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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January Week 2 Recap

This past week I was hit with miserable exhaustion! Hence why this is out 2 days late! I have been in such a bad habit of going to bed super late and then sleeping in, in the mornings. That it has just thrown off my whole schedule. I am eating later in the day and my whole eating pattern is off too. I am going to be trying better this week to be in bed and asleep by 10pm. (as long as the kiddos let me!)

My workouts suffered a little because of it but as long as I get my weekly mileage in I am ok with that. I will say that this last Saturday my legs felt like they didn't have enough strength. I felt like I really had to dig deep and push my legs while running around Charlottesville. There are a TON of hills here in Charlottesville and I just feel like I need a little extra boost in my leg strength to get me comfortably over these hills. So I am going to add PiYo back into my training mix to help with my flexibility, and overall strength. The more I read about PiYo and how amazing it is for running the more excited I am to add it back in again.

Mason: Mason loves being a big brother. He loves to pick on Collin, like a typical big brother does, but he also shows him the most heart warming love I have ever seen. Often when Collin cries Mason alerts us to it and will rush over and give him a hug, kiss and a pat on the head. He also loves to help Collin out by fetching his toy for him when Collin throws is down on the ground. Mason is learning new dinosaur names everyday! He now knows pentaceratops.

Collin: Is growing up way too quickly. We found out this week that he is still not gaining enough weight. Thanks in part to him crawling so much and being such an active baby. So Now I am pumping him full of healthy fats and he really does love it. Since I started feeding him solids, I have noticed that my milk supply has suffered so we are trying to boost that back up too by making sure he nurses first before solid food feedings. And I was advised by his doc to add in 1-2 more feedings during the day. So already in the last half of this week he is starting to fill out more, and even spit up at the end of feedings because we are actually topping off the tank! He is cruising for sure now. He will pull himself up on anything and walk along the couch or whatever he is standing next too. His face is just plastered with a HUGE "I DID IT!" grin and he is such a happy and loving and happy baby!

As I said earlier, my workouts took a decline this past week due to me just not taking care of me and going to bed so late. (even my dad made a comment the other night about how I was going to bed so late!) My runs this week weren't the best. My legs were still recovering from the Saturday long run so my 3 mile run ended up being a 2 mile walk. I have decided that I need to do my running days on Tuesday and Thursday again. Because Monday is just too soon after my long runs for my legs to function properly!

Sunday: rest
Monday: 2 mile walk
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 1 mile walk
Thursday: rest
Friday: 1 mile walk
Saturday: 5 mile run 15:59 min/mile. It was 18 degrees and it hurt to breath. I just wanted to finish. And I ran to the downtown mall. That is just so "far" away and unbelievable that I ran to there from the university. (all my c-ville peeps will know what I am talking about!)

Total Steps: 55,570 Equals 24.75 miles
Total Floors: 94
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