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Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Week 2 Workout Recap

I am thinking that this is my last week in writing these as exercise is nonexistent at this point. And that I will be busy with baby and recovery. If not then it will be a pre-written post, like at least Thursday before as I am scheduled to be induced on Friday, May 23. But One can hope that I go before then, right?!?

Pregnancy changes: My belly is just bigger and I am less coordinated. My brain isn't working too well either. This kid has been sucking all smart brain cells from my head for his development. I often don't speak as clearly as I intend to or I have major "pregnancy brain." I put a box of cereal in the fridge and the milk in the pantry. (luckily, as I placed the milk on the shelf I realized it looked wrong and my mistake clicked. but boy did I feel silly.) Per my hubs I am more annoying right now.

I am a NAG! If I want things done I apparently want them done right away and I won't stop nagging him to do it until he does it. I am chalking it up to pregnancy hormones.

I am getting more OCD with my cleaning. I vacuumed the other day and I was literally getting down to clean up little spots on my kitchen floor so that it is "perfect" in my mind. Nesting is a crazy, weird thing! Glad that I got my house clean last Monday because then I would be more insane than I already am.

I have been working in the garden too making sure that our berries are coming in. Sadly the birds are noticing the yummy strawberries that have come in and are attacking them already. Time for a bird net.
~Blueberries, I have 4 plants. Mason's fav summer fruit~

Prepping for Baby: I finally caved and bought a pack of newborn diapers. We didn't have any. We have a ton of size 1 diapers but NB not a 1. Now we have like 24. So we are good.

Babies room is all ready and set up and we have a hamper in there for the baby. I am ready. Scary to admit but I am ready.

I also gave in to the local folklore and got the Lemon Drop cupcake that is said to induce labor. Seriously ask any local in C-ville and they will say, "Trying to get that baby out? Go to Cappellino's for the lemon cupcake. They said that if I go within 48 hours to call them and let them know and I will be on the board with the other 219 women who have had the baby within 2 days after eating their cupcakes.

I also made the nurses gift for the hospital L&D staff. Just a little thank you never hurts anyone. Last time with Mace because it was a scheduled induction we brought doughnuts in the morning. I swear we got better and happier nurses because of it.

Matt and I went out on our final date prior to baby arriving. We went to our fav Afghan restaurant. It is amazing and so yummy and a little spicy. (trying to get this kid out and so far it isn't working too well.)
~Butternut squash turnover with a garlic yogurt dip! SO YUMMY~
~Ground beef kabob, rice, nan and sweet potato side~

Prepping Mason for Baby:   Mason points out that baby will be Sitting next to him in the van and always says, Baby, when we get in the van. He likes to play in the crib and play with the stuffed animal we got for Baby from Mason. Still just talking to Mason about his brother and how much fun it will be. Can't really do anything else till the baby actually comes home.

Right now I am just enjoying my time with him as my single child. Lots of snuggle time and play time and lots of pix!

Workout Recap:
No workouts for me. I spent 2 days prepping for GAM to arrive and finish up making freezer meals. Then it rained a couple of days. and I am just so tired. I am trying to rest before the big D day! We did go on a family walk on Saturday. The weather was just so amazing.
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