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Friday, November 8, 2019

3 Tips To Up Level Your Nutrition | Better Nutrition For Your Family, Reduce Processed Food and Save Money

It's no secret that I struggle with nutrition. Like many, many others out there, I honestly want to be able to lose weight and eat my cake...but it's not working that way for me! And if you are reading this, it might not be for you either.

Nutrition is HARD! Because there are so many amazing food creations out there but let's face it, the biggest and hardest thing is avoiding processed foods, sugars and candy. We buy boxed cereal because it's easy and no one wants to have the fighting start with their kids before 8am. Using a box mac n cheese, or fast food or a pre made meal is easier on those nights that we get home late, have a rough day with the kids, or just don't feel like cooking. The obesity rate is still on the rise across America.

In the last 2 months our family has significantly cut out processed foods in our diet and the benefits, we have more homemade meals, we have actually saved more money/spent less at the store. And we are seeing the impact processed foods and sugars have on our kids. Let me tell you,  my kids were completely different kids following Halloween (more like little devils!) then they were over the entire month of October when they were eating less sugars and processed foods.

My oldest has struggled for years with his focus. But since we started cleaning up what we have been eating, he has been able to focus more at school and is thriving in his class. Collin, well he's 5 and just has a ton of energy, but he got so sick following Halloween he was out of school an extra 2 days as his body was detoxing from the sugar overload. GET THIS BOOK to learn more about the effects of nutrition and childhood behaviors and health.

More people than ever are counting points, doing keto, cutting fat/eating a reduced fat diet, calorie depletion and are drinking more green smoothies. But...the obesity rate is still rising. The key thing more people need to do is just STOP buying the processed foods and making more homemade foods.


MEAL PLAN AHEAD OF TIME- In my exclusive group we have been meal planning by THURSDAY for the next week so that we have a plan in place, and a few days time to go to the store and make sure we have everything we need to start the week strong.

UTILIZE LEFTOVERS- A big thing that's made a huge change is that we always plan to have leftovers for at least 1 dinner after. So in my meal planning I plan to make 3 dinners a week, with enough to eat leftovers for 1 day. So on Monday I cook homemade Taco Soup, Tuesday we have leftover Taco soup. See below. Red days are the days I'm cooking. Grey are the days I use leftovers. Also, if we have more than 2 nights of dinner for our family, then we will use extra leftovers as our lunch too. Soups are great for that. But yes, it is a lot of the same foods. But my life is way easier!

STICK TO THE PLAN NO MATTER WHAT! There are going to be days where you aren't going to want to cook. But do it anyways. Think of your budget. Think of your goals. Create discipline. Also become a food snob. Don't settle for the drive thru. If you do "have" eat out, or especially on a date night, choose restaurants with high end ingredients. (local sourced, organic, minimal processing, and always order the side salad or veggies). Yes it will cost more, therefore it is way more cost effective to eat at home.

If you follow these consistently you will see differences in your progress, family health and even budget!

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