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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Springtime = Races, Races, Races!

With the welcoming of spring comes the new season of Races! Spring is the start time for most races in central VA. As it is finally starting to warm up a bit and the chance of snow is way less, however this coming Tuesday is saying that we are supposed to expect to see more snow! (I am ok with this snow because it is delaying the nasty humid summer from beginning too early and the blooming of the spring flowers and trees when my allergies go NUTS!)

Where To Find Races: There are so many races coming up near where I live and I am sure there are where you live too. (AZ and FL races tend to happen early in the year as it is just getting too warm to safely run races now.) You can go to to find races near you. I put in my info and within 100 miles from my house there are 306 races between today, 3/22 and 4/22. They even list healthy kid runs too! There also could be local races that aren't registered with runners world so check your local newspaper or running shop to find out when and where!

How To Pick Races: Go through your list and figure out what distance you want to do. And determine how far you would like to travel in that day. A ton of races are up in DC for us and going to DC a ton just doesn't do it for us. That place is a parking disaster so I would. I know that next year I will run in the C-ville 10 miler, (been wanting to do that 2 years in a row but too far pregnant this year.) But I would also love to run in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC. (there is a 5k there too) So pick wisely.

Listen To Your Body: Don't overdo it. I know it is such an amazing feeling to finally run outside comfortably after such a long and cold winter, but don't schedule a race every weekend unless you are used to doing so. For me, (if I weren't pregnant) that would still be insane. My body would be so mad at me. It likes its recovery time. We need it. (that is another problem with the spring race circuit.) Every race is jammed packed in there every weekend. The C-ville 10miler is on March 29. The C-ville marathon, 1/2 and 10k is on April 5. The Cherry Blossom 10 miler and 5k are on April 6. Know your body and what it can handle.

HAVE FUN! Whatever you do decide to do, have fun! This is a race but the only person you are trying to beat is yourself. I try to PR every time I run because that is what this is all about. We train to better ourselves and every time we race/run we will get better. If you don't PR, that is ok too. You finish that race as best as you can. Make mental notes and still have fun. You are running in a race instead of sitting on your butt eating bon-bons! You are taking care of your body and trying to help yourself live longer! YOU ARE AMAZING!

(These races listed are the 3 I would pick to be in for the spring, doing a 5k for the Cherry Blossom race. Sadly they are every weekend. Not sure if my body could handle that but something to train for, for next year!)
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