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Thursday, January 23, 2014

MIA? Not Really

I know I have been MIA but this week has been a fun week for us in the Allen household. Monday was a federal holiday, which my hubs gets off, so family day for us. Then with the snow he had a half day Tuesday, yesterday and TODAY! CRAZY HUH! This central VA area just freaks out with snow and such, but the ice has been pretty bad too so I understand, and I kind of like the extra family we are getting so I haven't blogged because my schedule has been off and we have been having some fun together.

Monday Matt and I were able to go on a DATE! We try to go on one every month. We both need some time away from the kid. We went to one of our fav resurants here in town, Kabob Palace. It is an Afghan food restaurant. It is so yummy and clean tasting! And it is the only time my hubs will eat butternut squash and a salad! They have an appetizer that is called a Bolanee Kadu and it is a turnover filled with butter nut squash, onions and special seasonings served with a garlic yogurt dipping sauce. TO DIE FOR! If you have an Afghan style food restaurant look for this and try it! SO GOOD! Then they have such yummy kabobs and supper yummy brown rice and fresh from scratch made nan bread! I love that place!

Tuesday was the snow day. It finally started to come down around 10am. We didn't get too much but that night it iced completely over!

Wednesday, fun Wednesday we took Mace out to play in the snow. It was about 11 degrees out and felt like 4 per Mason's gloves were too small so he went out without. (later my mom suggested putting socks on his hands, why didn't I think of that!) I got Mason all layered up even in his snow bibs we got at a consignment sale last fall. Mason had fun at first, following Matt around. Archer was the first to bail, his poor paws were cold. Mason liked to touch the white stuff and called it pretty but then his hands to cold. After about 10 minutes he freaked out and went to Daddy to go back inside. While inside it took about 15 minutes to calm him down from being scared not understanding what was happening to his hands and why they were so cold. Again Daddy to the rescue which is a first in this house! The rest of the day, we stayed nice and warm inside. I haven't been to the gym, due to schedules being off. And planned on going today, but as I was writing this out, Mason came upstairs to me and puked. LOVELY! Today is going to be an at home walking day it looks like. Did it yesterday too because I have to get my miles in this week. 9 miles to do on SAT!

Sorry for being MIA but loving the family time!

QOTD: How do you do exercise when the weather is freight full?

~After all the excitement in the snow we stayed inside. Learned my kid has one heck of a kicking ability!~
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