. But if getting induced, bring a good book or crossword puzzle or a game with you and make sure you rest because inductions can take some time and it can get boring just sitting there watching the clock, which you will do even if you bring a book, game or rest. I also bring essential oils with me to help calm me or help me through the labor. My doula and hubs will administer them to me during labor.

Other women bring their Boppy pillow with them or a pillow from home. I don't, because that is just more stuff to take home when your hands are going to be full of stuff, including your new baby!

But these are my essentials. If I think of anything else to add between now and DD I will update this post!

QOTD: What do you think is the most essential thing to pack to the hospital?

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