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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Exactly 1 Week Till My Due Date

Well here I am. 7 days away from my "estimated due date" for this baby. Sunday I started to get that, I feel awful feeling that many momma's get at the end of their pregnancy. (maybe I was excited about the prospect of yummy Mexican food) But Monday I felt like I had a good kick of energy for most of the day. I got a lot more organized and cleaned up in my house which feels amazing to get things progressing to cleaning up the clutter. I even organized the garage a little better. (don't really want to fall down from all the clutter in the garage when carrying baby.) Here are some things that I have done to get ready for baby:

Food prep:
I have been cooking like a mad woman building up our stock pile of frozen meals so that I won't have to "cook" after baby for awhile. It's a lot of food and I am basically making one meal a day at this point.

In the last week I have made: 
16 breakfast burritos (1 batch makes 10 burritos)
4 pans of chicken enchiladas (one batch makes 4 8x8 pans)
2 pans of chicken tetrazzini (one batch makes 2 8x8 pans)
Large pot of taco soup (makes about 12 servings).
1 frozen loaf of bread (we ate the other loaf for last week) I just need to stock pile them now

I still have to make:
Red sauce enchiladas (2 8x8 pans)
pasta fagoli soup (12 servings)
spaghetti casserole (4 8x8 pans)
quiche (2 pie pans)
chicken pot pie (2 pie pans)
Pot of chili soup (12 servings)
6 loaves of bread

All this food is for some while guests are here and we are hoping to have some even after the family leaves so that I still don't have to cook while I am adjusting to being a mom of 2. That is the plan let's see if it actually works.


I am cleaning and organizing all the rooms of the house it feels like. I believe this is called nesting. I have some boxes that have to be moved down to the basement to get them out of the main part of the house or hidden in closets. It just feels good to finally get things moving and cleaned up even more so.

Also I am scheduled to have Molly maids come out Monday to put the spick and span touch on my house for me. I just don't have the energy to vacuum and mop all in one day the whole house, plus they will deep clean the bathrooms and dust the whole house and just make my house sparkle before our guests arrive. My goal is though to clean the carpet in the main level living room since that has the most stains thanks to Mason and not wanting to keep his food in the kitchen area.

Still need to finish up with the baby clothing too. All of this has to be done by Saturday the 10! I refuse to clean on mother's day and the cleaning ladies will be here early Monday.
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