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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love new years because it is a chance to start over and try to do better in all that you do, or choose to do. My usual goals are to lose weight, make more lunches for my hubs, do better at my church duties.

Here are a list of my goals for this year:

1. Weight loss/Staying Healthy-
This year is different. I can't lose weight because I am pregnant. My goal with that is to not gain too much. I am already doing pretty well in that department. I am still 4-5 pounds under what I started this pregnancy at, which is a pretty good feeling. I am not doing it on purpose. If I am hungry than I eat. But this pregnancy, I am still exercising, a lot more than I was with the first. I feel fuller sooner too. So I am not eating as much as I used to.

Also, I am eating better foods in general. I have indulged, I love my desserts, but again I can't eat too much without feeling icky and sick. So I think that is a good thing for me. I get little tastes not the whole cake! Also once the baby is born my goal is to try and stay healthy, and let my body and the baby do the work in the weight loss dept with the breast feeding. Hoping that this time the breast feeding will help me shed some of the baby weight I put on.

2. Exercise-
I plan on exercising as long as I can before baby. I already know my cutoff for the gym though which will be May 1 so that it is a full month instead of a partial month payment. I plan on running as long as I can too. I will not be running long distances at the end of the pregnancy, but if I can continue to do 1-2 slow, slow, slower miles than that would be nice. But if not, than a nice walk would be great too. I plan on doing yoga up until I have the baby. I will probably fork out a day price to go to the yoga class because I think it will help me in the end more than it does now.

After baby I plan on starting to run again in August. I am giving myself the full 2 months to rest and recover after baby. It could be a little longer depending when the baby arrives in May but Aug 1 I will be in the gym. I also plan on running/walking in the Women's 4 miler that is at the end of Aug/early Sept. It is such a great race I don't want to miss it. Then it is getting back into training and such. Still debating if I can pull off running a 1/2 marathon in November or not. We will see how I am feeling after baby. But that is in the plans for me!

3. Blog pageviews-
I really love writing in this blog. It is personal, it is real and it is fun. I love hearing my friends read it. I would love for all of your friends to read it too. I would love to get double the number of monthly page views by the end of the year. I know that it is just me, but I also know that a year ago, I was looking for other blogs out there to help inspire me to get off my duff and get moving and I hope to do the same for someone else! Through Heather's looking Glass, Healthy Heddleston and This Runners Trials are the 3 blogs that I visit all the time and helped me keep on moving. I am inspired by their stories and adventures!

4. Be a Better Mother-
Yes that is true. I am still learning how to be a mom and there are things that I am lacking in and things that are pretty good. I need/want to be better at reading with my son. Sitting down with him explaining things. Make him put the puzzles together without my help. It is so easy for me to just do things for him. He needs to learn on his own and I really struggle with having him figure it out on his own, cause it is just easier for me to do it for him. On top of that I have to learn how to be a mom to 2 kids. I am scared for this. I am scared about the whole juggling thing. I just hope and pray that my kids are patient with me as I learn how to be a mom to both. As my husband says, take it one day at a time.

5. Continue to grow my piano studio-
I love teaching. I love my students. It is sad that I am having a hard time finding students in my area. By the end of the year I hope to have a steady solid 10 students with a possible wait list. I can only fit 10 in my schedule with the hubs and 10 is plenty to have when I am also a full time stay at home mom. Teaching is just amazing though. I love being able to pass on the love of music to our next generation.

So there you have it! My goals. If I think of any more I will write them out, but I have spent all day thinking about them and this is what I have right now. Also on a cool note, this is my 100th post! Such a small number but still I have done 100 posts in the last 4 months! Pretty neat!

QOTD: Did you make new goals this year or keep some of the old ones?

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