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Monday, January 26, 2015

My New Shoes

Well I have them and have now tried them out, once! Today, at the gym. And all I did was walk for 30 min and use the elliptical for 15 min. I am trying to get my feet used to them before my lovely 7 mile run this weekend.

So what did I get?

I got Asics GT 2000's. Aren't they PRETTY!

I will say I am a little on the fence. They do feel different. My foot actually is supported now and I hadn't realized how little support there really was in my old shoes. And my feet are kind of humming in the shoes right now. (like after you get an adjustment from the chiropractor and your body is like, this is good, but WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO ME kind of humming.) Also the back of the shoes come up higher on my heel than my other ones did and I had some uncomfortable rubbing today.

Also the store said didn't have half sizes in stock for my Sasquatch feet, so I am in an 11 and my other shoes were an 11.5. I brought up this point with the shoe fitter guy and he said that they fit for now and how my feet are now not for how they could be in the summer with swelling and such. But since they are almost slipping now, a bigger size might not work that well!
~Here is what tread on the bottom of a shoe should look like!~

So the verdict is yet to be delivered at this point. I am going to see how tomorrows training run goes and I think I need to have my feet adjusted again at the chiropractor to make sure my talus is in the right alignment and then I might feel better overall about my new shoes. (it has been a few weeks since my last cracking session!)
~SUPER WHITE LEGS! EEK! Who needs a reflector when you are this white!~

(oh my goodness, Mason just giggled and it sounded like a pig squealing! so cute!)
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