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Monday, March 1, 2021

Workout Injuries And how To Stay Committed To Your Fitness Journey

February 12, I was crushing my workout, like really crushing it! The final minute I decided to push myself and record it then POP! I did something to my calf. Later found out, yes if you hear an audible POP you need to go to the emergence room RIGHT AWAY! And it was determined that I tore my calf muscle. BAD. Met with an orthopedic surgeon, NO SURGERY NEEDED, thank goodness and got in right away with a Physical Therapist to help my body recover and heal. With orders to only do upper body and core workouts.

Injuries happen. Even to Athletes, which is what the Orthopedic surgeon called me. And it sucks when they happen. There was no indication that something bad was about to happen. No pain leading up to it. no slow down. If anything I literally pushed my body to it's breaking point! 

How do you stay committed to your journey when you're injured and can't workout like you used to? 

1. Do what you can. I am on crutches and getting around sucks. But I make it downstairs and alternate doing upper body focused workouts and core focused workouts 5 days a week. A little movement is better than none.

2. Focus on what you can focus on. Following your docs orders. Your Physical Therapist exercises and EATING RIGHT! 

3. Focus on your nutrition. It's so easy to slip back into old habits but you have to remember, you can still lose weight without exercise. And it's not even about losing weight, healthy eating promotes healing. The better you eat the more good stuff your body has to pull from to help it heal faster and more efficient. Just imagine if a wall broke in your house, and the contractor used broken or termite riddled wood to rebuild it. That's what processed foods is. It lacks the nutrients that your body actually need. While it might taste good at the moment and help drown away your sorrows or it even says it's "healthier", don't be deceived. What your body needs is whole foods like fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and lean protein, lots of water and rest. 

4. Don't mentally beat yourself up. Alright it's going to happen the first few days but after that, STOP IT! Do what you can with your workouts, it's as good as it's going to get and be proud that you are doing it. 

5. SLOW DOWN AND REST! Your body needs lots of rest right now. So if you can, slow down. Rest when you can. And get a good amount of sleep at night. Healing happens when you sleep!

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