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Monday, August 22, 2016

Diet vs Lifestyle Change

For years I dieted. I have been on almost every diet out there because they all claimed to work. And most of them actually do work. If you follow their plans to a T! But one thing I never ever learned how to do was, what happens after the diet? How do I survive. And every single time after a diet, I ended up going right back to doing what I was before the diet, gaining weight and feeling horrible because I couldn't stick with the diet. 

ENTER LIFESTYLE CHANGE! What does that mean? Seriously we have all heard it. And who really wants to know the secret to actually obtaining a lifestyle change and not just another "diet"?

Lifestyle changes are hard. Giving up things and learning to live without them is one of the hardest things that anyone can do. A lifestyle change with health and fitness can almost be easier in a way though. You have to start out slow though. Here are my 5 tips to help you stay on track with your lifestyle change and ditch the diet train FOR GOOD!

Find an exercise program that YOU LOVE! This is key! If you have something that you look forward to and want to do, you are more than likely to do it. If you hate doing lunges and squats. DON'T DO A WORKOUT THAT DOES ONLY THAT! If you LOVE DANCING, then DANCE, (Country Heat Busy Moms Dance Party begins Sept 1, if you want an fun and amazing way to exercise CHECK THIS OUT!) But sit down and figure out what you really enjoy doing and do it. Or for me, I really like a specific trainer. I have really enjoyed Autumn Calabrese's workouts. I love the realness she displays and the motivation she gives and that right there, makes me want to get all her workouts! So find what you love and GRAB ON TO IT!

STOP restricting foods. To be successful in eating you have to actually eat. And be allowed to eat the foods you want to eat otherwise you are going to cheat and get way off point with your nutrition. Diets suck because most of them tell you to cut calories, or cut a food group. HOW IS THAT GOING TO BENEFIT YOU IN THE REAL WORLD? It doesn't. It just teaches you that to lose 5 pounds you have to cut carbs for 5 days. But that isn't real. And our bodies need carbs and healthy fats, and veggies and fruits and dang it our MINDS need sugar! A true lifestyle change is learning to eat the right foods and balancing it with the occasional treats so that you stay on plan and not get off track because you binge eat.

Exercising every day isn't real life. And it is ok! There are times that I follow my workout plans to the T and I lose weight. But every few months I have to back off a little and let my body and mind get a little rest. Really, if you can aim for 5 days a week (every day that your kids have school) to workout you are doing better than most of the people in America! Most workout programs are 6 days a week but if you can aim for 5 days a week you are doing pretty dang good and you are still going to get results. If you want to get TRUE amazing results, every other month do a workout program FULL OUT! NO EXCUSES! 21 Day fix, just 3 weeks of 7 days a week is totally doable rather than 90 days of 7 days a week. (this is why 21 Day Fix is so popular!) Don't set your goals too high and be realistic with them!

Don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't go as planned. It is never to late to try again and again and again! It takes time to get things to work and each time you try and stumble you learn something new about yourself. I guarantee it! So if you are trying something new and it doesn't work, try something else. The main thing is to have a support system in place to help you stay on track and not lose faith or hope.

Remember this is a journey. Keep track of it. Document it for yourself to see where you started from and what you went through and the end/what you are accomplishing. Plus looking back at your starting point really helps to inspire you to KEEP GOING! Make sure you take those dreaded "before, during and after" pictures. I know they suck and you don't want anyone else to see them, but at the end of the journey or at some point in your journey you might change your mind. And to see the results is AMAZING!

Want to start your Healthy Lifestyle change right now? Get your hands on a copy of my 30 Days To A Healthy Lifestyle Change self guided ebook with daily action steps to help you transition into a healthy lifestyle change for you and your entire family!

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