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Friday, May 9, 2014

39 Weeks 2 Days

This is the furthest pregnant I have ever been. I was induced at 39.1 weeks with Mason since Daddy was leaving for Iraq just 3 days after he was born. At 39 weeks exactly with Mason I remember going to church that day and being miserable. I could not get comfy. I was huge. My feet hurt. My back hurt. It was stifling hot in the building. Sitting in church for 3 hours was so hard. Plus I was super excited to meet this little man that was kicking at me so much.
~39 weeks with Baby #2~
~39.1 Weeks Pregnant with Mason (day of induction)~
(my hair is about the same length, funny! I love my hair when pregnant because it is actually thick instead of super fine and thin!)

At 39 weeks this time, (Wednesday) I had way too much energy. Made a batch of bread (2 loaves), taco soup for freezer meal, lemon squares. Had a play date at my house and went out with friends for dinner. I did take a little nap when Mason napped so that is how I guess I keep up good energy during the day but man what a difference this pregnancy has been compared to Mason. I will end this pregnancy at the same weight I did with Mason but less baggage on me. I feel like my butt hasn't gotten as big this time around or my thighs for that matter considering I could still fit in my black performance pants at the end of this pregnancy. My face isn't as fat or swollen as it was with Mason. And my belly just seems more compact this time around. I just feel so much better. Thanks to all all the exercise I did while pregnant is what I am chalking it up to at this point. Yea for a fit pregnancy!
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