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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Goals Recap

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is the start of a great year and I am so looking forward to it and to my goals I have. First though I wanted to take a look back at my goals I had for 2014 to see if I accomplished them or not. So here is a look back!

Here are a list of my goals for this year:

1. Weight loss/Staying Healthy-
I was pregnant so this was hard on me but I DID IT! I continued to exercise while pregnant and only gained 15 lbs while pregnant. PRETTY GOOD for this food lover! It was after I had Collin that I struggled. I kept a pretty good diet while pregnant but then fell into eating poor foods after about 3 months postpartum. That has resulted in me ending the year gaining weight from when I had him and that is just not cool! So I did great for the first 6 months, it is the last 6 that I struggled. So I give myself a C+ on that one. And breastfeeding never helps me lose weight. Awful rumor to say that it will cause it does nothing for me! 

2. Exercise-
Yep, did pretty well with this one for most of the year. I ran all the way till 30 weeks pregnant (the week after my half marathon) And also again at 40 weeks started walking and doing some runs to help Collin come out. Then I had a LONG recovery after Collin to the point that any time I ran ) even after 3 months I would bleed heavily for a few days. I think those days are over but it has really messed with me mentally and wanting to get back into running. I was getting frustrated with my body for not listening to me and for fighting me for exercising. But I have pushed on and it seems (cross fingers) that it is getting better. 

3. Blog pageviews-
YES! I have doubled my views since last January and it has been AMAZING! I have had almost 25k total page views since I started blogging and that is AMAZING! Thank you so much for reading and it is still a goal of mine to continue to grow in my readership, which means for you, yes you my friend, to pass my blog on to your friends! 

4. Be a Better Mother-
Well, not sure about this. I question it most days if I am being a good mom or not and Mason will even say, "Not bad mommy, good mommy!" It is kind of cute, but I am still trying to be better. We do our little "homeschooling" most days and he is talking so much now and is doing great with numbers. January I plan on starting to help him color more and then hopefully transition into trying to write. Plus working on reading words. So we will see. Oh and he will be potty trained by July! 

5. Continue to grow my piano studio-
CHECK! YEP Totally did this! As of January I have 10 students! How awesome is that! I am so proud that finally after 2 years I finally have a full studio! The only thing is I have to keep it now, so I am always looking for more students to make sure that my studio stays full!

I have written 316 posts including this one since I began blogging and I love it. Thank you so much for staying with me and getting to know me! Hope your day and beginning of the year is a great one! 

QOTD: How did you do with last years goals? 
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