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Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Week 1 Workout Recap

We are already 1 week into March. Anyone else think this year is FLYING by? And it has been a week since I was in WDW. So sad. I love Disney and the "magic" they have there.

This week has been an insane week for us. Matt got a new schedule that seriously affects our family time and it has seemed like I am a single mom again. Kind of crazy and scary but Mace and I are making due. Mason asks for Daddy all the time and when Matt is home, and Mason isn't already in bed, Daddy and Mace have a ton of fun playing together. It is really sweet to see them play. Matt promised Mace to take him to a park after he gets off his military duty today and Mason is already excited.

One thing that is helping me through the week is my gym. After a year of Matt being deployed when Mason was just born I never went out. I stayed in and never left Mason once. I came to later realize that I need a break. Yes I get mommy quiet time but I need a break to focus on me and take care of me. So the gym this week became my sanctuary. It will be again next week and for as long as this new schedule lasts. Also I am letting my pace slow down. No longer training for the race, I am now doing this to stay healthy for me and my baby. I am still integrating running in my walks and will continue to do short spurts of running as long as I can.
~First post race run/walk~
Pregnancy changes: I am starting to gain weight. I am now up 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight for this pregnancy. I gained 2 over the trip so I am gaining about a pound a week at this point. I was hoping it would be 2 lbs a month instead of the 4 but with the over eating I did on our trip of all things yumminess I am not surprised that I gained 2 lbs. Now I just continue to exercise and eat what my body needs not necessarily what it wants, like sweets every single day. (I am craving oranges and pineapple right now so I have given into that craving. Fruit is so yummy!)
 ~Where are my feet???~
Prepping for Baby: Haven't done anything this week. I know, shocker, huh! It has been more of surviving this week, finding a babysitter to watch Mason when I have had to work and trying to just not feel so pregnant icky!

Prepping Mason for Baby: A friend watched Mason yesterday while I taught piano and she recently had a baby. Mason was so good with the baby. I think it was his first time interacting with a baby younger than 2 months old. I even got to hold little A and Mason came over and patted his shoulder nicely, gave him a hug, and was super sweet with him. When I handed A back to his mommy Mason wanted to sit on my lap and be cuddled just like A was so, now I know. Mason is going to have a hard time when Collin arrives and all the attention that Collin will get instead of Mason. But now I know.

Monday: rest (real rest, not sitting in a car all day, kind of rest)
Tuesday: 3 miles walk/run 16:40 pace; 15 min on bike
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 1.25 mile 16:00 pace; 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga
Friday: rest
Saturday: 4 miles walk 16:45 pace

Total Mileage: 8.25 miles total walk/run; 2 miles on bike
30 weeks pregnant
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