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Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween recap! I love Halloween and we thankfully were all able to coordinate! Third year in a ROW! WOW! AWESOME! This year we were Jurassic World. I was Claire the boss lady in heals! Matt was a tourist wearing a Jurassic Park shirt. Mason was a T-rex and Collin was a T-Rex hatchling. We got lots and lots of "OH how cute" And fun comments. Mason and Collin made out like bandits with the amount of candy they got. We let them go hog wild that night and then started to ration their candy the next day. It has worked great for bargaining with Mason.

On top of that, I wore a different wig everyday for my challenge group and students. It was so much fun rocking a fun and different hair color. Some wigs were better than others but still fun. What is your fave?
Bonus day 6:

I hope you all had a great Halloween. Be sure to check out my FACEBOOK page to get daily motivation and tips, recipes and support!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Week 5 Recap

Another week done and over with. Time is just going by so quickly! I am so happy though that I started the month with a race and I ended the month with a really good long run. Well the run could have been better but still 7 miles! Super happy with that.

So why could the run have been better. My shoes. The real test of the shoes was on my long run. I said that I was a little on the fence about them and my suspicions were correct that they just weren't going to work out. During the week I went walking and did the elliptical and my feet just felt cramped like crazy in them. And on Saturday for my 7 miles I could literally feel the pounding of the pavement on my feet, my knees actually started to ache, which has never happened before, and my toes went numb around mile 4 or so. When I got home I had a knot on the bottom of my foot at the arch, because I was so squished in the shoes. And under the nails of my pinky toes on both feet have little bruises on them.

I went back into the store and worked with my running coach and owner personally and he said that they were just too cramped. I have really wide big feet. (Sasquatch here!) He had me try on a few more pairs. And they found my same style of shoes, that I had previously but in a guys shoe and when I put it on I felt like I was home. My feet just felt so comfortable. However they are a 10 and I really should be in a 10.5. The 10's worked but he ordered the Brooks Adrenaline 15 for me to try in the 10.5. Men size by the way. So the new shoes should be in sometime this week for me to compare. So the search for shoes are still afoot! (I had to totally write that!) Until then I have my not so comfy shoes, without the liner and coach said that it should work fine for 1 shorter run. I have older Nike's that aren't all dead that I can use too if I need to.

Mason and Collin- Not much is going on here with these two boys. They are keeping me busy as per usual. Trying to keep the house clean with these two is becoming more and more difficult. Collin is now trying to learn to climb up the stairs. He keeps crawling to them and wants to tackle them but hasn't quite learned how to do that yet. Mason is a good older brother when he wants to be. We are having communication issues right now, where if he doesn't get what he wants he tells me to GO AWAY! (makes me want to cry) No idea how to change that or help with that.

Long run of the week:
7.07 miles. 1 hour 48 min- 15:24 min mile

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Week 4 Recap

So my thing has has me doing indoor walking videos and PiYo. Read below for why we were at the house all week. As far as with PiYo I can tell a difference in my flexibility since the last time I did PiYo. The body is amazing. I started PiYo a couple of months after I had my second son. I still had the hormone relaxin in my system. Now that he is 8 months old, relaxin is completely gone and I am NOT as flexible as I was. I am looking forward to doing Buns and Core this week though. I am really trying to increase my leg strength right now. I have been doing squats everyday. This week I will be doing 50 squats a day. (5 rounds of 10) I didn't do my run on Saturday. I went and got my new shoes and never made it out later that day due to family stuff. ARGH! That means more work this week at the gym.

Mason: Is being so polite lately. He has learned to say you're welcome and excuse me. But on the flip side he also says go away. So it is a work in progress. He sure does love playing with his brother. And Collin loves it too. Collin just giggles away not matter what Mason is doing to him. They are going to be great friends!

This past week was an indoor week for us. We are in the midst of potty training Mason and he isn't quite ready to wear underwear out of the house just yet. But we did make some great progress this week with him though. Only 9 more #2's on the potty and he will get his reward dinosaurs. Potty training is going ok. He will wear underwear now, YEA, and only has 1-2 accidents a day, most days none at all. He refuses to go #2 on the potty. He did have a massive accident yesterday at church as it was our first experience out of the house without a diaper. He wanted to play and didn't tell his teacher he needed to go.

Collin: Collin likes to get himself in trouble these days. He has learned what the word "No" means and thinks it is funny every time. Kid wants to kill himself. He always goes to the stairs and the dog water dish and we always say no. He just looks at us and thinks we are the funniest people in the world. He will crawl to us if we ask him to. And it is super sweet. He is sleeping so well at night right now, only waking up mostly at 5:30am for a feeding then goes back to sleep till 9am. He does mommy quiet time too. He will go down at 12:30, on the dot, and will sleep till 2:30-3pm. Then he is up for a little while longer and takes about a 45 min nap from 5ish-6. Then goes to bed by 8:30pm. He tells us he is ready to go to bed. After nursing he will look at his bed as a sign that he is ready to go in. He doesn't fuss or complain. He just pushes himself up to look at me as I leave then plops his head down and is out for the count! IT IS AMAZING!

Workout Recap:
Sunday: rest
Monday: Squats- 40- 1 mile indoor walk
Tuesday: Squats- 40- 2 miles indoor walk
Wednesday: rest - PiYo Lower
Thursday: Squats- 40 - 2 miles indoor walk
Friday: Squats - 40 - 1 mile indoor walk
Saturday: rest got my new running shoes!

Fitbit Totals: 
Steps- 60,736 = 26.51 miles
Total stairs- 60
(I believe that I was charging my fitbit on Wednesday and that is why it didn't register any walking so, the numbers are off!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Week 3 Recap

Sorry this is 2 days late...again! This week we have been hit with a puking baby and a potty training toddler who thinks he needs to sit on the potty every 5 seconds. It is good that Mason is so dedicated to going potty but he requires me to be with him at all times. So it has been a pretty crazy few days here in the Allen home.

I am super happy with how last week went. I have been doing more for me. I have made it a goal to do squats every day to help build my leg strength and get some PiYo into my exercise routine as well. The gym attendance wasn't all that great but I still took care of me as much as I could. Life with 2 is challenging that is for sure!

Oh and an update on my running shoes. My coach is the owner of the running shoe store here in town. I stopped on the track to tell him on Saturday I was going to be in soon and if it was safe for me to go out on my run in the shoes or not. I showed him and he said that I need to get them replaced very soon and the way the shoes are could cause a stress fracture in my foot if I run too much longer in them. So new shoes it is. Just getting down there with 2 kids, almost impossible. Hoping this weekend to get my shoes taken care of.

Mason: Mason is learning more and more dinosaur names. And one thing that I have really noticed this past week is his growth in imagination. He is playing more with his toys. Making sounds for them to do things and using his toys to talk with each other. He makes his T-Rex eat other dinosaurs or the other dinos eat his T-Rex. But it just isn't with his dinos he does this with. He has a little Mickey and Goofy toy and they talk to each other and drive the car. It is really cool to watch him play with his toys now.

Collin: Collin is doing more crawling and standing. He is trying to stand at every moment he can find. We have been concerned about his weight. He has lost about half a pound since his 4 month appointment. So I have been trying to fatten him up with healthy fats and eating more solid foods in general. His main goal these days is to play with whatever toy brother is playing or grabbing mommy or daddy's tablet away. And sucking on any chord he can find! No teeth yet just lots of toothless grins for this momma!

Sunday: rest
Monday: 1 mile slow walk
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: PiYo lower define
Thursday: 30 min speed walk 30 min elliptical
Friday: 2.5 mile slow walk
Saturday: 6.13 mile run/walk. 15:10 min/mile pace. Super happy with this because it was on the 10 miler course and I just kept a consistent run a little walk a little pace.

Plus 30-40 squats every day.

Total Steps: 63,333 equal to 29.01 miles
Total Stairs: 54 (not including the hills from my 6.13 miles. I had to charge the thing. It died!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January Week 2 Recap

This past week I was hit with miserable exhaustion! Hence why this is out 2 days late! I have been in such a bad habit of going to bed super late and then sleeping in, in the mornings. That it has just thrown off my whole schedule. I am eating later in the day and my whole eating pattern is off too. I am going to be trying better this week to be in bed and asleep by 10pm. (as long as the kiddos let me!)

My workouts suffered a little because of it but as long as I get my weekly mileage in I am ok with that. I will say that this last Saturday my legs felt like they didn't have enough strength. I felt like I really had to dig deep and push my legs while running around Charlottesville. There are a TON of hills here in Charlottesville and I just feel like I need a little extra boost in my leg strength to get me comfortably over these hills. So I am going to add PiYo back into my training mix to help with my flexibility, and overall strength. The more I read about PiYo and how amazing it is for running the more excited I am to add it back in again.

Mason: Mason loves being a big brother. He loves to pick on Collin, like a typical big brother does, but he also shows him the most heart warming love I have ever seen. Often when Collin cries Mason alerts us to it and will rush over and give him a hug, kiss and a pat on the head. He also loves to help Collin out by fetching his toy for him when Collin throws is down on the ground. Mason is learning new dinosaur names everyday! He now knows pentaceratops.

Collin: Is growing up way too quickly. We found out this week that he is still not gaining enough weight. Thanks in part to him crawling so much and being such an active baby. So Now I am pumping him full of healthy fats and he really does love it. Since I started feeding him solids, I have noticed that my milk supply has suffered so we are trying to boost that back up too by making sure he nurses first before solid food feedings. And I was advised by his doc to add in 1-2 more feedings during the day. So already in the last half of this week he is starting to fill out more, and even spit up at the end of feedings because we are actually topping off the tank! He is cruising for sure now. He will pull himself up on anything and walk along the couch or whatever he is standing next too. His face is just plastered with a HUGE "I DID IT!" grin and he is such a happy and loving and happy baby!

As I said earlier, my workouts took a decline this past week due to me just not taking care of me and going to bed so late. (even my dad made a comment the other night about how I was going to bed so late!) My runs this week weren't the best. My legs were still recovering from the Saturday long run so my 3 mile run ended up being a 2 mile walk. I have decided that I need to do my running days on Tuesday and Thursday again. Because Monday is just too soon after my long runs for my legs to function properly!

Sunday: rest
Monday: 2 mile walk
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 1 mile walk
Thursday: rest
Friday: 1 mile walk
Saturday: 5 mile run 15:59 min/mile. It was 18 degrees and it hurt to breath. I just wanted to finish. And I ran to the downtown mall. That is just so "far" away and unbelievable that I ran to there from the university. (all my c-ville peeps will know what I am talking about!)

Total Steps: 55,570 Equals 24.75 miles
Total Floors: 94

Monday, January 5, 2015

NYD5K Race Recap

My first race recap of the year! Oh how fun!
~Pink faced from the race. I look like I am dying but I am fine!~

New Year's morning I braved the wind and cold to run a 5k. I was told the week earlier by one of the coaches from my training program that the beginning is a dirt road. For nearly a week I was wondering what that meant. Like super rocky, like break my ankle cause I am super clumsy or if it meant anything else.

I got a ride from my friend J. It was a lot colder than we were expecting and very windy but the winds really weren't that bad when we started to run. It was just freezing at the beginning because it was so shady where the bib pick up was.
J and I went and huddled in the car after we got our bibs to try and warm up. J mentioned that she ran the race a couple of years ago and it was pretty flat. I am starting to like hills, to an extent, because that is where I can make up my time lost from walking. My game plan was to come in at under 50 min. That is all I wanted.

I lined up at the back of the pack, I was actually right behind my captain from the training program. I jogged with her in the beginning, for about the first 3/4 miles. Then I actually needed a short walking break. As I walked I noticed a lady behind me, then she passed me but she breathing a little hard. We started talking and she said that it was her second race ever.

I started pacing with her and talking with her to help her breathing out. The common question of "why am I doing this" kept coming up. I told her she was already doing it and I kept running with her. As we rounded the 1.5 mile mark at the turn around I felt like she was pulling back on the downhills. I told her to open up her stride and let gravity take her. She did and was loving it!

We continued to run and talk and I shared advice with her on running. As we came up to the last 1/4 mile my friend J met us and was join in. She was already done, totally kicked butt and she is pregnant! The lady I was running with, her family was going to run in with her too so I pulled ahead and ran in with J. Right as I crossed the finish line the lady I was running with sprinted right in front of me and finished half a second before me! And here I thought she was further behind me. J pushed me at the end and I was actually pushed at the end which is good!

And good news is, I came in at 47:45. I was super excited. I think I could have even come in sooner but I would rather help someone out than just let them suffer and struggle. Maybe for the 10k I have coming up in February I will push myself. Actually I have to push myself because I need to hit a certain time so that I can use it for corral placement for Disney. I want to be in a good corral!

The course was not too hilly. I had a steady climb then decline so that was nice. More rolling than anything. The landscape was beautiful. We were running on a back road and there were some pretty beautiful homes out there! Not to mention that a horse charged at us. I thought he was going to jump the fence at us.

The only draw back is that the road was not closed so cars were driving around us runners so it could have been potential even more dangerous than it was, but it was a back road and there weren't that many cars. It is a very small race. But nice to have a New Year race so close to home!

January Week 1 Recap

My first recap of the new year! HOW EXCITING! Big changes are coming your with with me and my site. I am taking this blog to the next level. More information to help you succeed in your goals. And you are truly going to witness my changes. And I am going to share what I am doing every step of the way. Oh and speaking of steps, thanks to my new FitBit Charge I am going to be showing my total steps for the week! Again I say, HOW EXCITING!

This last week has been an eye opener for me. I have had enough of my clothing feeling too tight, upset tummy and just watching my face look more and more bloated. I am not a happy camper in the Becky weight department and I have put my foot down. I am done. I am changing my life. I will only have special foods on special occasions and not every day will be a special occasion. I am changing the way I eat, following my nutritionist given eating plan and I will achieve my goals because this is the year I take control of my life.

I am staying busy with exercising regularly now, I seriously have kicked it up a notch since 12/26. I am already feeling better and have lost 4 lbs of just bloat hanging on me since 12/26. Starting today me and a few friends are part of a clean eating challenge so it is not just me that is making this huge change with eating. (wanna join, let me know!) Oh and my Facebook page now has 200 followers. And it is because of people like you that I write. Thank you so much for reading and following along!
Mason: Mason graduated in church and went from being in the nursery to going to his first classroom setting of learning. He is now what is called a Sunbeam in our church. He goes to singing time and a group lesson with all the older big kids then for the last hour he goes to his classroom for a lesson just for his age group and playtime with snacks. He took off down the church's hall yesterday between classes, typical Mason. His teacher in hot pursuit. It was funny. He just ran right past me. It was super cute. He still has a huge obsession for Dinosaurs and loves all the dinosaurs Guppy and Gummy got him for Christmas.

Collin: Collin is crawling up a storm. He is super fast. He is also starting to pull himself up to standing. It is kind of scary because that means walking is just around the corner. I bet he will be walking sometime next month or so, but it seems he is happy as long as he can get around and follow big brother and the dog. He loves eating food. We are doing baby led weaning. He is getting a mixture of puree and table food, with supervision. He doesn't enjoy rice in a puree form but likes it normal. It is pretty fun to watch. He has finally learned how to roll over from his back to tummy. It takes him a few tries but he is getting better and he is a super happy vocal baby. He moved to his crib in his room last week and this momma is GETTING SOME MUCH NEEDED SLEEP! He is waking up once in the middle of the night and early morning and that is it. We are both sleeping so much better now!

Working Out: 
I am going to go back to Friday 12/26 because I didn't do a workout recap last week.

12/26: 2.55 miles mostly walk. - 18:10 min/mile. I was just getting over a cold.
12/27: 4.63 miles - 15:57 min/mile
12/28: rest
12/29: rest oops, I missed a Monday!
12/30: 2.90 miles - 16:41. I call this the hill from Hell run because a hill totally kicked my butt!
12/31: rest
1/1: 3.14 miles - 16.41 min/mile. New Year's Day 5k. I ran with a new friend and helped complete her second race ever with a smile on her face and learning something new about running!
1/2: 2 miles  walk - 18:00 min/mile. Recovery walk from race the previous day.
1/3: 4 miles - 14:46 min/mile. I call this my redemption run. Showing that I can do a faster min/mile race.

Total Mileage: 
Dec 26 - 27: 7.18 miles
Dec 28 - Jan 3: 12.04 miles

Oh and the FitBit total steps for 12/28-1/3: 
Total Steps: 59,422 - equal to 27.41 miles
Total Floors: 115
Things to note: over the last month my speed has gotten faster and easier. Saturday 1/3 my comfortable feeling speed on the treadmill was 5.0. Whereas in November I was pushing it to go that fast. 4.5 was my comfy speed, so I am happy with that.

Shins are killing me. But this is what happens when you go from being sick and no exercise to kicking up your mileage. So BAD Becky in that regards but it needed to be done!

Goals for this week: Start increasing my running intervals. I can do it I just keep whimping out so no more. I start pushing myself now because I have a goal for my 10k next month and I will get it!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Goals Recap

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is the start of a great year and I am so looking forward to it and to my goals I have. First though I wanted to take a look back at my goals I had for 2014 to see if I accomplished them or not. So here is a look back!

Here are a list of my goals for this year:

1. Weight loss/Staying Healthy-
I was pregnant so this was hard on me but I DID IT! I continued to exercise while pregnant and only gained 15 lbs while pregnant. PRETTY GOOD for this food lover! It was after I had Collin that I struggled. I kept a pretty good diet while pregnant but then fell into eating poor foods after about 3 months postpartum. That has resulted in me ending the year gaining weight from when I had him and that is just not cool! So I did great for the first 6 months, it is the last 6 that I struggled. So I give myself a C+ on that one. And breastfeeding never helps me lose weight. Awful rumor to say that it will cause it does nothing for me! 

2. Exercise-
Yep, did pretty well with this one for most of the year. I ran all the way till 30 weeks pregnant (the week after my half marathon) And also again at 40 weeks started walking and doing some runs to help Collin come out. Then I had a LONG recovery after Collin to the point that any time I ran ) even after 3 months I would bleed heavily for a few days. I think those days are over but it has really messed with me mentally and wanting to get back into running. I was getting frustrated with my body for not listening to me and for fighting me for exercising. But I have pushed on and it seems (cross fingers) that it is getting better. 

3. Blog pageviews-
YES! I have doubled my views since last January and it has been AMAZING! I have had almost 25k total page views since I started blogging and that is AMAZING! Thank you so much for reading and it is still a goal of mine to continue to grow in my readership, which means for you, yes you my friend, to pass my blog on to your friends! 

4. Be a Better Mother-
Well, not sure about this. I question it most days if I am being a good mom or not and Mason will even say, "Not bad mommy, good mommy!" It is kind of cute, but I am still trying to be better. We do our little "homeschooling" most days and he is talking so much now and is doing great with numbers. January I plan on starting to help him color more and then hopefully transition into trying to write. Plus working on reading words. So we will see. Oh and he will be potty trained by July! 

5. Continue to grow my piano studio-
CHECK! YEP Totally did this! As of January I have 10 students! How awesome is that! I am so proud that finally after 2 years I finally have a full studio! The only thing is I have to keep it now, so I am always looking for more students to make sure that my studio stays full!

I have written 316 posts including this one since I began blogging and I love it. Thank you so much for staying with me and getting to know me! Hope your day and beginning of the year is a great one! 

QOTD: How did you do with last years goals? 

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year In Review

Here we are! At the end of an amazing year. And what a year it has been. This year has been full of so much joy and accomplishment, as well as needing to give myself a kick in the BUTT! So here it is.

January marked me passing my half way point in my pregnancy. And training going strong for the ENTIRE MONTH! I had to train for my first 1/2 marathon. And I did it all while pregnant.
February had me planning for our Disney Trip and training and some days questioning my sanity to run in a 1/2 marathon at 29 weeks pregnant! And actually completing my very first 1/2 marathon. And doing something that I never actually thought I would ever do! (next time regardless of how I feel, I WILL take a great happy shot of my medal. Kicking myself over that one for sure!)

March was all about baby and getting ready to have one. Getting the room set up and feeling more prepared.

April was about tying up my studio for the year so that I could take 3 months off from teaching. Looking back, I really think that this month was pretty good for me. I also became an Ambassador for Girls Gone Sporty! I love being part of networks with like minded people and I have learned so much from the amazing awesome women who are part of this!

May, I felt like I was the white rabbit always checking my calendar and watch for when baby will arrive. And even did some late term pregnancy running to GET THE BABY OUT! And thankfully we welcomed baby Collin into our family and he was healthy and happy after just a short little scare. But all was well. I had my no drugs needed labor and was able to get up and walk to the NICU, unassisted, 30 minutes after having him to be with him.

June and July I rested and recovered. I did help out with the local Woman's 4 miler training program and another local race on July 4th with Collin in attendance. I didn't start actually running until after August though. I also became a Beachbody Coach to help motivate people one on one  and to achieve their weight loss and lifestyle goals!

August I started running again, as best as I could with still recovering. And I ran in the Woman's 4 Miler again!

September, I became an Ambassador with FitFluential. An origination that I had been trying to be part of for a year! I love working with them and so thankful that we are working together and love meeting and reading all about my fellow ambassadors.

October, November and December have been a roller coaster of training and not training. Still dealing with my body not liking me running, still have issues to this day, more on that later. I have lost motivation and gained it. I have not lost my baby weight either. But I am not perfect. I am human. I am still trying everyday to do better and some days are better and some not so much. But overall it has been a pretty AMAZING year for me!

I am so excited for the amazing goals I have set for 2015 and can't wait to share all of them with you. I am so thankful for the wonderful blessings I got in 2014 and for my healthy family. Thank you so much for joining me on my journey because I love hearing from you and knowing that someone is reading. Here's to 2014. And because it is worth fighting for let's make our dreams come true in 2015!

Monday, December 22, 2014

December Week 3 Recap

Training has taken a standstill for me the last couple of weeks. I have had 2 sick kiddos and when the kids are sick I can't get to the gym to run. And with construction going on early in the day I didn't get my workout in either. I am doing my min 3 days a week of working out which is great but MAN I AM MISSING MY RUNNING!

How on earth am I going to do the 10 miler in mid March without all the training? I was thinking back to last year though I got super sick last year in December and my running took a huge hit. I still did the half marathon. So like everyone else, after the holidays, I will be back in it. I am ok with that. My kids come first and this is Collin's first big sickness and to be honest I have been worried about him. He is still sick even today after about 10 days now. He had a fever this morning and I am staying on top of it but man this sucks! I hate it when my kids are sick and have a super bad cough that will not let up!

I feel bad that I have this health and fitness blog and I haven't been a very good example of that lately. But that is what makes us human. We have good days and bad days, good months and bad months. As long as we never quit then that is what counts. And I really think having the race a month thing will be just the motivation that I need to make sure I keep it up. I do have my first race of the year on New Year's Day and I am doing it no matter what! It is only a 5k and I can totally handle that!

So that is what is going on with my life right now. Taking care of the kiddos and trying to get better myself. Oh and this week, enjoy Gummy and Guppy in town for Christmas! On a plus side, the construction is DONE and Mason and Collin love it!

Monday, December 8, 2014

December Week 1 Recap

As far as training weeks went this is my all time low! I didn't do one single run this week. I know, slap on the wrist bad and I will be paying for it later but I have had my first "injury". It is not from running but it did take a trip to the chiropractor to remedy, for now at least it is much better.

For the past week my left foot has been hurting, mainly when I was doing my runs out of town. I have had the worst cramping in my left outside arch of my foot. The only time during the run I didn't have the pain was in UT when I opened up my stride and was running down the mountain that I walked up. So this week I just walked to keep my mileage. But I still feel bad that I didn't get any running in. Saturday morning my wonderful birthday gift from the boys was to let me sleep in till 9:30am, and then I had a baby shower to get to and it was go go go the rest of the day.

I did go to the chiropractor and he said that my foot was majorly out of alignment as was most of my entire body. My right hip was out and my right neck was totally out. I have been in lots of pain for a couple of weeks. Every night on the trip I would carry Mason from the car to the hotel room. It was just too much for my back apparently. (need to do more core too). Also the relaxin has left my system finally and my body is just sticking in bad alignment. So I got my AMAZING adjustment, (I purr when I get cracked, it feels so good!) and I feel like I am brand new again. Tomorrow I will try out running again. If it still hurts off to the running store I go to chat with my running coach and hopefully I can still keep my shoes.

That's the bad. The good from this week. I had my birthday. I normally don't blab about my birthday because it adds one more year to my life but I have decided that I am going to continue to make my birthdays count and make smart choices. Last year, I continued to run while pregnant, amazed me and many people I know that I could actually do that. This year I have made it a goal that I am going to run in a race every single month of 2015. (even if I get pregnant again I will run a race.) I don't want to do 5k's all the time so they will range from 5k-10 milers, and maybe even throw a 1/2 marathon in there. Let's just see what the next few months hold. (I am hoping to do the Disney Wine and Dine in Nov 2015.)

I did get an upgrade to my Kitchen Aid mixer. I had the classic and now I have the professional series drop down bowl mixer and it is AWESOME! I have already put it through the ringer with making my own birthday cupcakes (amazingly yummy), 2 batches of cookies and 2 loaves of bread for the week. (the cookies are for my studio recital later this coming week and I will be good because I still have that diet bet thing going and I will win!)

Collin update: Collin is full on crawling now. He crawls to me anywhere I am. I put him down in my living room and go make breakfast and in a few minutes he is at my feet pawing at them. Even when Matt is holding him and puts him down he will crawl crying to me to hold him because he wants me over daddy. It is totally adorable that he is crawling but very weird. He is so young. He can't even roll over of his own free will yet. He flops over like a fish. Can't get into a sitting position. It is just weird. Also caught him by the stairs and about had a heart attack. Also Mason has learned that he is strong enough to pick up Collin and will fetch him and bring him back to the carpet safe area of the living room. It is very cute. Oh and Collin started solid foods on Monday evening. He loves eating and is so eager!

Mason update: Mason is all things Dinosaurs now. Ever since we got back from our trip, he goes around reading his new dino book that Great Grandma gave him and carrying around his new T-rex and Raptor toys that were also given to him. He talks about dinosaurs all day long too. He even started to refer to Guppy (Grandpa) as Guppy-saurus. (Since Guppy read some dino books to him while we were visiting.) The only thing Dinosaur he doesn't want right now is this awesome blanket that Gummy and Guppy (my mom and dad) got him for his birthday. He calls it his tiger blanket because one of the raptors on it is stripped orange and black and he doesn't see that it is a dinosaur. Oh well. It makes a great blanket for a fort though.

Workout Recap: 
Sunday: rest
Monday: rest (flew back home)
Tuesday: 2 mile walk around neighborhood
Wednesday: 2.5 mile walk around neighborhood
Thursday: 1 mile walk around neighborhood (chiropractor visit later too!)
Friday: rest day. MY BIRTHDAY
Saturday: rest day (slept through alarm for training group)

Total mileage: 5.5 miles walking only
Goals this week:
~Get back into running, hopefully the adjustment fixed things.
~Less walking breaks in my running.
~Cross train more with strength training and cardio on non running days.
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