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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Week 4 Recap

So my thing has has me doing indoor walking videos and PiYo. Read below for why we were at the house all week. As far as with PiYo I can tell a difference in my flexibility since the last time I did PiYo. The body is amazing. I started PiYo a couple of months after I had my second son. I still had the hormone relaxin in my system. Now that he is 8 months old, relaxin is completely gone and I am NOT as flexible as I was. I am looking forward to doing Buns and Core this week though. I am really trying to increase my leg strength right now. I have been doing squats everyday. This week I will be doing 50 squats a day. (5 rounds of 10) I didn't do my run on Saturday. I went and got my new shoes and never made it out later that day due to family stuff. ARGH! That means more work this week at the gym.

Mason: Is being so polite lately. He has learned to say you're welcome and excuse me. But on the flip side he also says go away. So it is a work in progress. He sure does love playing with his brother. And Collin loves it too. Collin just giggles away not matter what Mason is doing to him. They are going to be great friends!

This past week was an indoor week for us. We are in the midst of potty training Mason and he isn't quite ready to wear underwear out of the house just yet. But we did make some great progress this week with him though. Only 9 more #2's on the potty and he will get his reward dinosaurs. Potty training is going ok. He will wear underwear now, YEA, and only has 1-2 accidents a day, most days none at all. He refuses to go #2 on the potty. He did have a massive accident yesterday at church as it was our first experience out of the house without a diaper. He wanted to play and didn't tell his teacher he needed to go.

Collin: Collin likes to get himself in trouble these days. He has learned what the word "No" means and thinks it is funny every time. Kid wants to kill himself. He always goes to the stairs and the dog water dish and we always say no. He just looks at us and thinks we are the funniest people in the world. He will crawl to us if we ask him to. And it is super sweet. He is sleeping so well at night right now, only waking up mostly at 5:30am for a feeding then goes back to sleep till 9am. He does mommy quiet time too. He will go down at 12:30, on the dot, and will sleep till 2:30-3pm. Then he is up for a little while longer and takes about a 45 min nap from 5ish-6. Then goes to bed by 8:30pm. He tells us he is ready to go to bed. After nursing he will look at his bed as a sign that he is ready to go in. He doesn't fuss or complain. He just pushes himself up to look at me as I leave then plops his head down and is out for the count! IT IS AMAZING!

Workout Recap:
Sunday: rest
Monday: Squats- 40- 1 mile indoor walk
Tuesday: Squats- 40- 2 miles indoor walk
Wednesday: rest - PiYo Lower
Thursday: Squats- 40 - 2 miles indoor walk
Friday: Squats - 40 - 1 mile indoor walk
Saturday: rest got my new running shoes!

Fitbit Totals: 
Steps- 60,736 = 26.51 miles
Total stairs- 60
(I believe that I was charging my fitbit on Wednesday and that is why it didn't register any walking so, the numbers are off!)
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