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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Different Kind Of Motivation

We are at that phase in our toddler's life where he needs to choose to be a toddler or a child. Time to get out of diapers. We are hoping that this lovely Pachyrhinosaurus will be the key to helping him figure out that it is cool to go on the potty.

Guppy was very kind and got this dinosaur for Mason specifically as an incentive to go potty. And if he does learn then I bet more dinosaurs are going to be making an appearance. Guppy's rules for Mason to earn the Pachyrhinosaurus is:
~Seriously a cool looking toy. He is hiding out in a VERY HIGH cupboard right now~

1) Wear underwear- not go around the house naked.
2) No potty in said underwear

My rule:
3) Must go #2 on the potty 10 times before he gets dinosaur. (I figure 10 times is like 10 days since he normally only goes once a day.)

So we will see if this will make it worth his while. We did make it a sold 5 hours in undies without an accident. Then he totally peed when he went down for a nap. Then he made it 3 more hours in fresh undies no accident. Until we watched a movie and he had an accident. So we are trying.

I will say that potty training a 3 year old boy, is no FUN! AT ALL! And Mason has the personality that he won't do something unless HE decided he wants too and he hasn't quite decided. I am hoping the picture will help further his incentive to go potty and GET OUT OF DIAPERS!

QOTD: What have you done to potty train your kids? I need any advice!
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