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Friday, January 10, 2014

Yesterday I had a Kick in Energy!

I haven't had a kick of energy like I did yesterday in a very long time. I seriously had no downtime whatsoever and it was pretty cool, however I was dog tired by the time we got home last night. But I didn't need a nap during the day I just kept going, going, going. Who knows when I will have another day like that. Here is what I did:

8am-Kid woke me up
9- breakfast with said kid
fed the dog, took out dog, stepped in dog pee on the stairs, ew!
9:45- started 1st load of laundry, vacuumed downstairs, cleaned Mason's room, with his help and vacuumed his room and upstairs hallway.
10:30- cleaned the kitchen, unloaded dish washer, switched out the Christmas plates for the everyday plates.
11- get kid dressed, snacks packed for gym. get me dressed for gym. move laundry from washer to dryer and start load #2.
11:15- out the door to go to gym
11:30- drop kid off at the daycare at the gym and went and did my 2 mile run
1:45- pick up kid and run home asap
2:05-arrive home, eat lunch
2:15-try to coupon as fast as possible
2:35- Matt arrive home, I run upstairs to change out of workout clothes and get dressed
2:45- leave house
3:15- Me and Mace arrive at chiropractor office for adjustment
3:30-hour massage- AHHHH! SO NICE!
4:50- arrive at Kroger to shop
5:55- eat dinner at Chic-fil-a
6:30-Arrive at target to get last minute things and cheaper priced items
7:30- arrive home, put all the groceries away
7:50-change kid into jammie and get him into bed
8:05-sort laundry #1 and move laundry #2 from wash to dryer
8:20- I can rest, finally, oops have to make the hubs lunch for tomorrow, then rest!

I felt go, go, go all day long. Yes there were some things for me to relax and unwind but I still felt rushed even in yoga. It just went by too quickly!

Hoping for an eventful day tomorrow to, but I am packed with teaching tomorrow. It is good to be blessed with students!

QOTD: Do you get days where you have no idea where your energy came from and look back at all you accomplished in the day?
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