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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Disney World Marathon Weekend

I am loving reading about all the people running in in the Disney Marathon Weekend in Orlando that starts TODAY! The 1st race of many began early this morning. The 5k. I have 6 weeks until my 1st Disney race and I am trying to learn as much as possible about the Disney races to be as prepared as possible. So this year they introduced the Dopey challenge because people are just crazy! Originally if you ran the 1/2 marathon and the full marathon you got the Goofy medal cause you were CRAZY! There is 1 race per day so that it is not all in one day! This year here are all the races for the Dopey challenge:

5k (3.1 miles)
10k (6.2 miles)
1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles)
Full Marathon (26.2 miles)
48.6 miles total

Oh my! That is just plain CRAZY amounts of mileage! Do I want to do it someday? HECK YEAH! First of all can you imagine the amount of calories you burn running that many days  plus if these people go to the park too? I think I would be sleeping as much as possible. Each day is the new race ending with the full marathon on Sunday! But the people that do complete the Dopey challenge are going to walk away with some serious Disney Bling! 6 medals total. The 5k medal, 10k medal, 1/2 marathon medal, Full marathon medal, Goofy Medal for doing 1/2 and full and the Dopey medal for doing all the races. Someday I will run the Disney marathon, that was the race that started it all. The medal I wanted when I saw it in Runner's World magazine. That is what peaked my interest in running! Someday I will run this race, but I might just start with the Goofy first cause nearly 50 miles in 4 days, that is SCARY! But sounds fun too!

Big shout out to my friends running in the Disney marathon Weekend! GO SARG T! (one of my pink ladies leaders.) Heather M. from Through Heather's Looking Glass and all the others that are running. Stay safe, hydrate and rest!

QOTD: Would you ever run in the Dopey challenge?
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