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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweet Relief

I love my chiropractors! Yes I have 2. It is a husband and wife practice and they are both amazing. Dr. Brian is my go to for when my back needs to be "cracked" and I need a good purring. (Yes, I actually purr when I am getting my adjustments because it is so, so very nice and feels so very good.) Then there is Dr. Jen. She specializes in pregnancy and children chiropractic care only. She has been adjusting Mason since he was 3 days old. She will do the same for baby when he arrives!

I have been suffering from from low back pain for most of this pregnancy. The sacrum area to be exact. Ask my hubs, he can attest to the countless massages just rubbing that one little area. It hurt from running, walking, standing, sitting. It was a constant pain in my...low back. This past Thursday, I had a prenatal massage at their practice, a weekly occurrence until baby arrives (so lucky, I know), and also my normal "cracking" from Dr. Brian. Later that afternoon after my OB/GYN apt I made my way back to the office and met with Dr. Jen. She did a little bit of this, a little bit of that with the jackhammer like adjuster. She had me lean against a wall in a standing squat position putting most of the pressure on my sacrum and within 5 minutes I felt this little twinge in my low back just a smudge of discomfort, then sweet relief of my low back pain.

I don't know what happened. It was amazing though. Like my sacrum just aligned, or popped back in place. And my low back has not hurt once since last Thursday! IT IS A MIRACLE! No more hobbling around, no more bending over at the sink because it hurts to stand for long periods of time. I've been healed and it is such a blessing!!!

I highly recommend finding a great chiropractor and trying them out to see if they can help you too.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador

I have been accepted by Girls Gone Sporty to be an ambassador. I am already learning so much from other bloggers and amazing women in this tight knit community, in 1 day, and so excited to work with them in the future!

What is Girls Gone Sporty? It is a website that has various articles written by professionals and ambassadors, maybe even me one day, to help teach and motivate you in your exercise and fitness goals! There is also a recipe collection that looks great too.

The women who are ambassadors are real women who have done whatever they can to be fit and healthy. This is why I blog. Because there are so many others out here that have changed their life that I have learned from, but there will always be someone out there looking for that little nudge to help them start a new lifestyle. I hope to help inspire you that you can do this. Just 1 step at a time! Hope on. Journey on!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Week 4 Workout Recap

So long, and farewell to April! Another one bites the dust as the months just tick, tick, tick by. It is so hard to believe that it is already May. I made it. 9 months ago my I started a few things and finally today I have accomplished so many things. I finished a year of concerts while pregnant with the Charlottesville Symphony including playing one of the most demanding symphonies for french horn as the last concert series, I ran through 3/4 of my pregnancy, completing 4 races including my first half marathon, and I started yoga. The past 9 months have been amazing!

Now only about 2 more weeks until my life will change forever and I will become a mother of 2! P.S. 2 weeks from today is Mother's Day!

I've been thinking about how these workout recaps are going to be over the next few months. I think they will be more of a weekly recap of my life and things that are going on and if I do actually exercise I will mark it down. But my plan of action at this point is to walk for fun after baby comes, not counting mileage at all. And beginning in June I will be walking more and more for the training program I am helping with. So pretty much once baby comes I will be recovering, allowing my body the full time of recovery before I start running and walking large miles again. I am sure you already figured that but I like to put it down for my own reminder!

Pregnancy Changes:  I feel like I am getting huge. I am my own zip code. But really, I am not that big. Considering I still have 2+ weeks before baby comes I am only going to get bigger. I am really keeping my weight in check and trying very hard to not gain too much. I am currently up 12-13 lbs. Crazy huh! But sadly I am craving sweets right now. And icy cold things. I feel like I am frying hot all the time! So I don't think the sweets craving is going to be good for me, but I am trying to limit how many sweets I eat in a day. (i.e. not the whole bag or only 1 cupcake)

I had my last concert today for the symphony and I am so thankful that that is over with. It is getting so hard to play horn with a huge belly and a lack of air support. I actually iced my lips for the last 2 nights after rehearsal and the concerts because I was using my face to get the notes out and not my breathing/air. NOT GOOD! But I did what I needed to do and we still rocked it.

For the first time in months I have been pain free in my sacrum. Thursday I went and saw the chiropractor, twice. The second time did the trick. And it finally is realigned and I feel so much better. It is amazing. I am actually feeling pretty good at this point. I still waddle a little as I am feeing my pelvis starting to open up and that's ok. I earned my waddle. Also after another check up at the doc this past week baby is still super high and tight. NO dilation, NO engagement. Doc couldn't even feel the baby on the internal exam to determine position of baby. So this coming week, if he can't find the position of the baby than I have to get an ultrasound to determine. I am pretty sure he is head down but just not in the pelvis yet. I am talking baby now to try and get him to get locked and loaded but not ready to fire!

Prepping For Baby:  Haven't done much in this area. But I am feeling the itch. Everyday I keep having the feeling to just get everything, toiletries and last minute packing stuff in my hospital bag. I have clothing and such but not the necessities that I need after baby. I will more than likely do this this week. As far as nesting urges. I just want my house to be clean and stay clean but I don't want to do it. Don't have the energy to do it. I still have 1 more week of teaching and when teaching is over I might actually get the deep cleaning done (actually hiring someone to do that, happy Mother's Day to me!)

Prepping Mason For Baby:  Yesterday we went to watch the Dogwood Festival Parade with some friends. They recently had a baby and after the parade we went and got some lunch. The baby started fussing and Matt helped feed the baby with the bottle and even held the baby to burp it and comfort it. Matt hasn't really been around a 3 month old. He missed that with Mason and did a really great job. Mason also saw Matt holding a baby. Mason pulled Matt's hand off the baby's back and put his head in his daddy's hand like, daddy hold me too. It was really good for Mason to see Matt holding a baby and Mason was pretty good. He really could care less cause he just walked away after that. But we will see. I am starting to think that there is some hope for us.

Workout Recap: 

Sunday: rest.

Monday: rest. Mason had to go to the doctor due to an infection on his hand from his fall a week ago.

Tuesday: rest. Let antibiotics kick in before he went back to the gym

Wednesday: 2 mile walk. 18 min mile pace. 15 min bike. I was planning on doing 3 miles but body and baby had other ideas. Baby started moving around and stretching out like he was going to come out completely and made walking really uncomfortable for me. Went on the bike but kneeing my belly was just uncomfortable.

Thursday: 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga class. This class is starting to kick my butt. Scratch that, it is kicking my butt. I am having to modify the modified poses. I just can't bend over as easily, downward dog is a thing of the past, because it makes me want to puke. On the plus side, my triangle pose is rocking still! Plus I got an hour massage and 2 chiropractic adjustments!

Friday: 2 mile walk. Another 2 miles went better. Chatted with the lady next to me asking all sorts of questions about baby and how I was feeling. Makes the time go by very quickly. 18:15 min mile pace.

Saturday: 1.5 mile walk to and from the parade. It was a long walk from where we parked to where we watched. So I counted this as my exercise for the day. It wore me out because it was hot and pushing a stroller and such. But it wasn't at any sort of quick pace.

Total Mileage: 5.5 miles
37 weeks pregnant
~Heading to the gym for my last week before account is on hold for baby!~

Friday, April 25, 2014

Old Wives' Tales To Evict Baby

Are you one of those mommas who is READY to be Done being pregnant. We all get to that point. I was there the day before I was induced with Mason. I couldn't get comfy, I was excited to meet my little man and I just wanted him out. But to avoid the induction I tried a few Old Wives' Tales to try to self induce. They didn't work for me but some of these are worth a try if you really want to push the evict button on your little one. 
*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am me, providing a speaking outlet and I have my own opinions. Consult your doctor if you have any questions about self induction or at least please, let them know prior to if you are going to try some of these so they can tell you the pros and cons.*
Please keep in mind that babies cook for their own time. If the baby is not ready to come out, then these will likely not work. Also think about possible healthy problems that can happen with an early baby. You due date is an ESTIMATED due date and can be off as much as 2 weeks either side of the EDD.*
Let's talk about sex, baby! - Yep, what got you into this can certainly get you out of it. Interesting thought. At this point if you are seriously considering eviction you probably feel huge and not sexy at all and don't want to even think about sex, but yes sex can help you out. Semen contains prostaglandins, a hormone that can help ripen (soften and open) the cervix and possibly lead to contractions. 

Also having the big "O" can release the hormone oxytocin, which is the natural form of pitocin, by the way and can help stimulate contractions.  (AVOID sex if your water has broken or there is bleeding. Great for lead up to due date.) Helps to strengthen your relationship with your partner too, considering that you won't be having sex 4-8 weeks after you have baby.
Nipple Stimulation: Another pleasurable thing. These are good for you and your partner to help strengthen your love for each other and it can be fun! Gentle rubbing or stimulating can release oxytocin, which can help stimulate contractions. (caution: contractions brought on in this manner may be long and intense and cause baby stress including slowing the fetal heart rate. So please don't go overboard with this.)
HOT! HOT! HOT Spicy Food- Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner. Go to your fav Mexican restaurant and enjoy some spicy tamales or hot sauce. Or check out Spicy Thai food or chicken wings smothered in super spicy hot sauce. Spicy foods help fire up your digestive system and bowels which can cause contractions. What do I mean by "fire up?" It will make you have diarrhea, especially if you are not used to eating spicy spicy food. I did this with Mason and I had weird contractions for 3 hours then they stopped and nothing more. It will possibly cause heartburn too or intensify your heartburn.
Go Tropical with Pineapple- Eating pineapple can also start labor because of the enzymes found in it called Bromelain. When eaten it can help soften the cervix. But you need to eat about 7 full sized fresh pineapples to get the desired amount and possibly well before that point you will probably have burned your mouth from the acid in the pineapple. So eat cautiously. But I still like to eat some pineapple for fun, or a virgin pina colada! YUM! 
Teas- Red raspberry leaf tea, or I am currently drinking the Earth Mama Angel Baby Third Trimester Tea, which has red raspberry leaf in it can help trigger contractions. It really helps to prep your uterus for contractions or as Earth Mama says to nurture all those mama parts gearing up for the joyous arrival of your angel baby.
Castor Oil- EWWWW! Is all I have to say. I tried this with Mason, didn't work. And it was ewwwww!!!It is an unpleasant-tasting veggie oil like laxative. Same side affects as eating too much spicy food. It will give you cramping in the intestines, it will clean out your bowels completely. It is a laxative. You can possibly suffer from dehydration because it cleans you out so efficiently. Keep in mind when your body recognizes that you are going into labor it will do this automatically, and nicely and everything will release. (laboring on the toilet is one of my fav things) 
Walking , Running, or Wogging: It may not start heavy contractions, it may make you lose your mucus plug which then can start contractions. Or you could have your water break on a walk. Walking is just good for you because as your hips sway from side to side it can help correctly position the baby farther down into the pelvis which can trigger the body into starting to dilate and then you know the rest. But it is still good for you! You will probably notice some Braxton Hicks contractions when you walk. I just decided last night that they are useful for helping to nudge the baby down since they usually occur at the top of the uterus. This is my thinking because my baby is super high and doesn't want (I don't want him) to engage quite yet.
Acupressure/Acupuncture: There are specific pressure points on your body that can cause the baby to descend and press onto the cervix which will the make softening and effacing and dilation occur. Some acupressure techniques are designed to directly stimulate contractions. Find a massage therapist or acupuncture that specializes in prenatal therapy and tell them, please use the pressure points. I am going for weekly massages right now, since covered by my insurance and in a few weeks time I will be asking for pressure points to be used. (after I discuss with my doctor of course) 
A few others that might help-
A bumpy car ride to help break your water.
Walking under a full moon to help break your water. 

Evening Primrose Oil taken orally and/or vaginally can help soften and efface. Usually started around 37 weeks pregnant until baby comes. I use a shampoo, John Master's Organics, with its main ingredient is EPO (found it at Whole Foods Market). Get a little aromatherapy everyday. 
A local bakery in my town has a claim to fame for getting pregnant women into labor by eating one of their lemon cupcakes. 
So here you have it, a fun list on how to evict that baby! Do you have any other Old Wives' tales I missed?

Thanks for reading! Also if you want to read more posts on all things pregnancy and baby check out the pregnancy tab at the top or just click here

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Watermelon, Say What!?!

Woke up this morning to my pregnancy app that said, Baby is the size of a WATERMELON! I thought that watermelon was further along like 39-40 weeks but nope, apparently at 37 weeks my belly is bigger than a watermelon, cause the baby is the one the size of the watermelon.

Sad fact: I am allergic to watermelons. Thankfully not to my baby. Kind of scared as to what size I will be next week!

This week is my final concert with the Charlottesville Symphony Orchestra. Let's just say that playing the french horn with a HUGE belly has been a little tricky lately! Playing position, breathing (which is actually really good for me but really hard to deep breath), sitting for long periods of time without getting up! And having to hold going to the bathroom for long periods of time too (Don't you move baby!) Oy!

3 more weeks to go until I hit my estimated due date!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wearing Pink

Looks like this summer, early on Saturday mornings if you wanna find me, look for me in PINK! Got the email asking if I still wanted to volunteer to help with the training program this summer and, yep I sure do! Just hope they don't mind me bringing a boy along. At least he will be super cute and a babe magnet!

In the area and want to join the training program? Check out the registration info at the website: Women's 4 Miler Training Program. Program begins Saturday, June 14th at 7am!

Want to run in the race? Saturday, August 30th at 8am. register here June 21 early, early, early morning because they only allow a limited number of participants and it fills up quickly!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 21, 2014

April Week 3 Workout Recap

I'm in the home stretch. As of today I have 3 weeks left until the week 40! CRAZY HUH! This week is super busy and next week not so much except for the studio recital at the end of the week but then after that only 10 days left. That is what blows my mind.

This past week though has been BEAUTIFUL outside! The weather has been amazing and we have been enjoying walks outside more than ever. Yes I look like I am trying to walk my baby out but seriously how can you pass up not going outside when the weather is gorgeous like this?!?

Pregnancy Changes: Still getting bigger, and bigger. Feel like I can't grow anymore, where is this baby going, but I still get bigger and bigger. Also some of my stretch marks are stretching more upwards now. I had a chiropractor appointment on Monday and got my adjustment and a wonderful prenatal massage (HEAVEN) and then a doc appointment on Tuesday. Doc said that I will have no problem making it to my due date because the baby was no where near engaged in head down position and I am not dilated at all, not one bit. I told him that was fine because I was telling myself not tom because I have things I still have to do. He just shrugged and said, "okay." Mind over matter people! May 4th I will allow my body to start making the changes needed but not till then.

Having massive pregnancy insomnia every night. 2 hours a night, can't sleep. But I require at least a 2 hour nap to function during the day. Kind of ridiculous. Getting the nesting feeling that my house has to be clean, but I don't want to clean it. OH MATT!  But other than that baby kicks a ton and he seems to be happy in there.

Prepping For Baby:  Just more sorting of his clothes for when he is a little older. Feel like I should have the bags packed. They are partially packed now, but just getting that feeling of, do it now! Ordered Mason's big brother shirt which he picked out. Excited for that to come in. Also ordered baby's sheepskin blanket, and waiting for that.

Prepping Mason for Baby:  Just same thing. Talk about babies to him. Point out babies. Have him point out babies to us. Say hi to babies. All that. It is kind of hard to prep him for something he really doesn't quite understand. Just enjoying my snuggle time with my little champ right now and soaking it in that these are the last few weeks before I will have 2 boys!


Sunday: rest day

Monday: Gardening day

. (Matt dug the hole for the tree and I helped hold it in place as he put the dirt back on the tree.) I did help put mulch out in the front yard. Matt did all the heavy lifting and I did the spreading of mulch and stuff.

Tuesday: Short walk with the family around the neighborhood.

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: rest day. Mason got an owie yesterday from falling on his walk with Dad and the dog. He wouldn't keep the bandaid on and I had to monitor his finger to make sure it wasn't sprained or broken.

Friday: Longer walk with the family around the neighborhood. Mason walked most of it instead of being pushed in his stroller. I did run just a little bit to chase after Mason so I ran, yea me, but my hips were killing me the whole time.

Saturday: rest day.

Total Mileage: Not sure. Didn't track it at all. Just enjoyed family time and walking outside in the beautiful weather. I did get my waddle on.
36 weeks pregnant.

~Great angle hubs! I don't look that pregnant!~
 ~My little man for Easter~

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to send a little bit of love out there today and wish you all a happy Easter! I love holidays because it is an excuse for me to over cook and have fun and do my most favorite thing, family time! I miss not having my extended family near where we live but it allows Matt and me to build our own traditions.

Tonight will be a fun filled dinner of Chicken Scampi, recipe from Karrie at her Blog, Happy Money Saver (who has amazing freezer recipes and lots of other great stuff, check her out!).

And for dessert, well I will let the pictures speak for themselves! Made from scratch Chocolate cupcakes filled with homemade caramel sauce, topped with buttercream frosting, toasted coconut, peanut M&M's, and a licorice handle. I will let you soak that in for a bit...

I had a little bit of fun this morning in the kitchen with an almost 3 year old running everywhere throwing his new bouncy balls everywhere that were in his easter basket. My house might look like a mess right now, with candy wrappers and his fuzzy balls all over the floor but my desserts look like a million bucks!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

At THAT Point...

~Here is why it is so hard to do things, THE BABY IS HUGE!~

I'm at the point in pregnancy where things are getting difficult. So here are the things that are really hard to do when you have less than a month left before baby comes. This is a vent post of things I have a hard time doing. Might as well get this out there. All you FTM this is what you have to look forward to. Don't worry we all go through it and we all survive, but I'm keeping it real!

~Walking- Hubs makes fun of me when we go on our nightly walks now because 10 ft out the door I am already huffing and puffing. We do have a huge steep hill right out our door that we have to climb up. But yeah, walking is wearing me out. I did run a little the other day chasing Mason on our walk, my hips were killing me. But I could run. That I am proud of.

~Stairs- Stairs oh stairs, how I loathe thee. And we have a 3 story house. I try not to go down to the basement all that often anymore because then I will have to go to the top floor and doing all 3 just, ugh! Sadly most of Mason's toys are down there, but he has learned to bring some up to the main level to play. Now just getting the toys back down to the basement when he is done is another story.

~Bending Over- My belly is big. It is only going to be getting bigger, but bending over to pick things up is getting challenging. Not to mention that I feel like passing out when I stand back up if I stand up too quickly. This includes picking up Mason's toys, loading the dishwasher. Cleaning up the laundry on the floor. Asking for help from Matt on these things now.

~Carrying things- Can't carry my own son for longer than 2 minutes before my back hurts. Carrying laundry to the wash is also a thing of the past. Since I have to bend over to pick it up (see above) but then squatting to load the stuff in the drum, yeah. I totally know that squatting will not be one of my laboring positions!

~Sleeping- I think my body thinks that sleeping is overrated. I am up for 1-2 hours in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep. On top of the 2-3 times I have to get up to pee. Then in the middle of the day, I pass out for no reason. I know my body is prepping me for when the baby comes, but why can't the body try to store up the much needed sleep instead?

I think that is about it. My goal now, is to keep the house as clean as possible so that Matt doesn't have to do too much cleaning up after everyone. He has asked for a list of chores to help out with, which is really nice. And will hopefully save my back and my sanity. (I dislike having a dirty house)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Prepping For Labor: Mason's Birth

*If you are new to the blog click on the Pregnancy tab at the top of the page to see other posts on pregnancy!*

This is the original post from my family blog that I wrote back in July 2011 from Mason's Arrival. Enjoy the story!

7 lbs 4 ounces
20 inches

Monday, July 18th 7:30am, Matt and I arrived at the hospital for our scheduled induction. I was induced with half a pill of cytotec and then we waited, and waited. I was 2-3 cm dilated when we arrived at the hospital. Doc didn't come back until 1 to check me. I was having just very small contractions up until then. Doc came in and I was unchanged and did the other half of the pill. I started to feel more contractions but really they were just like the braxton hicks I had been having for the last month just more regular every 1-2 minutes. Doc said at the check up at 1 that I would be picking up and that Mace would be here around 4:30. We called our doula to come in anticipating active labor to start. She arrived and we just talked and watched me really do nothing. She left around 3:30 to give us alone time and asked us to call after the doc did his check again.

The doc arrived at 5 and one look at me told us either he brakes my water or I go home cause he could tell I wasn't much further along. I didn't want to home so we let him break my water. I was 4cm dilated at this point. Within 30 min of my water breaking I started to feel what real labor felt like and was wishing for the barely there contraction I had earlier. I made Matt call the doula to come back in cause I didn't know what to do to get comfy. I asked Matt about 10 times if he really contacted her and he assured me he had. I was starting to panic because it hit me that this kid was going to be here soon. When my doula arrived she jumped right into action. At this point I can't really remember what happened. Matt and my doula have been filling in the blanks for me and telling me what happened. I labored in the bathroom for a while and the nurse had started the bath tub and I immediately wanted to go in there because I was hoping for a little relief. I got into the tub and for about 2 min had a little relief and then, bam, contractions happening again. My doula started timing the contractions and gave up because I was in hard labor but not having the regular contractions of hard labor. My contractions were for only about 30 sec and 1.5 min apart and STRONG! I hated the nurse because she would make me go into an awful position in the tub so that she could take the heart beat of Mason. She would take the doppler and push it into my stomach during a contraction. Every time she came in the bathroom I said, "He's fine, you don't need to check. Don't push." Every time she would check he was fine, as I said.

In the tub I started to feel like I had to push and by the third time I told my doula I think I had to push she ran out and got the nurse who checked me and told me to get out of the tub and go to the bed. As I made it to the bed I had another strong contraction and finally made it to the bed. When I got there the nurse said she called the doc and he was on his way. After what felt like forever the doc arrived and I never felt happier. He checked me and I could tell that there was a little pushing happening. He said that my cervix was pretty much gone but a little bit and said, "let's just go ahead and try pushing." I did one push and he said, "Oh, yeah this baby's coming out." He also said that Mason was sunny side up and that I had to push in the WORST position possible, flat on my back and use handles to pull myself up. I pushed for about 50 min. Matt was amazing during the whole day, but the look on his face when he told me that Mason had a TON OF HAIR, he was so proud. Matt couldn't believe what I was doing and what was happening and was so very impressed with how birthing is. I remember looking at him for strength to keep pushing and just looking at how happy he was was amazing. At the very end Mason did a 180 degree turn in the birth canal and was delivered in the normal position for babies to be born in which makes it a little easier. Right as Mason came out, I remember seeing the nurse and the doc jump backwards as the remaining bag of water attempted to soak them. I remember laughing slightly and thinking, "payback for you hurting me and the doc telling me to push harder when I was already pushing as hard as I could!" I still don't remember a lot of details and some things come back as Matt or my doula tell me but it just kind of feels like a cloudy dream thinking about it.

One detail I didn't forget to mention is that, I didn't have an epidural. I didn't even have time to think about it because from 5pm-8pm I went from 4cm - 10 cm. Once my water broke I was in hard labor and stayed there for the entire time. The doc let me do mother directed pushing where I call the shots for how long I push for and everything which was really nice. No one was screaming at me counting. It was just a great, but very difficult experience. My biggest frustration is that I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get comfy to help relieve the pain. The pain was more of just really, really bad cramps, but I just couldn't get comfy to help me thru it. I am so happy that I accomplished the type of labor I wanted and that I survived. I am so happy to have my little mini-Matt here with me. It is truly amazing what the female body can accomplish from making another human to delivering a human without too much harm to either party.

I am so thankful that I have been blessed to have a baby. For so many years I thought that it would never happen. I am just so thankful.

Check out some pix just after the birth!
~Us with my Doula, Merrie~
~Matt holding Mason for the first time~

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poor Mason

~Mason icing his finger like the big boy he is!~
Mason and Daddy went on a healthy little walk last night. Mason took a spill and injured his pinky finger. (ripped off his fingernail) Daddy fixed it all better, even with dealing with a screaming fit throwing toddler! I was at symphony rehearsal last night so Daddy took care of Mason all by himself. GO DADDY!

Today the finger is swollen, and Mason is not using that hand at all, or as little as he can. So I am currently waiting for Mason's doc office to call back to let us know if they want us to come in to get him checked out or not. So is the day of a mommy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby Pool

Two bloggers I follow, CONGRATS to Jen on her baby girl arriving this week, and Katie who had her baby boy in Dec, both had their babies in the 39th week of their pregnancies. These ladies ran during pregnancy. Both ending running at different times but they both ran. Many people have been telling me that I am going "pop" any day now! (thanks a lot lady who told me that I am basically HUGE) And because I ran it means I will have an early baby. (There was a lady in my prenatal yoga who ran until her 39th week, yes 39th week!, and was still pregnant at 41 weeks)

So should we start casting our votes now as to when I will hatch this baby??? I have said in the beginning that I think it will be the week of the 18th of May, generally around the 21st. I am currently 36 weeks.

Fun facts:

My due date is May 14th.

Had a doc apt yesterday and the Doc said that baby is super high and that there is no dilation at this point. With Mason I was 3 cm at 37 weeks. ( I am telling my body though that I can not have this baby until after May 4 because of the concerts I have to play and the studio recital. Plus mom isn't coming in to town until the 13th.)

Baby still likes to go transverse (sideways) during the night.

Mason was induced at 39 weeks due to Matt being deployed with the Army 3 days after Mace was born, so no idea if Mace was going to be on time or late. I was induced with cydotec and my induction was considered a failed induction because I only went from 3cm to 4 and did not enter active labor at all. Then we broke my water and 3.5 hours later, kid was out and screaming up a storm.

I think he was sucking his thumb last night. It was a different feeling than hiccups but the same rhythmic pattern. ( I was a big time thumb sucker)

I have no idea if I was early, late or on time. (I'm adopted). And Matt was slightly overdue at, oh, 2 weeks late!

Soooo... let the voting begin. Maybe a prize will be in the cards if someone is right!

WHEN AM I HAVING MY BABY? (to view pix of my ever expanding belly check out my weekly recap posts using the LABELS button on the left.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

April Week 2 Workout Recap

Sorry I'm a day late. It has been a little hectic for me around here. Hubs is working a different schedule so my weekends with him are a little off. It is what it is, but I will sure be glad when/if his schedule goes back to the norm.

GUESS WHAT!?! My due date is exactly 1 month from today! YEA! I have been told by some women that I am ready to pop now, and others think I still have a long way to go. My belly is getting bigger every single day. I wake up every morning with 50 First Dates syndrome going on, I think, WOW! I have a HUGE belly! How do I get out of this bed? 

Pregnancy Changes: I am getting HUGE! I am bigger now than I was with Mason. But per the hubs I am not as swollen in the face and look better. I am way past the days where I could see my feet. Bending over to clean up toys feels like an impossible feat for me and I often ask Mason to pick things up for me to help me. (he does most times now by the way) Also I just can't do everything around the house. Laundry and dishes, Matt is picking up the slack for me thankfully. Came home from church yesterday and Matt got off early from work and sorted and put away all the laundry, which had been sitting for the better part of a week. THANK YOU HUBS!

Also the baby is more "down" over the past few days as I have had to pee a ton more. But he still has plenty of room to move around because he likes to go transverse (sideways) when I am sleeping. I often wake up to feeling the hiccups in my side than super low like normal. And as you read the other day, I am still a fire breathing dragon at night! Oh so fun!

Prepping For Baby: I have pulled out all of Mason's old clothing and started sorting for baby. All the NB 0-3 stuff is organized and in the closet. The 3-6 and 6-9 are still lining the floor waiting to be sorted. I also hung up the curtains in the guest room to my mom when she gets here to add a little more darkness in the room.

Prepping Mason For Baby: It's more of how do I prep myself to help prep Mason for baby to arrive. I asked a mom yesterday who just had her new baby how her other son handled the tradition to being the baby to big brother. We talked for awhile and she shared her advice. I am very scared about Mason not letting me hold the baby or hitting the baby because the baby is touching me. He does this with Matt. He doesn't like it when Matt gives me a hug, he gets jealous. But I now feel a little better that maybe, just maybe Mace will do ok. But only time will tell.

Workout Recap: 

Sunday: rest day

Monday: Gardening

Tuesday: rest day (Had final meet with the Doula before baby, Matt learned how to deliver a baby if it happens super fast at home!)

Wednesday: 2.5 mile walk on treadmill

Thursday: 1 mile walk; 1 hour 15 min Prenatal yoga (class is getting harder. Belly is so big that getting in some positions or staying in some is getting really challenging)

Friday: Walk outside. about 45 minutes. Too beautiful of a day to stay inside.

Saturday: rest day (church easter egg hunt. Got to trek up a small hill to help find easter eggs. Wore me out!)

Total Mileage: 3.5 known for sure. not sure how much we did on our walk
35 weeks pregnant

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where's The Fire?!?

In my throat! Holy Heart BURN! I had massive heartburn when I was pregnant with Mason but it didn't start until 36-37 weeks. This one, 33-34 weeks I have had massive amounts of heartburn and boy howdy it has not been fun. I am already up to a 4 pillow stack at night. And it only hits at night. After a few hours I can lower the stack of pillows to 2 but nothing lower than that.
~Mason at 2 days old for his baby blessing. Check out the full head of hair!~

Old Wive's Tale- Have heartburn? Baby will be born with lots of hair. In my case with Mason this statement was TRUE! Mason was born with a full head of hair including sideburns. And he was/still is a hairy little beast on his back. I love to tickle his fur on his back and it makes him giggle every time. So if this is true again, baby could be born with hair all the way down to his butt by the time he comes out! (j/k)

Also I seem to share my pregnancy symptoms with my best friend in AZ and am always apologizing to her for causing massive amounts of heartburn, she told me yesterday that she started taking a Rx to help her out. Wish I could.

Here are the helpful hints that people say help pregnancy heartburn but if all else fails just know that you are going to be a fire breathing dragon and it is ok because you could have a very hairy baby when they are born!

Eat small frequent meals, slowly- Hard to do when you are at the end of pregnancy where you are possibly getting sick again or you can't eat as much so when you can actually eat and feel ok with eating we tend to just woof everything down as quickly as we can. Don't do this apparently.

Take Small Sips of Liquids- I don't know about other moms, but often I feel like I am guzzling water all day long and either I have a huge desire for water or I know I have to drink water so that I don't start contractions (dehydration can cause early labor and contractions so drink up) So I try to make sure I drink the recommended amount of water everyday and often that means that I just take a few large gulps. No sips for me. I guess I should work on that.

Don't Eat Right Before Bed- I have been eating right before bed lately because if I don't I am starving at 2am and will go raiding the fridge for something, anything that might sound good to me. I am already up in the middle of the night to go pee I really don't want to make a trip downstairs for some food and then go back to bed so this one can not apply to me.

Keep Your Head Higher Than Your Chest- Already doing this. Even with 4 pillows I still have massive amounts of heartburn but if I don't have pillows I will actually throw up the stomach acid. Yeah, so much fun it is.

Try An Antacid- Did you know that Tums now makes a gummy chewy antacid so that we don't have to eat the chalk stuff anymore. With Mason I kept a very large bottle of Tums next to my bed and popped them like crazy but they didn't really help. And they tasted nasty. So I might just try doing the chewy ones to see if they are better, but like I said the Tums didn't help me with Mason.

So fire breathing dragon I was and am. And probably will be every time I get pregnant. Here's hoping to another furry baby! (now watch baby will be bald!)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Prepping For Labor: Leaving The Hospital

 ~Daddy and Mason the morning after we arrived home. We were all exhausted!~

*If you are new to the blog, WELCOME! Please click on the Pregnancy tab at the top of the page to see other posts on pregnancy!*

Fast forward to after labor and some recovery, as most of your recovery will be at home. It's your last day at the hospital and eating yummy hospital food. (my hospital food wasn't too bad last time I was there. They were very accommodating to my melon allergy and brought me red meat). Generally release time is from the hospital is like check out of a hospital. Around 11 or 12. There could possibly be an orientation for new parents along with a breakfast /brunch. Make sure you check with the hospital on their checkout procedures when you are doing your hospital tour. I didn't go to the brunch provided by my hospital as we opted to only be in the hospital until Mason was 24 hours old. I wanted to get home and have a little extra time with daddy at home before he left for Iraq. We checked out of the hospital at midnight. I felt very blessed to get a whole extra day at home with daddy.

The Day After: During the day following your birth, or shortly after, (if you deliver during the middle of the night) There will be staff workers coming in to have you and dad fill out the social security paperwork for your new baby. The official paperwork for the birth certificate. They will also hand you a folder with brochures and of course your cute little foot print that they made of your new baby just after they are born. In the folder will have the address as to where you send the paperwork for the birth certificate and social security card. Put this in your file you have and put it in your bag right away. You don't want to have to be looking for it later and it is very important.
~Mason at 3 days old at the airport to say bye-bye to daddy. Daddy left for Iraq with the Army for 11 months~

Rooming In: Rooming in is having the baby be with you at all times. Following a non-complication delivery and birth, the baby will be put in a bassinet and wheeled with you to your recovery room. The bassinet will be fully stocked with diapers, wipes, ointment, the nose bulb thing along with other things you could possibly need. If you need to rest away from the baby for a time you have the option to send the baby to the nursery. Before you let them cart off the baby to the nursery make sure you pack daddy's bag with the diapers and whips, and when baby comes back the bassinet will be fully stocked again. I delivered Mason at 8:50pm. We got in my recovery room by 11pm. I was exhausted. My high from the hormones was gone and I just wanted to sleep. Mason was nursing but my nipples were already hurting. I remember he was crying and I started crying cause I just wanted to sleep. I put on my birth plan rooming in at my discretion but in nursery no pacifier, sugar water or formula. Breast milk only.

Matt was already out cold on the cot next to mine. I called the nurse and asked for Mason to be taken to the nursery for 2-3 hours and to return him for nursing. The nurse took him and I passed out and woke up about 3 hours later. Freaking out cause I hadn't been woken up for him to be fed. I called the nurse and they brought him back and he nursed like a champ. Nurse said he was great and slept the whole time. No crying or fussing. The nurse also helped me learn how to hold him how he liked to be held. Of course after he nursed he started crying again and I couldn't fix him so I called the nurse but that is what they are there for.

So the rule for rooming in, if you send the baby to the nursery, take the diapers and wipes from the bassinet. They are for you to have. To help you during this new experience. And it is ok to send the baby to the nursery. You are not a bad mom for doing so if you had planned on not doing it originally. We all need some sleep, and the baby will be back in about 3 hours or when they are hungry anyhow.

Stay Neat And Tidy: Make sure you keep dad's bag packed with all the stuff you get from the hospital. Just try to keep your room as clutter free as possible so that you are trying to figure out what to do with everything. Friends are going to stop by, you might have some stuffed animals, throw them in the bag. We had a little trolly thing that we pushed our stuff out on so that helped. I just couldn't believe that we had as much stuff as we did for only about 36 hours total. Also during the day before you leave or earlier before you leave have dad take stuff out to the car so you don't have as much stuff. He has to go out and get the car seat anyhow.

Actually leaving the hospital: You will want to change your baby in the going home outfit you planned and picked out for them. It will feel weird dressing them and their outfit will be hanging on them because they really are small. You will be required to put your baby in the car seat and have it inspected by the nurses before you will be allowed to leave the hospital. Then you will more than likely have to walk to you the front entrance. This was shocking to me. I always saw women being wheeled out to the doors after having a baby, but nope. You will generally walk. It is good for you anyhow but it is hard. I felt like I had ran 5 miles just getting from our room to the front doors to where Matt picked me and Mace up. It was the hardest and slowest and most uncomfortable walk I have ever done. Just be prepared for the idea that you might actually have to walk a good distance to leave the hospital. Even after a c-section. Have your significant other put the car seat in the base so you don't have to lift the baby, and enjoy the ride home sitting next to your baby watching them so intently as you go over bumps and around turns. And notice how well your SO will drive, how safe they are and how much they are driving under the speed limit!

I hope this helps you prepare for leaving the hospital. This is great for me to remember. I have been asking my friends who have had babies recently seeing if I missed anything but I guess my memory was coming back at this point.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Running Low On Energy?

I love this quote from Legally Blond. But sometimes I really think, does exercise give me more energy? Currently, when I exercise or exert myself I am exhausted and have to rest to get some of my energy back, but I am also pregnant. And being pregnant makes you more tired cause you are making a whole other human being and such, the body is already maxed out per say.

Per the science, exercise should/does give you more energy. You produce those little energy producing organs in your cells called mitochondria and the more you use energy the more mitochondria you make.

Currently, my lack of energy comes from 2 areas, being pregnant and having a 2 year old that refuses to let me sleep. (waking up in the middle of the night or waking up WAYYYY too early in the morning.) I don't drink coffee or heavily caffeinated drinks so I have to rely on outside sources for my little pick me ups. (I drink the occasional soda pop but not that often.) Here are some steps to help us though, regardless where our lack of energy comes from, to help us keep up our energy stores.

~Walking- Yes just walking, even just around the house will give you energy. Pick up some toys, or yours hubs clothing that he left on the bathroom floor, again. You will get a little burst of energy.

~Deep Breathing- Sitting down and just breathing in and out in a steady pattern will give you more oxygen to your body. You body likes oxygen. Sometimes we don't just sit down and just sit and do nothing. But it is a good detox for your mind and body to just sit and breath for a little bit. A Mommy time out is just fine.

~Make goals- Everyday I make little goals of things I want to accomplish. Even if I just get 2 out of the 3 things accomplished I still have made an effort that day and didn't waste away in front of the tv or my computer all day doing who knows what.

~Make an effort- try to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air right now. It is beautiful in my area right now and could possibly be in your area too. Make an effort to do something active every day. Even if it is just 10-15 minutes of walking in your neighborhood. Or making it to the gym. Most of the time I don't want to go to the gym, but when I get there I am so glad that I did. I feel better about myself and my actions. And I warrant a nap later in the day if I need it because I did do what I needed to do for myself.

~Listen to your body- If you body is telling you, stop and rest, stop and rest. You might need to replenish your energy by just resting or napping. If your body is saying MOVE then go out and move. During training, if I missed a Tuesday run my legs would be tingling and throbbing on Wednesday morning because they missed the run I always did on Tuesday. I often did not miss my Tuesday runs but I remember the ache of my legs when I did.

So let's get out there and get some endorphins to make us happy! Hope this helps some of us that need a little extra natural pick me up.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Summer Activities For Mom's and Babies

We are so lucky, momma's! Because we are having our babies at the beginning of the summer, meaning we aren't pregnant during the hottest part of the year. Be thankful. Been there done that. Sucks! We aren't having our babies in winter either which means we aren't stuck in the house for months at a time. We have the beautiful heat of the summer to enjoy. So here are a couple of ideas to help us get out of the house with baby
and have fun.

~Early morning walks. Before the heat of the day picks up, and you will probably be up anyways, go take you new little one for a little walk in the stroller. It is good for you, helps with weightless. Good for baby because it gets them some Vitamin D, (don't forget sunblock and a hat for baby) And it gets you out of the house! It doesn't have to be a 5 mile stretch. But a 30 minute walk will do you and baby some good. Also you burn extra calories when you are pushing the stroller. Don't forget to take you 4 legged buddy with you as they probably need the fresh air too. (Make sure that your pet is properly trained and never, ever attach the leash to the stroller for safety reason!)

~Go to the park. You have a 6 week old and you are at the park sitting on the bench? Huh? Yes it is ok to go to the park and just sit there. Again, fresh air for you and baby, and out of the house. It gets you used to how to leave the house too without taking everything in the house with you. But it is a great place to meet other mother's. And who knows there might be another new mom with a little one there too.

Also if you have other kids, they need to get out. Trust me. They don't like being cooped up as much as you don't. So let them run wild at the park. Take a carrier or sling for new baby and go have some fun.

~Find a pool or splash park. Again sun is good, sunblock and hat for baby! But get your baby used to water. Check the pools rules on age of child and check with your baby's doc to see if it is ok or not. But if you have an older child they will love the pool and splash park. I plan on visiting the splash park a ton with Mason and sitting on the side with new baby.

~Reading classes at the library. Babies can read? Get an early start on loving to read. Your local public library more than likely has child reading classes, that are free! It teaches your baby how to act when someone else is taking. It engages them in reading, and gets them used other children around them.

~Play dates. With all the new mom's you are meeting what a great chance to start setting up play dates. Where the kids will play or be held by you and you and the other moms can swap stories of birth, and crazy nights you have had, share advice and just be someone who you can talk to and have listen to you. You need to get out of the house, you need adult contact, you need friends and we are all learning together how to be moms.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Week 1 Workout Recap

April Already! That means 6 weeks left until my due date. Again the week flew by but I am glad. I spent a day sick as a dog. I actually threw up for the first time this pregnancy. But it was from either food poisoning or a virus that was very mean to attack me while pregnant. I had a night full of contractions and stomach cramps that were pretty bad. Totally different feeling than actually in labor. Mason was a good sport too, bringing me my water when I asked for it and making sure that I drank plenty of water. He also took a little bit longer of a nap so I could sleep longer too. 

Pregnancy Changes: I'm just getting bigger week by week. Baby is the size of a pineapple and weighs about 4.9 lbs per my what to expect app. I am up 8 lbs now (this was after my sickness by the way which I was on a liquid diet of water and power aid for a whole day) But that is pretty cool knowing that the baby weighs that much and I have only gained 8 lbs. Plus the blood volume increase and the weight of the all the baby stuff. I am super proud of myself and the weight gain/lack there of.

Prepping For Baby: Didn't do anything this week again. I did decide that for Mother's Day I want to hire Molly Maids to come and clean my house just before baby arrives and again in June just after baby arrives so I don't have to feel like I have to clean the house. 

Prepping Mason For Baby: Just getting all the snuggle time as possible with Mason as I can. Also teaching him more words and speaking in full sentences. I am trying to get him to be able to communicate with me as much as possible so that it will be easier to understand what he needs and wants when the baby arrives. Also talking about the baby arriving and introducing him to babies whenever we are around them. He seems to like babies, but this is before one invades his space and takes away all him mommy and him time. Not looking forward to that transition.

Workout Recap: 

Monday: rest (went to a friends house for a playdate) 

Tuesday: 3.5 mile walk

Wednesday: rest (did vacuum the whole house and cleaned. These days it is either clean or exercise. Can't do both without completely exhausting myself.)

Thursday: rest (sick as a dog with a virus or food poisoning.) 

Friday: 2 mile walk outside (super slow getting my strength back from yesterdays sickness)

Saturday: 2 mile walk outside

Total Mileage: 7.5 miles
34 weeks pregnant
~Me pregnant now vs 34 weeks pregnant with Mason~

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Exercise During 3rd Trimester

I know I am doing a lot of pregnancy posts. And haven't done too many exercise posts as of late but that is because I am very pregnant and haven't been exercising as much as I did a few months ago, but I am still doing my walking as much as I can and I know that after I am cleared to run again that I will, and I plan on adding in more strength training, yoga and I would love to try that Barre class that everyone has been talking about.

For today I was going to write a 3rd trimester exercise post but found this super cute website with a great post on 3rd trimester exercise. Check it out here! Knocked Up Fitness

Mommas! Go out in the beautiful weather and take a walk! Walking is the best thing for us, and we might as well get used to it now because it is a great way to induce labor too!  And you know when you hit 40 weeks you will be taking all the walks you can, not to mention how much walking you might be doing at the hospital to get that baby out!

If you can find a prenatal yoga class, it is never too late to join. It will feel awkward but it is a slower style than normal yoga meant to work with your ever-growing belly. 

If all else fails, find some stairs and go up and down a few times in a row. Go slow and remember that this can bring on more contractions so if you are in the 39-41 week range and you want the baby out, try this out!

Mom's with older siblings, chase your kid around the park as much as you can. Great bonding with your children and good exercise for you!

QOTD: How many miles are you walking/planning on walking at a time from here on out? I have found my body is done at about 3 miles. 3.5 is really pushing it, unless there is a really great episode on Food Network at the gym I generally only do 3 miles at a time now! Every body is different. 

***DISCLAIMER***Be sure to consult your doc before you do this to make sure it is ok, as I am in no way a medical professional. I am just me giving helpful advice! 

*Also if you are new to the blog click on the Pregnancy tab at the top of the page to see other posts on pregnancy!*
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