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Are you ready to work at your own pace and want to take that first step to balance your fitness, health and busy life? How would you like a community of women just like you on their own journey, but supporting each other as you go along?  Join my FREE PRIVATE Health and Fitness Community for daily motivation and support + Get my FREE gift to you to START CLEAN EATING TODAY (link in group to get your free Clean Eating Guide). AND there are more tools to help you in the FILES section to help you with nutrition tracking!

Want to track your meals to help you stay on track during the week? Print out this weekly meal plan HERE
Here's my complete list of BEST FOODS TO EAT TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT-- This list is from the approved foods list on the 21 Day Fix Program available with our online streaming fitness library Beachbody On Demand! Stick to the top 1/3 of the list! 

My popular Early Bird Workout Challenge! 


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