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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Can't Believe I Actually Did That

Most weeks I think I am CRAZY, nuts, bonkers for wanting to train and run in a half marathon while pregnant. Every week I question if I am actually able to do it as it is getting more and more difficult to find the energy and will power to get my butt to the gym to do my runs during the week. But today, I proved that I can do it.

I walk/jogged/ran 9 miles. MY FIRST 9 MILES EVER! I have done 9 miles. While 24 weeks pregnant and am still standing, (sitting while typing this though.) I survived!

Who would have ever thought that I could actually do this? I hoped I could do it and now I can say, I CAN DO THIS! I will say that the first mile was horrid. As it usually is. Body warmed up by 2.5 miles and I felt strong, and great until mile 6-7. Then I ran out of steam, no energy. I literally walked the next 3 miles to finish my run out but made sure I kept a quick pace to keep under the 16 min mile limit. But I did it, and that is the important part. I finished and kept under the 16 min mile pace restriction.

I will say that I am again suffering from a stuffy nose and didn't feel all that great today. And I was on a treadmill for the whole run.The good thing that this taught me though is that I will be fine at the half. There is going to be so much excitement and positive energy from everyone that will help fuel me, plus I will be running with my best friend who will push me to an extent, and I tend to run faster and better when out on the street so now I know, I CAN DO THIS!
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