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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Walk, Walk, Walk

Here I am in my final week(s) of pregnancy. One of the best ways to get a kid out is to WALK! So I am walking about 2 miles almost everyday. It has been so beautiful outside that we can't help but get out and have fun.

But also, I have had an amazing kick in energy lately. (Finally got that nesting feeling.) I haven't been wearing my pedometer around the house but I can tell you I am doing a lot of walking up and down my stairs, bending, and squating getting things ready for baby to arrive. By the end of the day I feel spent, my back hurts and I just pass out almost immediately when my head hits the pillow (even thought I still read a little before falling asleep and often get wacked in the face by my Paperwhite or Matt takes the Kindle away because I am out for the count.)

Whether I walk outside for my 2 miles or do stuff around the house, I feel like I am getting the same amount of walking done or at least the same amount of effort goes into either. So lesson learned. Cleaning your house is super good for you if you can't get out and go on a walk. Just clean your house, or keep it clean in my case because I don't want to have to do a massive pickup clean before Monday (that's when the big clean gets done by MOLLY MAIDS!)
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