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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Bright Side

This pregnancy has been totally different than any other pregnancy I have had, in regards to the food that I am eating. When I was pregnant with Mason, the only thing I couldn't stand was milk chocolate and Subway. I could still eat at Subway but couldn't stand the smell inside so I never ate there. (nothing against Subway but something about all the meat and everything just overwhelmed my senses.)

Second pregnancy, I only knew I was pregnant for 1.5 weeks so no real changes there. Third pregnancy I ate ice cream. A LOT! It was my comfort food. I would celebrate with ice cream and have my own little pity party with it since the hubs was away. I didn't buy a whole carton of it I went to an ice cream shop and would get my butter pecan ice cream with peanuts and carmel in a waffle cone. That was my go to. (hence the reason I gained 15 lbs with the 12 week pregnancy.) I also ate out more, hubs gone and I just didn't want to deal with cooking after all the good or bad news I was getting.

Fourth pregnancy. I have a huge desire for more water at the beginning of the pregnancy, and can't really eat too much of anything else. My appetite has just diminished with this pregnancy. I am eating about a 1/3 of what I was eating prior. I just can't finish most of my food. I am finally getting that "full" feeling for like the first time in my life and it is while I am pregnant. Also, sweets aren't doing it for me this time around. Half the time I have a hard time eating sweet things, or have a little here and a little there. (except ice cream, I realized the other night that I can still down that stuff even if my "full" meter is going off. Keeping it in check though.) I am also way more conscience of what I am putting in my mouth this time around than any other pregnancy. Because I can't eat as much food I have to put the right foods in. My main priority is protein, protein, protein. When I eat a meal I really have to have protein. I crave it. If Matt gets pizza for dinner I have often had an egg on the side just to get the boost of protein. PB is a great friend of mine as are eggs. And milk. I have been craving milk so very much. My greens intake isn't so hot though except when I make green smoothies but I am taking supplements to help out with my fruit and veggie intake to make sure I am getting enough minerals in a day.

I think the lack of being able to gorge out on food and the increased in exercise has helped me maintain my pre-pregnancy weight from this pregnancy. I am still 2 lbs under what I started this pregnancy at. I still eat. And if I am hungry enough and my body will let me I can still put away a good amount of food, but it is the proper amount of food that my body needs and wants. Another cool trick. If it doesn't feel right to me I can't eat it. Couple times now I have tried to eat something and it was not what my body wanted and it was Bad, like BAD tasting to me.

Long story short. I am listening to my body. In the food dept. probably for the first time in my life and it is pretty cool realizing that I can still exercise, grow a baby and eat clean healthy foods and feel pretty good too! Thank you body of mine for being so amazing!
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