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Monday, January 5, 2015

NYD5K Race Recap

My first race recap of the year! Oh how fun!
~Pink faced from the race. I look like I am dying but I am fine!~

New Year's morning I braved the wind and cold to run a 5k. I was told the week earlier by one of the coaches from my training program that the beginning is a dirt road. For nearly a week I was wondering what that meant. Like super rocky, like break my ankle cause I am super clumsy or if it meant anything else.

I got a ride from my friend J. It was a lot colder than we were expecting and very windy but the winds really weren't that bad when we started to run. It was just freezing at the beginning because it was so shady where the bib pick up was.
J and I went and huddled in the car after we got our bibs to try and warm up. J mentioned that she ran the race a couple of years ago and it was pretty flat. I am starting to like hills, to an extent, because that is where I can make up my time lost from walking. My game plan was to come in at under 50 min. That is all I wanted.

I lined up at the back of the pack, I was actually right behind my captain from the training program. I jogged with her in the beginning, for about the first 3/4 miles. Then I actually needed a short walking break. As I walked I noticed a lady behind me, then she passed me but she breathing a little hard. We started talking and she said that it was her second race ever.

I started pacing with her and talking with her to help her breathing out. The common question of "why am I doing this" kept coming up. I told her she was already doing it and I kept running with her. As we rounded the 1.5 mile mark at the turn around I felt like she was pulling back on the downhills. I told her to open up her stride and let gravity take her. She did and was loving it!

We continued to run and talk and I shared advice with her on running. As we came up to the last 1/4 mile my friend J met us and was join in. She was already done, totally kicked butt and she is pregnant! The lady I was running with, her family was going to run in with her too so I pulled ahead and ran in with J. Right as I crossed the finish line the lady I was running with sprinted right in front of me and finished half a second before me! And here I thought she was further behind me. J pushed me at the end and I was actually pushed at the end which is good!

And good news is, I came in at 47:45. I was super excited. I think I could have even come in sooner but I would rather help someone out than just let them suffer and struggle. Maybe for the 10k I have coming up in February I will push myself. Actually I have to push myself because I need to hit a certain time so that I can use it for corral placement for Disney. I want to be in a good corral!

The course was not too hilly. I had a steady climb then decline so that was nice. More rolling than anything. The landscape was beautiful. We were running on a back road and there were some pretty beautiful homes out there! Not to mention that a horse charged at us. I thought he was going to jump the fence at us.

The only draw back is that the road was not closed so cars were driving around us runners so it could have been potential even more dangerous than it was, but it was a back road and there weren't that many cars. It is a very small race. But nice to have a New Year race so close to home!
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