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Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Week 5 Workout Recap

Only a few more of these left where I am actually working out, at least until July-ish. This past week I had my first "flocking" for the Women's 4 Miler Training Program as a pink lady. I am so excited to work with and meet all the other Pinks this summer! Hoping that there are enough mommas with strollers that I can lead a group this year. However, I won't be doing hard walking until July, to give my body the 6 weeks it needs to really heal. But still I am so excited to help in any way I can.

Time is getting short as a mommy of only one son. I am really enjoying my cuddle time with Mason this week and over the next week or however long it takes baby to join our family. It is still a guessing game at this point.

Pregnancy Changes- Had my checkup on Thursday with my OB and he told me I am not to have this baby this weekend because he is running the Tacoma Washington marathon on Sunday. He really wants to deliver my baby because he knows I will go all natural (no pain meds) and we talked about me doing Hypnobirthing and he is super stoked about that. Baby is still super high up but I am dilated. He just didn't determine how much because he didn't want to aggravate my cervix and make it start opening more. My guess is either a 1-2 at most 3 cm. (I was at 3cm with Mason at 37 until the induction at 39.1 weeks).

Not as much heartburn this week. (Thank goodness) Baby has dropped a tiny amount. But he is engaged in my right hip bone. (wrong place baby to be engaged) But I know he will move to the right place when he is ready to. still says baby is as big as a watermelon. My weight gain is up to 14lbs. My doc is super excited with how well I have done this pregnancy. He says that my belly is measuring right at 38 weeks and that I have a very average sized baby in there. (roughly about 6.5 lbs right now)

Prepping For Baby- Bags are all packed. Had the itch all week. I am keeping all my black and pj bottoms near the bag for easy packing when we have to leave. Plus I am living out of my medicine bag in the bathroom for easy pack when we need to.

Archer's food is all separated out. Mason's stuff isn't really put together though so he isn't ready. Also I still have to clean all the clothing off the floor of the nursery and get that put away. But I am feeling relatively ready for baby.

Prepping Mason For Baby- Mason and I have been talking a lot about him becoming a big brother. His responsibilities, and how he is going to have a new best friend. He has been kissing my belly more and saying hi to baby more. He has been such a great friend this week in helping his younger friends stay safe, (a 1 year old was here and when he left the area his momma and I were sitting Mason would go grab him and steer him back into the room saying, "No no, go Mama.") (Another friend who is 2, Mason would encourage him to stay sitting at the dinner table when they were eating together. And was taking turns and sharing.) He has also been escorting me to my car door and helping me in the car and shutting the door for me. (Matt has been there to put him in his car seat and strap him in.) It is super cute. He likes to walk me to the bathroom and close the door for me when I say I have to go. (So efficient) It is kind of sad with how much he is growing up so soon.

He is also talking a ton more. Everyday he has new words he is saying, surprising me and Matt. And he is starting to put words in sentences or copy how we say phrases. This will make it so much easier for when Baby arrives. I will know what Mace wants and be able to help him as best as I can.

Workout Recap:

Sunday: rest (had my concert)

Monday: 2 mile walk (with 1/2 mile slow jog) 18 min/mile. 30 min stationary bike

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: last day at gym. 2 mile walk. Super slow just having fun

Thursday: gardening day

Friday: 2 mile walk outside in the beautiful weather we are having!

Saturday: 2 mile family walk (studio spring piano recital and last day of teaching before extended summer break!)

Total Mileage: 8 miles
38 weeks pregnant
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