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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh Man!

I think this is the coldest outside I have ever felt in my life!!! currently in central VA at 9:44 am it is 5 degrees outside with a wind chill/feels like -6 degrees! THAT IS CRAZY COLD!
Everyone stay safe and warm if you venture out. As far as running outside. BUNDLE UP or go run inside at a gym. I have a friend here that has been waiting for the last few hours to go for a run outside and decided since the temp hasn't gone up at all just to do stair work in her house instead of hill pickups.

Me personally I will be running at my gym in another hour or so. I have a good solid 3.5 mile run. YEA!

And yes, all my AZ friends your 44 degree morning is quite nice compared to my frigid weather! You are lucky. Enjoy the outside weather and go run outside for me, please!

QOTD: Are you running inside or outside today?
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