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Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Week 3 Workout Recap

This week was a slow week for me. Literally. I walked all week. Didn't make it to the gym on Monday. Tuesday we had another 2 year old visiting us all day while his mommy was  having her 2nd baby, so no gym. But when I did go, I just couldn't get that groove to run. I don't know what happened this week. I tried but it was like trying to fight my body too much, so I walked. I was get really strong round ligament pulling pain and it affected my speed of the walking. This week I will see if it continues, but I might have to get a support belt to help me out if this continues. Yesterday in my 4 mile walk, I got 3-4 braxton hicks contractions along with round ligament pain. But I am pretty sure yesterdays icky feeling was due to a lack of water the day before and day of.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 2 miles walk (18 min/mile)
Thursday: 1 mile walk (16:30 min/mile), prenatal yoga
Friday: rest
Saturday: 4 miles walk (was supposed to do 5 ARGH!) (17:15 min/mile)

This coming week is a big mileage long run on Saturday so I have to do way more, and get my groove back!

Each walk was way over the min I need for the half marathon. I know I will have to do lots of spurts of running with my walking for the half. I know I can do it! 5 weeks left until my race, then I can back off on the mileage! BUT I CAN DO THIS!

Any tips or advice to push through a burnout week?
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