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Friday, May 30, 2014

Collin's Birth Story: Part 3

Final installment of his birth story. This is Collin's recovery from his difficult transition into the world.

Where did I leave off? Oh, ok. Collin's nurse came over to me to take his standard vitals then said he wasn't breathing as well as they wanted. She worked on him a bit on my chest and then said that he needed to go to the station for extra oxygen. I asked if she could do any of the stuff on me, but she couldn't, she even tried to reach the oxygen mask over. They took Collin from my arms and I told Matt to go and touch him and hold his hand so that Collin knew we were there and loved him.

I kept asking if Collin was ok as I was just sitting there getting stitched up and my tummy pressed on. (Let me tell you, all the stories you hear about how much it hurts when the nurses push on your tummy to check the level of the uterus is no laughing matter. It hurts, and it hurts worse with a second or more pregnancy.)

I couldn't take my eyes off of Collin for very long. They were using the bulb to suction the fluid from his nose and throat. The nurse said that he still had some fluid in his lungs and that he wasn't doing the "scream" that was needed to get the fluid out of his lungs. She asked if she could do the deep suction in his lungs to help get the fluid out. Matt and I said yes, whatever they had to do to help him.

After what felt like an hour which was only about 5 minutes, mind you, the nurse came over and explained what was going on with Collin. He was receiving oxygen but not enough. They prefer their oxygen levels to be at a 92 (don't know if that is percent or what but they just said these numbers to me.) And Collin was between 85-87. She said that he needed to go to the "sick nursery" as they didn't have a NICU in my hospital but a level lower than a NICU. She said that was was going to be under a humidified oxygen hood to help his breathing for the time being. She handed Collin to me to say his goodbyes for a little bit. I told him to get better. We all saw him respond positively to my voice and my touch. He seem more alive and active. On the table he barely moved his arms and legs and when he was in my arms he grabbed at me and kicked more. He was more healthy.

The nurse put my id tag on me and him and then took him away and Matt went with him. The other nurses came over and introduced themselves to me. As I came in so quickly they didn't get a chance to tell me who they were. The doc finished up and explained more fully what happened. Explained that the chord was very tight around his next but he had a long chord and we got him out fast enough that he should be fine. Then it was just me, my postpartum nurse (who was different than my delivery nurse that told me not to give birth in the tub) and my doula.

I had to wait 30 minutes from this point before I could go to the nursery to see Collin. I was told that I could go at anytime. I had to have my vitals checked first then they would let me get all cleaned up. I told them that my uterus was going down fine, cause I could feel it going down. I sent my doula to the sick nursery to check on Collin and Matt and she said that he was doing really well under the hood. She said that the nurses were trying to get him to scream to help clear out his lungs. And he wouldn't scream, except for when they gave him his vitamin K shot. That pissed him off enough to really wail, the kind of wail they wanted him to do. But apparently he only cried for just a short time. (this is a foreshadowing of the kind of cool and calm personality he really is. He doest cry that much.)

I finally pushed the nurses to hurry up and let me go to the nursery and they finally agreed. I got dressed and walked into the nursery at about 7:30. When Matt saw me walking in, he asked what I was doing up and about. I told him I wanted to see my son. I went over and held his hand and talked to him. It was obvious he knew who I was because his oxygen levels they were monitoring spiked up when I was talking to him and holding his hand or touching him. I stayed as long as I could. Our doula said her goodbye for the evening and said that I did an amazing job!

I was getting slightly dizzy with the heat lamp over Collin and the postpartum nurse said they wanted to move us to our postpartum room. So Matt and I said goodbye for just a little while. I walked to the other side of the wing to our new room 3041 from birth room 10.

I told Matt that I wanted to go again but they wanted to do another check on me first. ARGH! I was getting mad at them denying me from seeing him. We went back at 9:00pm to check on him. Matt insisted that I already proved that I was a super woman with going all natural, with the difficult labor, then walking to the nursery an hour and a half after I pushed him out. So I took the wheel chair and loved it! We stayed in the nursery talking to the nurse, asking questions. She said that he was doing so well at this point that she could take him out for kangaroo care as long as we kept oxygen on his face the whole time. I was thrilled. I still wasn't allowed to nurse him, and they said that he wouldn't have wanted to nurse anyways because his priority was to feel comfortable breathing. So she took him out of the hood and put him in my arms for the 3rd time since he was born. I wanted to cry, how happy I was.

Again as I was holding him, singing to him, and talking to him his levels spiked and stayed up really well. She even took the oxygen away for just a little bit and he did really well, but then the monitors started to beep again saying he wasn't getting enough and back on the oxygen he went. She told us that he started at 40% oxygen and their goal was to get it down to 24% oxygen level to be weaned to what he needed to breath. At this point in just the 2 hours from birth he was already weaned down to 32%. She was very happy with his recovery and was just saying that he was having a really hard transition into the world. He was in a bit of shock.

At 10:30, we decided to let him rest, and let me rest a bit more. I was pretty tired and we figured we would be back soon to see him. They wanted to keep him in there at least overnight at this point. Matt and I went back to the room. Prayed that he would be ok and then went to bed.

At midnight, I was awoken by the nurse, asking if I wanted to nurse my baby. I said, YES! I was wheeled to the nursery and then got to nurse my baby. The nurse said that he had been weaned off the hood for 30 minutes and screaming up a storm! He was ready to be fed. He latched on like a pro! The nurse and the nursery nurse said I was a natural at nursing him. I told him it's like riding a bike and so thankful that I could remember what to do. Kid was super hunger and fed for 15 min on each side. When he was done I just held him for another 30 minutes and then let him rest and I went back to bed. They promised they would get me when he was ready again to be fed.

I was woken up at 4am for another feeding. Again he was doing so well, no more hood, just under the heat lamp to keep him warm. He fed again for 30 minutes total and I held him for another 30 minutes before going back to the room to sleep. Matt and I woke up around 7 and we joked about how we were the only parents of a newborn who actually got to get a good nights rest. I had only woken Matt up to help me in the bathroom and such, other than that he was out cold!

We just had to wait for the pediatric doctor to come in and tell us what was going on and such. I was checked again and again through the night and in the morning. Finally the doc came in and she was super happy with his progress and explained that he had what was classified as a "difficult transition" at that is all. He was completely weaned from forced oxygen by midnight and did great throughout the rest of the night. She was excited that I nursed him and was happy to hear how well he did. She said that he is currently being released from the sick nursery and released to us for our care. He didn't have to go back and he was just as good as any other baby!

15 minutes later he was wheeled into our room and he was ours. They wanted to keep a eye on him and keep him for the full 48 hours just to make sure he was ok. Which he was. He nursed like a champ, and slept like a log! Our first full night as a family in the room, he woke up at 11, 2 and 5 for a feeding. I felt so blessed. Oh and he is quiet! He doesn't really cry, at all. He only cries when he is getting his diaper changed or if I take too long to get him on the breast. He loves to be held, and I don't mind that at all, neither does GMA.

He is doing very well. We were even released from the hospital at 42 hours, not 48. He has been such a beautiful little baby boy. He is almost too quiet most of the time which is so different than his older brother who like to cry at anything. Collin sleeps well, and is truly living the life as a baby with eating, sleeping and pooping, with just the occasional cry. We are so thankful for the quick response of my OB/GYN with the chord cutting and getting him out and telling me that I could do it. For the nurses at the hospital for helping him and us. We didn't post that he was born for a day, until he knew he was ok. Only close family members knew what was going on. But things are so well now, and he is truly a little angel sent to earth! We are so happy to welcome Collin to our family!

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