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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

40 Weeks Today!

YEA! I have made it. I am 40 weeks as of today! Granted it is an "estimated" 40 weeks pregnant but I have definitely made it to a full term baby! He is ready to go. If I had a turkey timer (belly button pop out) it would have totally popped by now, but my innie is still very much an innie!

I have a few things going for me that might help me go into labor:

~Mom arrived last night. YEA! So that means we won't have to find extra help with Mason if/when I go. And she wanted to be here when baby arrives so she is here, time to come out baby!

~Tonight is a full moon. Yes, it is an old wives tale. No, I will not be going out naked under the moon doing a belly dance to get this baby out. But I might go sit on my front porch for a little bit under the moon.

~Had actual timeable contractions Sunday afternoon for a few hours. They were about 8 min apart and it lasted for about 2.5 hours. But they were not Braxton Hicks. They were wrapping from the back to the front and kind of had to make me think about them for a little bit.

~Having urges to squat or open up my hips more. I can tell the baby has dropped even more and is lower in my pelvis. (pelvic pressure and having to pee a ton more). So that is a good sign.

If I make it to my Thursday checkup I am going to ask the doctor to strip my membranes and hopefully get the show on the road to go this weekend! I might not be posting as much soon but I will let you know when I do hatch this baby and there will as always be tons of pictures for you to adore!
~Baby's Going home outfit! LOVE IT!~
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