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Friday, January 16, 2015

Retiring My Running Shoes

Well, it looks like that time has come upon me. Time to retire my running shoes for a fresh, and spotless new pair. Over the last month I have been dealing with shin splints. I spoke with one of the captains of my training program about it and she suggested that I replace my running shoes with those that have more support. I was thinking that my shoes didn't have that much mileage on them to warrant that. I had heard that running shoes need to be replaced every 600 miles and surely I have not run that many miles.

Yesterday I picked  up my shoes to put them on to go to the gym and I noticed the underside of my left shoes was, different. There is like NO tread at the ball of the foot. I remember that it used to grip so much better. And it felt a little soft. I will say since I am back into running regularly my shin splints have gone away for the most part, as I thought they would, now to get the knot gone completely, but that still doesn't explain the pain in my left foot around the outer arch that I would get after runs.

Now I know. My shoes don't have enough support on them. They are worn out and I am now in the market to get new running shoes. And running shoes are not cheap! So time to save up the bones and head on down to my running shoes store and get fitted with a new pair. But why my shoes? Why did they wear down so quickly? Here are some thoughts I have on why mine wore down.

~I checked my mileage and I have done a total of 360 miles on these shoes with walking and running. I do not wear these shoes as my everyday shoes. I have been very good about that. I have been very diligent about logging all my runs or walks for training purposes and I am glad that I did but that number still seemed low to me. I have heard people replace their shoes at 300 miles, and some at 2,000 miles.

~I am not 120 lbs. When I run there is a lot more pounds of pressure applied to my shoes than say someone who weighs 120, or even 160 lbs. It does make a difference. So my tread literally got worn down faster because of my weight.

~Feet changes. I purchased these shoes in June 2013 just before I started training for my first 4 miler race. My old shoes weren't cutting it. Well I got pregnant with Collin in August 2014. I continued to run and train while pregnant. And during pregnancy my feet great little and the arch changed thanks in part to the hormone relaxin. Then after I had Collin and got back in my running shoes, my feet have shrunk and my arches lifted back up for the most part. So my feet have been changing during the whole time I have had these shoes.

~Stride changes. Also with being pregnant I have had to alter my stride to accommodate my changing body. Hence why the tread on my left foot is more worn down. Even now, since I still have excess fat between my legs from being pregnant (yes when pregnant you will get fat on your thighs, hips and butt, even the skinniest person will!) I have had to alter my stride again to accommodate my new body. Man, it is hard making babies!

I really have enjoyed my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13. They have served me quite well. I have trained for and completed many races in these shoes. Time to save them for a mud race or foam fest where they can get totally trashed and be ok with it! Now to look for new shoes. What are your favorite running shoes? 


  1. Brooks Ghost! I've also worn Cascadia for trail running, and had a brief affair with the Ravenna this summer, but I do NOT do well in a support shoe.

    1. The running stores say I need support. I wish I didn't cause I would have loved to get the RunDisney shoes but they didn't have much support. But it's ok. That is how my body works.

  2. It depends on what kind of running I'm doing. I have Brooks PureFlow for races up to 10k; Brooks PureCadence for sprint tris (mainly because they're my 'less new' lightweight shoes and I have elastic laces in them) and Brooks Vapors for long distance running. I have salomon speedcross for trail running and cross country. I don't need support shoes, but I've never had a problem with Vapors, so I'm happy to stick with them :-)

    1. That is awesome to have a different style of shoes for different types of running. I am not there yet. And I haven't done too much trail running. But support is what my foot needs. Hoping to go in this weekend to get fitted for new shoes!

  3. I am a flat footed heel striker runner and I love my Mizuno's! I run in the Wave Creation 15 and Wave Prophecy 3's and have found them to be the most supportive, comfortable shoes I've ever tried. The Asics Gel Nimbus 16s were a close second, but in the end I decided to go with the Mizuno's.

    Obviously I recommend going to a running store and probably getting a second gait analysis since your feet have changed, but trying on new brands and being open to different types of shoes is always a plus!

    1. I would love to try Mizuno's! I have heard GREAT things about them! And I did try the Asics but they didn't do it for me like the Brooks did. I will be going in this weekend to get my shoes looked at. Spoke with the owner of the store this past weekend at my training run and he said hurry in to avoid a stress fracture in my foot! So totally going back in!



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