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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Words To Live By

Today I was checking out my favorite blogs and I love what Heather at  Through Heather's Looking Glass said today about finding time as a new mom to exercise, and glad to know that I am not the only one out there that would rather do something else!

4.) Sacrifice: There are a lot of days I would rather take a nap then go for a run, or skip the gym in favor of watching my favorite TV series. However, I know if I don’t make an effort and make some sacrifices, I won’t get my workouts in, and I won’t be a happy person which equals not being a happy mommy. I NEED my sweat sessions, so it really is for everyone’s benefit for me to sacrifice something else so I can workout.
This is so true, especially for me right now. When Collin and Mason are down for "mommy quiet time" I want to rest, relax and just not do anything but turn off my brain and sit down with my favorite TV show. Well, the great thing about Hulu, Netflix or TV in general. It will always be there later. All I have to do is just 30 minutes a day here at the house. That is my goal. Go to the gym and do my run and the elliptical for an hour and then sometime later in the day, most likely when the kids are down for a nap, do another 30 min of PiYo for strength training. So time for me to sacrifice and watch later and continue to FOCUS ON ME! Because I am worth fighting for!

Thank you Heather for your words that made a profound impact on my day! 
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