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Monday, January 5, 2015

January Week 1 Recap

My first recap of the new year! HOW EXCITING! Big changes are coming your with with me and my site. I am taking this blog to the next level. More information to help you succeed in your goals. And you are truly going to witness my changes. And I am going to share what I am doing every step of the way. Oh and speaking of steps, thanks to my new FitBit Charge I am going to be showing my total steps for the week! Again I say, HOW EXCITING!

This last week has been an eye opener for me. I have had enough of my clothing feeling too tight, upset tummy and just watching my face look more and more bloated. I am not a happy camper in the Becky weight department and I have put my foot down. I am done. I am changing my life. I will only have special foods on special occasions and not every day will be a special occasion. I am changing the way I eat, following my nutritionist given eating plan and I will achieve my goals because this is the year I take control of my life.

I am staying busy with exercising regularly now, I seriously have kicked it up a notch since 12/26. I am already feeling better and have lost 4 lbs of just bloat hanging on me since 12/26. Starting today me and a few friends are part of a clean eating challenge so it is not just me that is making this huge change with eating. (wanna join, let me know!) Oh and my Facebook page now has 200 followers. And it is because of people like you that I write. Thank you so much for reading and following along!
Mason: Mason graduated in church and went from being in the nursery to going to his first classroom setting of learning. He is now what is called a Sunbeam in our church. He goes to singing time and a group lesson with all the older big kids then for the last hour he goes to his classroom for a lesson just for his age group and playtime with snacks. He took off down the church's hall yesterday between classes, typical Mason. His teacher in hot pursuit. It was funny. He just ran right past me. It was super cute. He still has a huge obsession for Dinosaurs and loves all the dinosaurs Guppy and Gummy got him for Christmas.

Collin: Collin is crawling up a storm. He is super fast. He is also starting to pull himself up to standing. It is kind of scary because that means walking is just around the corner. I bet he will be walking sometime next month or so, but it seems he is happy as long as he can get around and follow big brother and the dog. He loves eating food. We are doing baby led weaning. He is getting a mixture of puree and table food, with supervision. He doesn't enjoy rice in a puree form but likes it normal. It is pretty fun to watch. He has finally learned how to roll over from his back to tummy. It takes him a few tries but he is getting better and he is a super happy vocal baby. He moved to his crib in his room last week and this momma is GETTING SOME MUCH NEEDED SLEEP! He is waking up once in the middle of the night and early morning and that is it. We are both sleeping so much better now!

Working Out: 
I am going to go back to Friday 12/26 because I didn't do a workout recap last week.

12/26: 2.55 miles mostly walk. - 18:10 min/mile. I was just getting over a cold.
12/27: 4.63 miles - 15:57 min/mile
12/28: rest
12/29: rest oops, I missed a Monday!
12/30: 2.90 miles - 16:41. I call this the hill from Hell run because a hill totally kicked my butt!
12/31: rest
1/1: 3.14 miles - 16.41 min/mile. New Year's Day 5k. I ran with a new friend and helped complete her second race ever with a smile on her face and learning something new about running!
1/2: 2 miles  walk - 18:00 min/mile. Recovery walk from race the previous day.
1/3: 4 miles - 14:46 min/mile. I call this my redemption run. Showing that I can do a faster min/mile race.

Total Mileage: 
Dec 26 - 27: 7.18 miles
Dec 28 - Jan 3: 12.04 miles

Oh and the FitBit total steps for 12/28-1/3: 
Total Steps: 59,422 - equal to 27.41 miles
Total Floors: 115
Things to note: over the last month my speed has gotten faster and easier. Saturday 1/3 my comfortable feeling speed on the treadmill was 5.0. Whereas in November I was pushing it to go that fast. 4.5 was my comfy speed, so I am happy with that.

Shins are killing me. But this is what happens when you go from being sick and no exercise to kicking up your mileage. So BAD Becky in that regards but it needed to be done!

Goals for this week: Start increasing my running intervals. I can do it I just keep whimping out so no more. I start pushing myself now because I have a goal for my 10k next month and I will get it!
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